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5 Peloton Rides that Burn the Most Calories

Once you join Peloton or after festivities, we all seem to have the same goal; losing calories. At least, it is your starting point before toning muscles. Do peloton rides help burn a lot of calories? And if so, which Peloton rides burn the most calories?

Essentially, Peloton cycling is a cardio workout, which means that you will definitely shed, regardless of the ride. Even the five-minute warm-up rides count calories burning impressively.

Nevertheless, all Peloton rides different target goals. Some will target toning, while others target short-term calorie goals, yet others are for long-term calorie goals.

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How many calories does a 20-minute peloton ride Burn? 

In general, the 20-minute peloton ride can burn from 250 to 500 calories, depending on the intensity, output, and speed. People who ride peloton with higher resistance and stay with the fast cadence will expect to burn more calories than the people who ride with lower resistance.

How many calories does a 30-minute peloton ride Burn? 

In a 30-minute peloton ride, you can burn from 500 to 700 calories. But, you can expect to burn a minimum of 500 calories.

How many calories does a 45-minute peloton ride Burn? 

As I said, calorie-burning depends on riding intensity, output, and speed. So, in a 45-minute peloton class, you may burn approximately 1000 calories in an effective HIIT and Hills class.

Regardless of your goals, we have the five classes that burn the most calories in each category;

Best Peloton Rides that Burn the Most Calories

1. Best for Short-Term Calorie Goals: HIIT and Hills Ride

When you just can’t stand the immense calories you’ve gained and cannot wait to lose the excess calories, HIIT and Hills ride may be just what you need. 

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The rides concentrate more on resistance, which translates into higher metabolism. The increased need for energy to handle the high resistance facilitates the burning of calories. For example, in a 45-minute class, you may burn approximately 1000 calories in an effective HIIT and Hills class.

Moreover, you have sessions to rest during these classes, during which the calories continue burning. Then, before you know it, you are back on the bike doing more.

2. Best for Knee Injury Prevention: Power Zone Endurance Classes

In Power Zone Endurance classes, you will stay on the saddle for the whole session. This works miracles for people avoiding or healing knee injuries because you don’t stress the knees.

So, the cardio workouts you’ve been trying to avoid for the sake of your knee will have a loophole with these workouts. 

Moreover, the Power Zone classes are structured around your personal ability. You take an FTP test to start Power Zone Endurance classes, and the test is used to structure your power zone levels. Therefore, it is also great if you have an injury because you are technically beating your metrics.

Basically, the sessions progress from the lowest level, pushing on until you get to your optimal level for the day. They are also structured with breaks in between, the length and number of breaks depending on the length and difficulty level of the class.

I prefer 45-minute rides in this category with Ben Alldis because I am actually so engrossed in the captivating music that I forget how challenging the sessions are.

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3. Feel the Calories You Burn: Tabata Rides

Try a Tabata class if you want the calories burning so much that you want to feel them. It is an interval class, but unlike typical HIIT classes, it has a shorter resting period than the ride period. 

You go on rest, and before you even cool down, you are back on the bike. Like my favorite Robin Arzon 20-minute classes, a Tabata class may be short, but you will always feel the burn. Within the 20 minutes, you may have burned as many calories as you burn in a typical HIIT class in 30 minutes.

I also consider music in a Tabata class, which adds motivation to what the instructor brings to the table. This is because if there are Peloton classes where you need utmost motivation, Tabata definitely tops.

4. Burn and Tone: Climb Classes

Just like HIIT classes, these classes are a combo between resistance and cadence that favours more resistance. They are short, a maximum of 20, but the energy you need to climb the hills and mountain tops definitely get those calories out.

The climb classes are suitable for those who need optimal calorie burning and are still on toning goals. Considering it for your cardio after a tough strength training with Adrian Williams is among the best choice for your workout goals.

The classes are both on and off the seat, which makes them suitable for getting out of breath and sweating profusely, indicating that more oxygen and calories are needed to maintain you.

The on-demand climb classes are only by Robin Arzon, but as we all know, she never disappoints.

5. Calorie Burn and Strength Combo: Peloton Bike Bootcamp

The bike Bootcamps refer to rides that alternate with strength training on the floor. Given the short time you get alternating between the two, you will need the extra energy, which means extra calorie burning.

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Peloton Bootcamp classes further burn calories due to the strength classes incorporated in the cardio, which further the impact.

If you are looking for a fascinating class to start with, I would recommend an on-demand class with Tunde Oyeneyin, preferably any 30-minute class. Your time on the bike will crack your body to the most hidden calories, while the floor exercises are more demanding. Within the 30 minutes, expect to burn a minimum of 500 calories. 

What is the Most Difficult Peloton Ride?

The most arduous ride is a Tabata ride, and the main reason behind this is the short recovery period. The ratio between rides and recovery sessions is 2:1, hence very difficult.

Can You Burn Calories with Peloton Rides?

Yes, you can. Peloton rides are cardio workouts that essentially burn fats and calories, even at their bare minimum. Moreover, there are extensive categories on rides, some of which concentrate on optimal calorie burn. Some of these include the Power Zone Endurance rides, Climb classes and HIIT and Hill rides.

Do Short Rides on Peloton Burn Calories?

Yes, they do. Even the shortest, a 5-minute class that is consistent will help you burn calories on Peloton. The only difference may be that more extended and intensive classes burn more calories than concise ones.

Final Thoughts

Peloton rides that burn the most calories include Tabata rides, Power Zone Endurance, Peloton bike Bootcamp, Climbs, and HIIT and Hills. With all these options, you can alternate the rides to get optimal calorie-burning benefits from the rides.

Whether you want a coveted mid-section that is calorie-free or athletic legs you are proud of, these classes will help you achieve your goal within weeks or a few months.