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16 Best Peloton Accessories to Enhance Your Performance

When I started out with the peloton, my first question was; What peloton accessories do I need? I know, every newbie has the same question. But now, As a devoted peloton biker I can tell you what are the recommended peloton accessories for your fitness goal.

In order to have a full Peloton experience and enhance your performance, you will need the best Peloton accessories. For more guidance just keep scrolling.

16 Best Peloton Accessories – Must-have Accessories for Peloton and Indoor Cycling

Below is a list of 16 of the most important accessories for Peloton bike as well as any indoor exercise bike

1. BALEAF Women’s Bike Shorts for Peloton Bike

These women’s shorts are the best, given that they are padded for sufficient comfort on the bike. There are two types of 3D padding, a thick and a thin, so that you get your most preferred. If you don’t have a saddle cushion, the thick padding will be more preferred and vice versa.

The waistline is made of soft microfiber to prevent friction and abrasion. The Bacteriostatic treatment in core areas prevents soreness. The hems are made of silicone, which facilitates sweat absorption.

The thickness varies to maximize comfort, only thickening more where it is most needed. The variety of sizes available are meant to fit snug, all these to enhance comfort.

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2. Sponeed Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts for Peloton Bike

The Sponeed cycling shorts are padded to ensure that you are covered while on the bike saddle. The padding is made from 3d high density foam and silicone gel composite. Even without a seat cushion, you will still have splendid performance.

It is of polyester and spandex, lycra/UPF 50+, in a ratio of 80% to 20%. This material makes moisture-absorption obvious, hence a dry ride. You can ride for long hours without any form of discomfort.

Moreover, the wide range of sizes available, both in US and Asian size charts, allows you to get your best fit.

The shorts are easy to wash, since you have both hand and machine wash options.

3. Venzo Men’s or Women’s Bicycle Riding Shoes

These shoes are not only compatible with peloton, but also come with Look Delta cleats. This is the only apt set of cleats recommended for peloton, other than SPD-SL type. The cleats have a 9-degree float, which will protect your knee joint from injury.

The shoes are made of mesh and synthetic material on the upper side, consequently providing breathability and comfort. The inner lining and removable sock liner, amplifying the comfort.

 Additionally, the shoes are compatible with other cleat types, including SPD-SL, SPD, Crank Brother withal Speedplay, so you can use on other bikes besides peloton.

To top it all, you will comfortably walk in the shoe, given the slightly flexible sole. This is the best peloton accessories for every rider.

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4. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover for Peloton Bike

A seat pain is the last experience any biker wants on their bike. Peloton bike seat is hard, which is why a seat cushion is a great idea. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover is the best in this sector. It is 11 by 7 inches in dimensions, perfectly fitting your peloton bike seat.

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The gel material of the seat makes it comfortable for even the longest rides. Luckily for you, it is easy and fast to install on your bike saddle.

In addition, the bike seat cover brings along its cover. The cover protects it from wetness and dust, ensuring your cover is hygienic. It is one of the vital accessories for peloton bike.

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5. BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells for Peloton Exercise

You need training in balance and resistance for better performance on your peloton. The best trainers for these two are dumbbells. BalanceFrom Dumbbells come in three pairs and a stand, hence alternatives during your workouts. The pairs are of different weights, that is, 2 pounds, 3 pounds and 5 pounds.

They are made in a hexagon shape, which prevents them from rolling. the stand in the package helps put them in order when not in use.

The outer material is made of neoprene, which is meant to enhance grip. The handles are designed in contours, guaranteeing easy handling.

 An assembly tool is available in the package to ease the installation process.

6. CamelBak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle

Hydration is necessary for optimal performance on your bike. This 21oz bottle is made to ensure you have numerous water gulps before refilling the bottle. The fast flow mouthpiece and self-sealing cap ensures you replenish your intake quickly without having to stop.

The cap further prevents spillage, hence no worries of getting wet.

The CamelBak bottle is insulated with a double wall to ensure the water remains cold longer.

It fits in all standard bike bottle cages and straps, hence will definitely suit your peloton bike cage.

It is made of Trutaste Polypropylene and Hydroguard, which is BPA free. No strange tastes in you water should be expected. The plastic materials are easy to clean, and the various parts separable for efficient cleaning.

7. The Rag Company Towel for Peloton

Your peloton bike will need wiping after every exercise as part of the maintenance precautions. The best material for this is the Rag Company Towel, which is large. It measures 16 x 27 inches, providing an efficient wipe. Moreover, the towel is soft, thus safe for use on the bike frame and other parts. It does not cause scratches.

The towel can withstand numerous washes, and you can either use a washing machine or handwash it. Being made of microfiber, the only thing you have to be careful with are linen softeners and hot water.

Every pack brings you three towels, so you have a variety of options.

8. Bike Trainer Floor Mat for Peloton Spin Bikes

Your peloton bike exercise will not be complete without a bike mat. This is meant to protect your bike from dust and humidity of your flooring. Similarly, it protects your floor and carpet from the damage and vibration of the bike.

This trainer floor mat is 6mm thick, thus congruous with peloton bike equipment and durable. The top layer is reinforced to help you walk safely on your cleats, yet sure the mat is not damaged.

The mat has an anti-slip bottom, which keeps it firm on the floor, so that you are confident while on your bike. Moreover, the mat does not leave marks on the floor after use, hence easy floor cleaning.

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The 30 by 60 inches mat makes for the most suitable mat for a peloton spin bike. Floor Mat one of the best Peloton accessories for bike.

9. Scosche Rhythm + Heart Rate Monitor Armband for Peloton

A heart rate monitor will give you the assurance you need concerning your health and fitness. Therefore, it is a necessary peloton workout accessory.

The HRM works with most sporting apps, including peloton. Using Bluetooth or Ant+, the device will easily connect to your peloton screen, and onto your workout account.

The device is Ip67 waterproof, hence no worries of sweaty workouts damaging it. The armband it comes with makes it convenient to workout with.

The heart rate monitor is versatile, with the capability of monitoring calories burned, distance covered and pace of the workout. So, you get more than just your heart rate monitored.

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10. Vinsguir Sports Headbands for Men and Women

Spinning and cycling on peloton is intense, and you will obviously sweat. You need to keep the sweat off your face and eyes for minimal disruption. For this reason, you will need a headband.

Vinsguir headbands absorb moisture and are breathable, providing you with the comfort and breeze you deserve during the exercises. It is made of a composite of chinlon and spandex, hence dries fast.

The inner material is soft, which ensures that you are comfortable. Likewise, it is non-slip to ensure it stays in position throughout the workout.

It is available in military green, blue, black and gray colors. The headband is in one size, which fits all standard head sizes.

11. Portable Handheld Fan for Stroller/Bike/Camping/BBQ/Gym

A small fan that will not cost you much could go a long way into making your peloton workouts. You just have to hang it at one handle of the bike, and get the wind you deserve.

WiHoo mini -handheld fan is a pretty little fan whose flexible tripod makes it appealing. The stand is designed from a blend of durable metal and silicone, which you can bend, fold and even wrap as per your wish.

Put it on your workout table to provide a cool breeze throughout your workout. Moreover, you can still use it on your baby’s stroller, on your working table or car seat, hence versatile.

The strong fan blades provide 3 speeds, catering for your different workout breeze needs.

The fan is rechargeable using USB, or you can power it using a battery.

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12.  Lasko 1827 18” Adjustable Pedestal Fan

The heat that emanates from a peloton workout needs some cooling breeze from a fan. This Lasko fan provides you with 3 speeds to suit your taste and workout intensity. Being portable, you can use it in your workout room and in your sitting room as required.

The fan has an adjustable height (38 to 54.5 inches) and a tilting head, so you can easily direct it to the area you need the breeze most. The oscillation covers a wide area, and you don’t have to bring it closest to you for better performance. Hence, it will not cause disruption to your exercise.

This fan has a plug patented fuse technology, which detects a faulty electrical issue and immediately disconnects the fan.

13. AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear Headphones

Peloton workout classes come with irresistible music amidst instructor voices, hence the need for good headphones. The headphones are wireless and use Bluetooth v4.1, the exact Bluetooth that the peloton screen uses.

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AfterShokz headphones are made in OpenFit technology, hence deliver music through cheekbones. Your ears, therefore, are left open in case of external sounds. This technology is known as bone conduction.

The headband is made of light titanium material, which is durable and comfortable. The battery life is long enough to take you through a whole workout and more.

The headphones are resistant to dust, moisture and sweat, thus rarely damaged by conditions surrounding it.

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14. Stoon Bike Phone Mount for Peloton

This phone mount gives you the freedom to pick calls, answer text messages and even listen to music while on your bike. It is made of a tough plastic clamp, which has a silicone band that secures your phone on your bike’s handle bars.

The mount is adjustable to provide a firm grip to a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 inches. You have the options of adjusting it to various angles, since the phone mount is flexible.

Further, it fits handlebars of sizes ranging from 0.66 to 1.96 inches in diameter. Thus, you can use it on your peloton bike as well as your motorbike whenever need be.

15. Lifesmells Laptop Tray for Peloton Bike

You will use the peloton screen more comfortably if you have a spin tray. What better tray to have than the well-featured Lifesmells laptop tray?

The tray easily fits the peloton bike as if it was specifically made for it. It is sturdy and durable, while providing the ease you may require on and off the bike.

Its dimensions are 23.2 x 14.6 x 0.8 inches, hence great for your 22-inch screen and an extra book. Better still, you can use the tray for a book or a laptop, thus work while on the ride.

It provides for versatility. You can put your phone on one side, your tablet on the other and still have space for a book. Multitask while on your bike.

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16. Protective Indoor/ Outdoor Cover for Peloton Bike

Are you tired of always finding your bike dusty, or afraid of water messing with it? Protective cover provides the protection your bike deserves. The cover is made specifically for peloton brand bikes, so you can imagine the perfection in fit. It’s one of the best peloton accessories.

It is made of water-proof 10D nylon material, hence protection from dust, water and pet hair.

The cover has a zipper on one side. The zipper eases the fastening and also removal of the cover from the bike. The drawstring cord and cord lock provides for a perfect fit in addition to security.

The cover is 59 x 23 x 53 inches in size, making it an ideal fit for your peloton bike.

It is compact, hence foldable and, with the storage bag it comes with, easy to store whenever it is not in use.

Final Verdict

Having the best peloton accessories that are appropriate for your peloton bike reinforce your passion for the workout. This is due to the obvious reason that accessories are meant to make your exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

The above accessories provide you with the best start on your bike, starting from the most essential. You don’t have to buy all these items at a go. A gradual purchase will eventually see you with all the accessories you need in the long run.

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