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Why Do You Need Peloton Subscription?

If you have the Peloton bike or tread, you can still access peloton workouts without a subscription, right? At least the thousands of on-demand activities from the peloton archives. So, why do you need a peloton subscription anyway?

It would help if you had the peloton subscription to unlock the unending opportunities with peloton workouts. You will not only get an instructor of your choice that you can interact with, but you also interact with other users in your session. 

Over and above that, you will be on the leaderboard, a potent booster of your performance. Besides, every one of your metrics will be recorded, so you get to see your improvement.

Let’s skip to the specifics of why you need the peloton subscription:

Benefits of Peloton Subscription

The most significant advantage that a peloton equipment owner has over the peloton app users is that you can subscribe to the all-access membership. With this subscription, you can venture into any live class from the peloton, regardless of your schedule and availability. You choose your music from either Spotify or Apple Music, then join a class from this perspective. You want music that makes your workout more like an adventure, making your day or relaxing your mind off work, right?

The next essential part of the subscription is that you can add accounts, which is a feature that is limited to the premium subscription. Therefore, you can have all the over 14 members of your family, and even visiting friends, have a taste of the peloton workouts.

Then there is the part i relish most, the peloton community interaction. Even if you are a senior living on your own, you get a chance to socialize and be happy with the peloton community. You can join a class with people of your age to enjoy the interaction more. Besides, this is a better way to have a fair leaderboard.

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You can also join a class which your friends are in, to bring your friendship bond in a competition. In any case, you can even high five and congratulate the winner over the screen for more memorable moments.

Have you seen people commend a particular peloton instructor and really wish you could be in their class? With the peloton subscription, you will have this opportunity. The hottest or the most admired instructor can be yours too, and they will even talk to you and answer your questions. Even if they can’t see you, you really feel like they are due to the quick responses you receive.

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Peloton Subscription Cost

Peloton subscription cost is 39 dollars for every month that you renew your membership. Quite expensive, most people will reason. However, how much will you pay for a studio workout to get the live experience for just a single session? Around $20?

This being the case, the peloton is actually cheaper in the long run, as you get unlimited classes throughout the month. In any case, the fact that you pay once for the whole month takes care of the low financial moments midmonth, so you get the workouts regardless of how broke you become at a point in the month.

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How to Activate My Peloton Subscription

Ready to activate your peloton subscription? For starters, ensure that you have connected your touchscreen to your personal Wi-Fi.

Now you can set up the account by entering the email address and subsequent password that you used when buying the bike. If you want an alternative, you can key in the Activation Key displaying on the screen.

You will be asked for your credit card details, which will activate the all-access subscription membership.

Can you see an icon at the bottom right corner of your touchscreen? Great! Click on it to get the profile settings. Among other details you have to fill in is ‘Membership.’ Tap on the tab, then select all-access membership.

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Get back to the home icon, and again, select your profile. Fill in all your personal details, including the username that you want people to recognize you by. Note that this is the name that will be appearing on the leaderboard.

On to the exciting part, you can now choose your favorite track for peloton workouts. You have Apple Music and Spotify to make your selection from, and your best genre will make the sessions worth your time.

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How to Cancel Peloton Subscription

Sometimes you feel that you will be too occupied in a specific month to undertake your peloton workouts. In any case, if you have any little time on your schedule, you have the on-demand peloton sessions to take advantage of.

So, how to cancel the peloton subscription? When you input your card details, the subscription will auto-renew on each month. To prevent this from happening for a specific month, you will have to cancel the subscription.

Lucky for you, even if you cancel the membership of the following month before the month is over, you will still enjoy the services for the month. Then when the month is over, the payment will not auto-renew. 

Log in to the peloton website with your email and password, which you use with the subscription. Go to the payments section, then click on the Update Payment Method. Click on the Cancel option, and it is this simple!

You can decide to pause the subscription for some time or even cancel it for as long as you want. When you want back, you can always renew the subscription and start paying for the monyths you will use.

Is Peloton Subscription Worth it?

Yes, it is. The most effective classes are live, which most people have found by going to a workout studio. If you go to a cycling studio, the average amount you pay will cost around 20 dollars. 

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If you go to the class twice, you will have paid more than the 39 dollars that peloton charges for a whole month. The experience will be the same because you have an interactive session with the peloton just as in the studio.

Better still, you don’t have to commute to the studio, because it will be right in your house. Then, unlike the free peloton access, you get the pressure to perform with the all-access membership. You want to get the worth for your money, isn’t that right? Then you have to work out more and fulfill your workout goals in the process.

Does Peloton Come with a Subscription?

No, it doesn’t. The peloton bike or tread does not come with any subscription. Therefore, you will have to decide whether it is worth it and hence pay for it even in the first month that you receive the equipment.

Parting Shot                                             

Why do you need a peloton subscription? Because it completes the peloton experience that you have been yearning for? With all the above benefits at hand, you reap all the fruits that an indoor studio can offer with the subscription.

So, get yourself together and consider the subscription. Besides, you can always cancel it whenever you feel like you need a break. And, as you read above, you can still use the on-demand peloton classes for free, as long as you have the bike or tread.