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Best Headphones for Peloton: Pair Easily with Wireless/Bluetooth!

Headphones make even the most strenuous of workouts exciting. How much more with an already thrilling and interactive workout such as Peloton? You will not only manage to interact clearly with your instructor but also avoid external distractions and thus fully concentrate on your workout.

Peloton is compatible with both Bluetooth wireless headphones and NFC headphones. The Bluetooth set has to be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, which Peloton uses.

In order to enjoy the experience more, having the best headphones will be the best thing that happens to you. So, what’s better than having a selection of the best headphones for Peloton already researched for you?

Best Headphones for Peloton : Bluetooth/Wireless

Here is a list of 6 top peloton compatible Bluetooth headphones that are of high quality, peloton headphones that you will fall in love with.

  1. Apple Airpods – Best Peloton Bluetooth Headphones
  2. JBL 120TWS – Jbl Peloton Headphones; Wireless
  3. Galaxy Buds – Best Peloton Wireless Headphones
  4. Aftershokz Air – Perfect Wireless Headphones for Peloton
  5. Bose Soundsport – Best Bluetooth Headphones for Peloton
  6. Jaybird Vista – Peloton Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s start with the full peloton headphones review:

1. Apple Airpods – Best Peloton Bluetooth Headphones

Once you connect the AirPods to your peloton, they will always connect automatically from thence. This will save you the time you have to spend trying to make a connection for the rest of your workouts with the peloton headphones.

Moreover, the setup is simple, hence takes you less time and minimal strain. Better still, you can still use the headphones wit your other Apple devices, being a versatile device. However, using other devices will disconnect it from peloton.

If you are an Apple device user, then you know of Siri? With the AirPods you will have quick access to her, and you can always ask her anything whenever you feel stuck.

Not forgetting the most recent Apple innovation on headphones, H1 headphone chip. It will make the wireless connection to your Peloton faster.

Essentially, the Peloton wireless headphones come with a charging case, that you can use in your studio and at any time, ensuring your battery never runs low.

The quality of the audio and the voice is quality and clear, so you don’t have to slow down to get your instructor’s points.


  • Convenient to operate during workouts, just a double tap and you play your next track, or even skip.
  • Faster connections.
  • Charging convenience with the charging case.
  • Reliable assistance from Siri.
  • Automatic connection after the first connection.


  • If you connect to other devices, then the automatic connection to peloton breaks. You will have to start the connection anew.

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2. JBL 120TWS – Jbl Peloton Headphones; Wireless

If ever stylish and trendy, you don’t have to compromise when on peloton. At least not when these affordable JBL peloton compatible Bluetooth headphones are available. A spectrum of vibrant colors will ensure that your intense workouts are more on the fun side.

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That’s not all; the headphones come with a 5.8-mm driver, which brings out the perfection of JBL pure bass to add a powerful beat to your music. And being completely wireless, you can do your workouts without the worry of tampering with wires while you are at it.

Then there is the long length of time that the headphones provide you with music. Other than 4 hours that they run, they come with an exquisite portable charging case. With this, you can extend your battery life to another 12 hours, charging fully within less than 2hrs.


  • Stylish and colorful design for workout headphones.
  • Extendable battery life, given the charging case.
  • Adds pure JBL bass to your music.


  • The battery life is shorter, but having a charging case makes up for this.

3. Galaxy Buds – Best Peloton Wireless Headphones

You want to listen to your alarm or phone notifications while blocking all other external noises? With Ambient Aware feature on these headphones, you can take control over the exact external sounds that you want to hear. Quick Ambient Mode will allow you to hear traffic, flight announcements and so on, so that you will still be ahead with important details.

How long does it last when charged? 6 hours, and the wireless charging case adds another 7 hours to the battery life.

Tuned by AKG, the driver provides optimized bass. The volume driver adds to the thrill by providing a wide range of sounds.

Three ear tips and wingtip sizes that are adjustable give you ear tip options when you are on the go.

Not to mention the splash resistant technology, which ensures that water or sweat does not cause damage to the buds.


  • Ability to control exact sources of noise.
  • Long battery life+ charging case.
  • Optimal bass for your music.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Quite weighty, though not too much to be a concern.

4. Aftershokz Air – Perfect Wireless Headphones for Peloton

Do you hate the idea of headphones in or over your ears?  Bone-conducting earphones might be your perfect peloton solution.

The lightweight package includes wireless bone conduction headphones, which connect via Bluetooth. You will have the option of pairing them not only to your peloton, but also to other devices such as your phone, computer or tablet, whether android or iOS. Hence, you can multitask while on your workout.

Further, the headphones have a dual noise-cancellation mic, hence allowing you to be audible as you interact with the rest of the class. Coupled with premium pitch tech for a wider variety and bass, the headphones offer the best communication in a peloton class. Not to mention the leaks layer technology that minimizes leakage of sound to the outside.

Then there is the new organic wrap around the headphones, which is lighter than the former Treks Titanium for better comfort.

The bone-conducting headphones are water and dust repellent, hence no worries of sweat getting in the way of your music and classes.

Finally, the headphones will last 6 hours when fully charged, ensuring a full class is sorted and you still have more.


  • Active noise-cancellation feature available.
  • Multipoint pairing, hence using several devices with the headphones at a go.
  • Water and dust repellent headphones.
  • Bone-conduction, hence no in-ear headphone irritation.
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  • Takes long to charge.

5. Bose Soundsport – Best Bluetooth Headphones for Peloton

Do you easily forget where you put your stuff, especially small ones such as headphones? Bose provides you with these headphones, which you can always track using Bose Connect app called Tile. So, you no longer have to delay your workouts looking for your peloton headphones.

Along with that, the headphones feature high quality audio, which always provide balanced volume courtesy of Bose active EQ. Connectivity Technology.

Other than use the wired option, the headphones have a wireless connectivity option. You can either use Bluetooth or NFC, both of which are Peloton compatible, with some voice prompts help.

Specially made for workouts, the headphones have exclusive Stay Hear and Tips that will keep them stable throughout a workout.

Into the bargain is the weather-resistant outing, which keeps sweat, dust and water from damaging the headphones.

You have all your Peloton workout sorted, and even get additional headphone service with the 6-hour battery life.


  • Has an app that prevents the headphones from getting lost.
  • Balanced volume and sound.
  • Wireless connection via NFC and Bluetooth.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Exclusive Stay Hear and tips specially made for workouts.


  • It does not come with a charging case.

6. Jaybird Vista – Peloton Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

Peloton Bluetooth headphones that drop or crush on hard surface and still work, other than being water-resistant? Jaybird Vista is your ultimate solution, withstanding every sort of harsh condition that earbuds could face.

Next, the headphones connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and the reliability of the connection ensures that you have an easy time connecting it to your peloton at all times.

More fundamentally, the headphones are so small and light that you forget you have them on, concentrate on your workout and get ideal enjoyment.

Then there is the high quantity of time that the earbuds offer, with 6 hours when fully charged, plus 10 more from its charging case.

Amazingly, the headphones come in three sizes of ear gels, which you can interchange at will for optimal comfort.

The 6mm drivers bring in excellent audio experience, with EQ control over the volume and sound combinations.

Finally, you can always find the tiny earbuds regardless of where you put them. You will only need the free Jaybird app to find them wherever they are.


  • Earth-proof, withstanding most harsh conditions.
  • Quality headphones for quality sound and volume.
  • Never get lost with the Jaybird app.
  • 3 sizes of ear gels for suitable comfort.


  • Quite expensive, though the quality is worth it.

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Things to Consider When Buying Peloton Wireless Headphones

Peloton Compatibility

You have to ensure that the wireless headphones are compatible with peloton. Peloton use Bluetooth 4.0, hence the Bluetooth headphones should be compatible with BL 4.0. they don’t necessarily have to be BL4.0 themselves. You can enquire from your supplier if the Bluetooth is 4.0 compatible.

Also, peloton is compatible with headphones that feature NFC connectivity. Therefore, if your preferred headphones have NFC, then they are peloton compatible headphones.

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Sound Quality

Sound quality and balance is important when you are looking forward to purchasing earphones. A well-regulated bass will ensure that you like and are motivated in your workouts too.

Moreover, quality sound will allow you to hear your instructor clearly, without having to strain.

Then there is the volume, which should be easy to regulate. This will ensure that you get comfortable volume for your ears, and can regulate for clearer messages or cooler music.


In a peloton workout, sweating is unavoidable. You know that it is a cardio workout, right? So, you will require headphones that can handle sweat.

Water-resistance in headphones assure you that regardless of how much you sweat, the headphones will remain intact.


A charging case, extra ear tips and so on are some extras you can get from earphones. Given the same quality, always go for earphones that offer extra benefits.

Higher battery life is also beneficial. Not because you actually need to be in Peloton longer than 2 hours anyway, but at least you can use the headphones for other personal entertainment and stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use headphones with peloton?

Yes, you can. peloton is compatible with a wide range of headphones, both wired and wireless. With wireless, you can use Bluetooth headphones and NFC connecting headphones.

As for wired headphones, your headphone plug has to be 3.5 mm in size, so that it fits in the peloton audio/ microphone jack.

Where do you plug headphones into peloton?

If the headphones are wired, then you plug them in to the peloton screen. At the side of the screen near the volumes button, you will get an audio/ microphone jack, where you plug in the headphones.

The jack is 3.5 mm, hence dictating the size of a headphone plug that is suitable for peloton.

Can I play my own music on Peloton?

Not really. Nevertheless, peloton allows you to search for your favorite music, by artist or track name. You can then fit in the class that offers the music.

Thus, even if you cannot put your own music on the track, you still have the option of playing the music you prefer. The wide range of classes that peloton offer could not miss your best song genre.

Parting Shot

Among the most essential accessories of a peloton class, peloton headphones always emerge. This is because peloton classes involve interacting with the instructor, and also having your favorite music rejuvenate your energy.

Therefore, with the 6 best headphones for peloton already listed down for you, the ball is now in your court. And, if not sure about the best, feel free to refer to the list of top considerations for the best peloton compatible headphones.

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