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Best Peloton Classes for Weight Loss (Cardio, Bootcamp and Strength)

Peloton classes are among the most convincing courses, which you will tend to feel like skipping is already a cost on your side. For this reason, the classes offer the best weight loss options that you can rely on. 

As a whole, Controlling calories and mixing up peloton cardio, bootcamp with strength training is the way to reshape or weight loss. Any peloton class helps as weight loss is 70% diet, 30% exercise. Fewer calories in than calories out; Peloton helps with the calories out part.

The best part about peloton workouts is that you get a spectrum of class options, whether using the peloton app or the all-access subscription. Let’s cut the chase and dive into the best peloton classes for weight loss goal.

To start your weight loss goal with peloton you need a solid workout plan. I already discussed in a different article. So Don’t Miss: Peloton Workout Plan and Schedule for Weight Loss [Beginners to Advanced – Full Guide]

Are you a beginner? For you Best Peloton Classes for Beginners

Best Peloton Classes for Weight Loss

While it is evident that most people associate peloton with indoor cycling, the peloton is more than just spinning. There are about eleven types of workouts with the peloton, and they are all great options for weight loss. However, the best way to realize a faster weight loss result is to combine all the workouts in a balanced ratio.

1. Best Peloton Cycling Classes for Weight Loss

peloton cycling classes for weight loss
Image Courtesy: Onepeloton

In general, Among the peloton cycling classes Power Zone Endurance Ride, HIIT & Hills Ride, HRZ Endurance Ride, Tabata and Climb rides are the most effective peloton cycling classes for weight loss.

  • 45 min HRZ Max Capacity Ride by CHRISTINE D’ERCOLE
  • 45 min HRZ Endurance Ride by CHRISTINE D’ERCOLE
  • 20 min Peloton All-Star Ride by ALEX TOUSSAINT
  • 45 min Tabata Ride by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • 45 min HIIT & Hills Ride by OLIVIA AMATO
  • 45 min Power Zone Max Ride by MATT WILPERS
  • 20 min Climb Ride by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • 45 min Pro Cyclist Ride by CHRISTIAN VANDE VELDE
  • 45 min Climb Ride by JESS KING
  • Much More, Check on OnePeloton

Peloton is renowned for the rigorous cycling training that it provides. You will get both indoor and outdoor cycling workouts with the peloton app.

If you are cycling indoors, your metrics will depend on cadence, that is, the number of rotations that the flywheel makes per second, which rely on your pedaling speed. Other than that, the metrics will depend on your resistance.

Balancing both requires a fair amount of energy, which in turn leads to your burning of fat and calories. And you know what that means, right? Your weight will reduce.

Having dedicated time on your bike at least thrice a week, 45 minutes each, is enough to witness a considerable difference.

Benefits of Cycling Classes for Weight Loss

According to Healthline “Cycling is an excellent cardio workout to boost your heart and lung health, improve your blood flow, build muscle strength, and lower your stress levels. On top of that, it is an effective way to burn stored fat by draining calories, and lose weight.”


2. Best Peloton Tread Classes for Weight Loss

peloton tread classes for weight loss
Image Courtesy: Onepeloton

In general, Among the peloton tread classes HRZ power run, Tempo run, Hills & HIIT run are the most effective peloton tread classes for weight loss.

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  • 30 min HIIT Run by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • 30 min EDM Run by OLIVIA AMATO
  • 60 min Marathon Race Prep by MATT WILPERS
  • 45 min Progression Run by MATT WILPERS
  • 45 min Hills Run by JESS SIMS
  • 45 min Intervals Run by BECS GENTRY
  • 30 min Intervals Run by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • 30 min HIIT & Hills Run by TOBIAS HEINZE
  • Much More, Check on OnePeloton

Peloton tread workouts are more than just running and walking on the tread. You get workouts that allow you to experiment with lots of workouts on the tread. These include running uphill and downhill. 

You also get to run or walk at intervals -whose primary goal is to burn more calories at each interval.

Running is one of the undisputable weight loss workouts. Whether you are running on your tread or outdoors, the peloton has both options for you. 

More interestingly, running will tone your stomach muscles, which in turn suppresses your appetite. A higher appetite is always associated with workouts, but not when you incorporate running. 

Therefore, when you include running in your peloton plan, your whole weight loss plan becomes easier to achieve.

Benefits of Running on Tread for Weight Loss

According to National Library of Medicine, Running has a greater energy cost than walking on both the track and treadmill. On average, running 1 mile on the treadmill burned 33 more calories than walking, and running 1 mile on the track burned 35 more calories than walking.

3. Best Peloton Bootcamp Classes for Weight Loss [Cardio + Strength Workouts]

peloton bootcamp classes for weight loss
Image Courtesy: Onepeloton

In general, Among the peloton Bootcamp classes Bootcamp full body, bootcamp upper body, bootcamp core, bootcamp thunder, bootcamp bodyweight are the most effective peloton bootcamp classes for weight loss.

  • 30 min Bootcamp: Bodyweight by TUNDE OYENEYIN
  • 45 min Bootcamp: Full Body by JESS SIMS
  • 45 min Bootcamp: Core by TUNDE OYENEYIN
  • 45 min Bootcamp: Full Body by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • 45 min Bootcamp: Full Body by CODY RIGSBY
  • Much More, Check on OnePeloton
  • 45-60 min Bootcamp: Full Body by JESS SIMS
  • 30 min Bootcamp: Core by JESS SIMS
  • 45 min Bootcamp: Bodyweight by JESS SIMS
  • 30 min Bootcamp: Upper Body by JESS SIMS
  • Much More, Check on OnePeloton

Bootcamp in peloton refers to a total body workout, where you include strength workouts coupled with cardio exercises. It is quite strenuous and one of the most challenging peloton workouts.

Nevertheless, you and i know that the more challenging the workout, the better the results afterward.

When losing weight, you also need to tone your muscles in order to have an overall good look after all is over. When you are on your toes taking one workout after the other, you get to tone your muscles in the process.

Over and above that, Bootcamp workouts enable you to realize how far you can stretch. You don’t get time to rest, and it is usually one workout after another. Through the challenge, you manage to do more than you could have done on your own, hence quicker results.

This way, you will have a more satisfying workout result.

Benefits of Bootcamp Classes for Weight Loss

According to Menshealth, Bootcamp is a great option if you’re trying to lose weight. Porcari’s study found that participants burned an average of 7.8 calories every 10 minutes. Another study found that boot camp classes get your heart rates high enough to simulate high-intensity interval training, something proven to both lose weight and build muscle.

4. Best Peloton Strength Classes for Weight Loss

Peloton strength classes for weight loss
Image Courtesy: Onepeloton

In general, Among the peloton Strength classes Upper Body Strength and Lower Body Strength, Bodyweight Strength, Core Strength are the most effective peloton strength classes for weight loss.

  • 30 min Glutes & Legs Strength by CHASE TUCKER
  • 20 min Arms & Shoulders by JESS SIMS
  • 45 min 90s Hip Hop Full Body Strength by ADRIAN WILLIAMS
  • 30 min Bodyweight Strength by JESS SIMS
  • 10 min Arms & Shoulders Strength by CHASE TUCKER
  • 30 min Lower Body by ANDY SPEER
  • Much More, Check on OnePeloton
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Peloton strength classes offer plenty of full body workouts (some use weights, some don’t), as well as classes that target specific muscle groups in the upper and lower body. You have to use medium to heavy dumbbells during workouts.

Benefits of Strength Classes for Weight Loss

According to EveryDayHealth, Strength training boosts excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, it can also help exercisers to boost weight loss more than aerobic exercise alone, Pire says. “[Resistance or strengthening exercise] keeps anyone’s metabolism active after exercising, much longer than after an aerobic workout.

Peloton Live Classes for Weight Loss

First off, there is no way that you pay for the live classes and not achieve your weight loss goals. Reason? The classes will cost you 39 dollars for only a month, which is quite expensive. Being a costly venture, you will definitely have to engage in all the classes to ensure that you get value for your money.

Secondly, the live classes are really competitive. Your metrics are recorded on the Leaderboard, hence subjecting you to compete with other users. You don’t want your metrics displaying the least, at least not in two weeks in a row. You will have to work out harder to improve your performance,

  • 30 min Hills Run: Live from Home by OLIVIA AMATO
  • 45 min Intervals Run: Live from Home by BECS GENTRY
  • 30 min Bodyweight: Live from Home by JESS SIMS
  • Much fore, Check on OnePeloton

While working to improve your metrics, you shed more calories and fat, which was your goal in the first place.

Peloton Recovery Classes for Weight Loss

1. What Peloton Yoga Classes are Good?

Is it surprising that we include yoga in this list? We are not mistaken because yoga has proven to be an effective weight loss mechanism, and it is no wonder peloton has it as one of the effective workouts.Peloton Will Now Offer Yoga And Meditation Classes.

The best part about using yoga in your plan is that you get a whole restoration. You relax, bring emotional healing, while the physical is not left behind. There are specific yoga types that engage active moves. You have to stretch yourself to the limits to relax. Then, others require you to move about, doing specific exercises and stretches at each activity.

By the time you realize, you are already losing calories and bringing your body to a relaxed state for other workouts.

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

According to Harvard University, A research found that yoga helps to manage stress, improve mood, curb emotional eating, and create a community of support, all of which can help you with weight loss and maintenance.

2. What Peloton Meditation Classes are Good?

Meditation has a different way of enhancing weight loss, which peloton recognizes, hence a fair amount of time.

Meditation brings you a sense of thoughtfulness in everything you do, including eating habits. When practicing constant meditation, you tend to eat the right kind of food, eat slower, and consider mealtimes.

As we well know, you could be having a daily workout routine, but if you don’t mind your diet, you will be going round in circles.

Thus being said, incorporate meditation in your weight loss means so that you can attack your stressful weight from all angles. Get Mindful Through Meditation With Cody Rigsby.

Benefits of Meditation for Weight Loss

According to Headspace, A study found that Meditation reduces cortisol and C-reactive protein levels much lower, which is beneficial to our overall health and thus help us to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.

Are You Devoted to Get an Effective Weight Loss with Peloton? Read Our Survey Report

A quick survey was conducted among peloton users in a community and they shared the actual things if someone want to get an effective weight loss with peloton. Here I represent some of their top comments with their own words.

What really works is a happy combination of different types of exercise. Ride the bike for cardio, do strength to build lean muscle mass and bone strength, and don’t forget to stretch. It’s not ALL one thing. However, more important is what he/she is eating and drinking. You can’t out exercise an unhealthy diet. “Diets” don’t work- good nutrition does. Get the latest special issue of “Shape” magazine about “The Science of Strong” – it explains how proper nutrition, hydration and exercise work hand in hand. Good luck! – Bev Reamer L.

Power zone classes. I personally found them to be the best and they worked for your fitness level. No single class will work for weight loss but strength training>cardio for overall weight loss. For overall health I’d highly suggest incorporating both. Get a handle on nutrition to really see a difference. Starting small is the best way. Lower portions, swap out carrots for chips. More protein. – Robin Diane J.

The average man burns 2-3,000 calories per day, the average woman 1,600-2,400. As a rough rule of thumb you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound in weight. I just did a 75 minute PZE ride and burned 1,060 calories. So using the above data above I should burn 3-4,000 today. If I eat nothing I should lose 1 pound. But I won’t and so it all comes down to diet. Yes the Peloton can help give you more calories to offset, but in the overall picture my 75 minute workout today is more than offset by a Big Mac or 13 cookies or 4 potatoes. Eat better and exercise and you will lose weight. – Andrew M.

Cross training is super important to mix cardio and strength however, strength training is wayyyy more effective for weight loss than cardio if you had to choose one. Bootcamps you get the best of both worlds! – Stefanie S.

A good mix of cardio, strength but mostly it comes down to diet – small changes can make a difference. – Lina Nova R.

So, What we got to learn from the above community survey? Nutrient rich low calorie diet plus consistent peloton workouts (mostly cardio, strength, bootcamps classes) is the key to weight loss.

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Is peloton effective for weight loss?

From my experience as a peloton user it is effective, because peloton offers a large variety of classes that includes strength, cardio, bootcamp and flexibility with varied duration and intensities.

Can peloton burn belly fat?

Yes, Peloton strength, cardio, bootcamp classes are awesome if you want to lose your belly fat. You can start taking low impact classes with higher duration to boost your fat loss.

How long to lose weight on peloton?

It may take 12-16 weeks to see a visible weight loss with peloton. However, It is suggested to take at least 12 week workout plan with a calorie deficit plan to get an effective weight loss result.

Which peloton workout burns the most fat?

To be precise, There are lots of peloton classes that burns the most calories (350 to 800 calories) like Power Zone Endurance Ride, HRZ Endurance Ride, Pro Cyclist Ride and HIIT & Hills Ride which last 45 to 90 minutes.

Will I lose weight spinning 5 times a week?

Yes, it can possible depending on your workout duration and intensities. The more you spend time on workout, the more you loose weight.

Bottom line

Using the best peloton classes for weight loss will definitely bear results, especially when followed by a dedicated routine. More than the workouts, you need to subsume a healthy diet routine.

 I am pretty sure that the right combination of the above workouts from the peloton, combined with a working diet plan, should see you lose weight in a couple of months, or even less.

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