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7 Best Exercise Bike with Screen: Peloton Alternatives for Indoor Exercise!

Preference for home workout equipment is becoming more popular by day, given the uncountable advantages it brings over the gym or studio benefits. It doesn’t come as a surprise that exercise bikes are among the most preferred equipment, and those with a screen with an added advantage.

With a list of 7 best exercise bikes with screen already sourced for you, you deserve to relax with a bowl of popcorns as you check this out. It is worth your time I promise!

Best Exercise Bike with Screen

You read that right. if you have been trying to make a decision among the myriad of exercise bikes available, we are making your work easier. Not only are we narrowing down the list you have to go through, we have a major reason why you should prefer each of these bikes.Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry:

  1. Peloton – Best Exercise Bike with Large Screen
  2. Nordictrack – Exercise Bike With Tv Screen
  3. DMASUN – Best Home Exercise Bike With Screen
  4. Cyclace – Exercise Bike With Lcd Screen
  5. Schwinn Upright Bike – Best Indoor Exercise Bike with Screen
  6. Sunny Health & Fitness – Exercise Bike with Virtual Screen
  7. Schwinn Indoor Cycling – Great Replacement for the Peloton Bike!

Let’s get into a more detailed discussion on each of the Best Exercise Bike with Screen

1. Peloton Bike – Best Exercise Bike with Large Screen

peloton bike

Peloton bike leads both in the fan base and the classes available for you. It comes with a 22-inch touchscreen, from where you stream the classes.

Nevertheless, the first thing you have to consider before purchasing a peloton bike is your height and weight. The tallest person should be 6’5ft, while the heaviest person on the bike should weigh 305 pounds.

Got that right? Now let’s get to the exciting features of the bike.

The peloton bike has both a seat and handlebar adjustment. As for the seat, you can adjust both the height and the depth, while the handlebars have a height adjustment option. Hence, you will comfortably be set on your workout throughout the session.

Then there is the gear; peloton pedals are clipless, and they are compatible with either Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat systems, which are 3-hole. Lucky for you, you have the option to decide which shoe or cleat brand you prefer over peloton for your convenience. Afterall, you can get a wider size variety and better prices outside the brand.

Let’s now take into account the subscriptions; peloton has a monthly premium subscription of $44. With the subscription, you will buy your way into the optimal peloton experience that everyone is talking about. You will access both on-demand and live peloton classes, which are 24/7.

Other than that, you will get your favorite instructor to guide you through the workouts. You can ask them questions and raise concerns that they address without delay. Then, you have sportify or Apple store to choose your best music genre from, which will go with your workout.

The best part about the subscription is that you really get to connect with the peloton community, your peloton friends included. You have the leaderboard, where your metrics reflect. You can thence compete with like cyclists and derive excitement from your performance. You can even hi-five your laughing friends on the screen, adding to the flavor of the workout.

Can’t yet commit to the subscription? That is also fine with peloton, because you still got the on on-demand classes to go with. These are free, as long as you have the bike. From the peloton archives, you will get thousands of the on-demand classes and with discipline, your experience still worth it.

To boot it up, you not only have access to biking workouts, but also others such as yoga, meditation, walking and running. You can always train with these to balance your spinning classes.


  • The bike comes with a large peloton screen.
  • You gain access to on-demand and live workouts with a premium subscription.
  • Without a subscription, you still access the on-demand workouts.
  • With the subscription, you get an opportunity to interact with the peloton community during workouts.
  • There are other guided workouts available, other than spinning.


  • The bike is quite expensive

2. Nordictrack – Exercise Bike With Tv Screen

nordictrack bike

Are you a fan of iFit, and would really appreciate a whole year of a free subscription, saving you $396? NordicTrack offers you this opportunity. You will access the interactive class, which is trainer led, and with a motive of providing a studio experience.

Let’s see what more the exercise bike has to offer;

First off, the bike comes with a 15-inch HD screen. From here, you can stream the on-demand iFit workouts. iFit workouts are not just spinning, but you will also manage to venture into other types of workouts such as yoga, running, walking, rowing, strength building workouts, and hiking.

Also, you can learn workouts from other cultures through the global workouts’ programs. And if you are just recovering from an illness or a broken bone, how about engaging in the active recovery program for faster healing?

The best part about this screen is that it is capable of rotating all-round. Hence, whenever you are having off-buke exercises, you don’t need an extra screen.

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Moreover, the screen tracks your stats, from the resistance, to heart rate monitor records. And more essentially, watts readouts will monitor the power output from your workouts.

Amazingly, the bike comes with 24 resistance levels. With these, you will have ultimate control of your your spinning experience. Actually, this roughly translates to inclines ranging from -10% to 20%.

In addition, the resistance is powered by Silent Magnetic resistance, also SMR, that assures you of a personal workout session. It facilitates a silent and smooth ride.

On top of that, the bike comes with 2 dumbbells, each weighing 3 pounds. These will be favorable when you need to cross train on your stationary bike.

As though that were not enough, the bike has an auto breeze workout fan, which basically prevents heat buildup in the room. You can be assured of a cool breeze around you throughout your workouts.

Favorable for a larger group of people, NordicTrack accommodates a weight of up to 350 pounds.


  • Free 1 year of iFit subscription guaranteed.
  • 24 resistance levels.
  • Accommodates heavier weight, up to 350 pounds.
  • Numerous workout ranges to venture into.


3. DMASUN – Best Home Exercise Bike With Screen

exercise bike with screen

If you are looking for an exercise that will suit every member of the family allowed on an exercise bike, the DMASUN is worth your effort. Want to know why?

DMASUN comes with the pedals already clipped, and the toe clips have adjustable straps. Thus, regardless of your foot size, you will still fit in.

Also, the bike has multiple handlebars, so that regardless of the biking exercise you choose, the handlebars will not be a hindrance. Want to sit, then stand when at the prime of the workout? DMASUN will not disappoint you either way.

And let’s not forget the elegant design of the bike, which matches the class that you have furnished your house in. and with the soft handlebars touch conspicuous even before you touch it, what more for a bike you will be proud of?

Besides that, the bike comes with an LCD display. It acts as a digital monitor, which shows real-time cycling data on workout time, speed, calories burned, pulse and even distance covered on your stationary bike. Additionally, it features a hand pulse handle, which in turn caries an exercise monitor.

Though you have to get classes from other workout apps independently, you can stream your choice workouts from the LCD display. It is large enough to enable clear streaming of the workouts.

The resistance is adjustable, so that whether an amateur or an expert, this bike becomes a top choice. You can burn fat, build lean core and glute muscles, and, more importantly, keep your heart healthy.

Speaking of resistance, the brake comes with a brake cover. So, you don’t have to worry about kids messing with it and getting hurt in the process. As we stated before, this is an awesome bike choice for families.

Unlike most bikes, the saddle comes with an amazingly soft cushion. You don’t have to buy additional cushions or be in the padded shorts to be comfortable, as your comfort is already in place.

Don’t forget that the maximum weight that the bike effectively handles is 300 pounds.

Finally, the bike is really stable, with a high-quality heavy steel and flywheel supporting it. Yet, the bike is really easy to move around on its transport wheels. You don’t even need help moving it around your studio.


  • Family-oriented features.
  • LCD display, which even records real-time data.
  • Comfortable seat cushion.
  • Multiple-handlebars design.


  • It does not feature any classes at all, and you have to source for classes externally.

4. Cyclace – Exercise Bike With Lcd Screen No Subscription

Not sure that your floor is quite favorable for an indoor cycling bike? Why not get a bike that guarantees you of stability regardless of the floor?

The exercise bike comes with adjustable balancers, so that the floor texture and type is never a bother. A thick triangular frame and a 36lb flywheel adds to the stability of the bike. In any case, you don’t expect less from a bike that can handle a body weight of 330 pounds, right?

CYCLACE exercise bike is an updated model as of 2020, incorporating remedies of most shortcomings of indoor bikes. With an extended seat adjustment that accommodates 5.1 to 6.5 ft heights and a resistance bar that is really strong, we hope you get what you are looking for.

The seat is 4-way adjustable, so that people with an inseam between 28 and 39 inches can comfortably ride on it. on the other end, the handlebars are 2-way adjustable and non-slip. You can ride for the longest and fastest session on the bike with these adjustments possible for you.

Also, the bike comes with an LCD display screen, which basically track time, distance, speed and calories burned, not forgetting the odometer that measures cycles.

Also enjoy watching, calling and receiving calls and working on your phone while on the bike, given the tablet/ phone holder near the handlebars. Or, you can stream workouts from peloton and other biking apps that you like from your iPad, tablet or phone.

More interestingly, the bike saddle comes with a soft comfortable cushion. You will find it really comfy, and hence never have an experience with seat sores while on the CYCLACE.

Then there’s more to the handlebars, they provide for multiple handling with design and size. Whichever angle you want to approach your exercise with, you can be sure to be okay. The metabolic PVC coating on the handlebars prevent sweat from hindering a smooth workout; there is no chance that your hands will start sliding off the handlebars.

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Rather than use a noisy chain, the bike uses a silent belt that is not only smooth and quiet, but also strong.

Whenever you want a single workout equipment that replaces several, then the exercise bike is your way. Whether its running, dumbbell workouts, mountain climbing or weight-lifting, the biking exercise will give you the same results as the exercises. On the plus side, there will be less injuries, especially compared to mountain climbing.


  • Suitable for all floor types and guaranteed stability.
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat.
  • Allows for metrics tracking.
  • Provides for a stable and secure tablet/ phone holder.


  • You have to source for external workout apps.

5. Schwinn Upright Bike – Best Indoor Exercise Bike with Screen

For an upright spinning experience, the Schwinn bike series is an ideal option. More interestingly, the bike is actually so unique that you will love the outstanding outlook. Let’s dive into the features that define the bike;

Fundamentally, the bike features a Dual track screen, which has an LCD display. Not forgetting the workout tracking capability that the screen presents you with. Hence, you can compete with your previous results at each time, knowing too well the exact real time data that you set will be on the screen.

With 22 workout programs, you will not run short of options for your core, arm, glute and heart workout options. Also, the bike comes with 20 resistance levels, which assure you of an intensive number of workouts you can engage in.

Schwinn bike allows you access to the Schwinn Connect biking app, from where you will get on-demand classes. You can stream at any time of the day, so your schedule will not be at an inconvenience.

Moreover, the bike guarantees you high speed, given the system with high inertia drive. This will give you a chance with smooth and quiet workouts, and as a beginner, you get to love the experience on an indoor stationary bike.

For optimal comfort and improved performance, the bike features a padded and contoured saddle. Better still, exchange to get your most preferred seat is easy, regardless of the clamp or rail of the bike seat.

While still on the saddle, take note of the impressively high pole of the bike seat. You can actually adjust it for people with a height of 4.6”, to those ranging at 6.6”.


  • Best upright indoor bike.
  • A range of workout programs and resistance available.
  • Smooth and silent rides guaranteed.
  • Comfortable and easy to change saddle.
  • Workout metrics tracking capabilities.


  • There are no live classes with the bike.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness – Exercise Bike with Virtual Screen

For an economic yet highly effective exercise bike with screen, Sunny Health and Fitness Stationary Bike takes the trophy. The bike is barely $200, yet the features are really impressive. Anxious to see what the bike has to offer? Read on!

The first thing that you notice about the bike at a glance is that the seating is quite ergonomic for utmost comfort, and also to provide ease in bike riding. It is padded to prevent seat sores, not to mention the 4-way adjustment that the bike allows you. other than that, the bike enhances your stability by featuring a seat inseam between 26 and 32 inches.

Want to use resistance, but only at will? You will have that freedom with this bike, as you have the option to just twist the knob to use or remove resistance. The adjustment is manual, so you can even have an in-between resistance level at will.

Then there is the feature we all want to know about; the screen. The bike comes with an LCD screen, purposely put on the bike to track your progress. It measures speed, distance, time and even the calories that you burn as the workout progresses.

With this bike, you have the chance to stream from the peloton app on a tv, or a laptop strategically set, without any restraints in front of you.

The lightweight flywheel, which only weighs 22 pounds, offers high levels of inertia and resistance, so that you are in control of your workout. With a chain drive, the ride is not only smooth, but quite sturdy.

Anyone can use the bike, especially with the fact that the pedals come with toe clips and adjustable straps. Any shoe will fit in, hence anyone in your house with the benefit of using the bike. Also, the seat is adjustable to suit a variety of heights. The highest user recommended on the bike should be 220 pounds in weight.

To facilitate comfort, the bike comes in handlebars that are rubber foam in coating. You can now ride more, without hands slipping from sweat or the handlebars causing you hand sores.


  • Quite inexpensive for its competencies.
  • Ability to monitor riding data.
  • Flexible for versatility in users.
  • Comfortable handlebars.


  • The users’ weight is quite restricted compared to other exercise bikes.

7. Schwinn Indoor Cycling – Best Peloton Bike Alternative

When looking for a more versatile spinning experience, maybe dual pedals should be the best start. And the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike offers this exact feature. Let’s dive into what the IC3 model has to offer;

Primarily, the bike comes with pedals that offer a dual compatibility. On one side, the pedals are compatible with SPD cleats. On the other side, they come with a standard size of toe cages and clips.

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So, if you really want to reap the benefits of an indoor stationary bike, then the SPD cleats will garner for you sufficient power transfer. On the other hand, those without cycling shoes have the option to use regular shoes and sneakers on the bike.

With a media holder, you can confidently put your phone, tablet or even iPad on the bike, so as to stream your most preferred workouts from your favorite apps. Alternatively, for a more uniform feel, you can download the Schwinn Connect app for Schwinn specific workouts. An LCD screen is already available for data monitoring purpose.

For a breathable sitting experience, the bike saddle comes with a race-style seat that is not just fully adjustable, but also highly ventilated.

And, you don’t have to worry about vibrations and sounds from the exercise bike getting the neighbors on the nerve; the 40-pound flywheel is usually silent, and also powered by a silent and smooth belt drive. Other than the silence this offers you, you will get a higher variation with the resistance.

If you are a bowler, then you have probably come across a urethane bowling ball, and can testify of its soft touch? This this the same touch that you should expect from the handlebars of the Schwinn series, meant to facilitate comfort for longer riding periods. On top of that, the handlebars feature a fore and aft adjustment, so that you don’t have to compromise a fit that is not suitable for you.

And finally, the bike features a large bottle holder to ensure that your workouts are not interrupted by thirst or an overheated throat.


  • Dual SPD pedal compatibility assured.
  • A breathable bike saddle comes with the bike.
  • Comfortable soft handlebars.
  • Silent and smooth belt and flywheel.


  • Need for constant lubrication under the seat and with the pedals.

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Which Things Should You Consider When Buying Best Stationary Bike with Screen?


You need a bike whose cost will fit within your budget limits. Therefore, ensure that you get that. Within our list are bikes costing from less than $200 to a cost of more than $2000. The better news is that all these bikes are worth your purchase, depending on your suitability.


Classes offered by a spinning bike offer a sense of commitment and are more enjoyable. This is actually a major reason Peloton and NordicTrack win users.

If you want live classes, you will get those on peloton. For the on-demand classes, most other bikes have the offer.

The exciting part is that you can get the peloton app today, regardless of your bike brand.


Comfort in terms of the seat, provided inseam, handlebars coating and even adjustable seat and handlebars is essential. You can only enjoy your ride if you can customize the bike to suit your individual needs.

User Weight and Height

Indoor exercise bikes have weight limits. Check that your weight is within the set limit, so that you don’t end up disappointed in your purchase.


Convenience is a diverse term when it comes to exercise bikes. But in this situation, let’s take a couple of instances;

A bike that uses toe clips allows multiple users on the bike. Also, you don’t need to buy cycling shoes. nevertheless, clipless pedals are convenient in enhancing power transfer and hence better cadence results.

A bike seat that offers an already cushioned seat is more comfortable in comparison to one with just a hard seat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to ride a stationary bike every day?

Yes, it is okay. But if you are cycling daily, then you should minimize the amount of time you spend on the bike. Afterall, too much of anything, including cycling, could lead to some detrimental outcomes.

Is an exercise bike as good as outdoor cycling?

Actually, an exercise bike could prove more effective than an outdoor bike. This is because you have less inconvenience such as weather, interruptions and even traffic. Moreover, with an exercise bike, you can easily follow on a workout program for programed results you can depend on.

How long should you workout on a stationary bike?

60 minutes is about the maximum workout that most exercise bike apps offer. Even with 30 minutes of committed exercise though, you are bound to get impressive results, whether with muscle toning or weight shedding.

Can stationary bike tone leg muscles?

Yes, they can. exercise bikes offer a wide range of exercises, with combinations of pedaling and resistance for final results. Depending on the type of leg muscles you want to tone, you can always get your choice combination.

In a Nutshell;

Above is a list with best exercise bike with screen, each with its strengths and shortcomings. On top of that are the considerations you need to take into account when purchasing the best bike for you.

Now it upon you to make the final decision, as we have simplified your work. All the best making the best choice, one that will cause you zero regrets and optimal self-gratitude.

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