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How to Maintain a Peloton Bike and Bike+?

A Peloton bike and bike plus are quite costly if you think about it. Therefore, maintenance of the precious workout equipment is paramount. If not maintained, then the cost of disappointment will weigh on you.

Peloton bikes maintenance is about the easiest things you will do for any workout equipment, so relax if you are worried about it.

However, do you want to learn the simple things you can follow to actualize this? Could you stick with me?

Does the Peloton Need Maintenance?

Yes, Keeping up with regular maintenance on your Peloton bike is essential. If you want it to last as long as possible in pristine condition.

Peloton Bike Maintenance Overview:

Be careful to oil the pedals, cleats, and belt of your Peloton Bike or Bike+ as part of routine maintenance. Make sure your pedals are secure and replace them frequently.

If you want to be prepared for the possibility of having to replace parts on your Peloton, it is recommended that you invest in a Service Plan. Once you’re done riding, unplug your Peloton Bike or Bike+ to turn it off.

The best way to maintain your bike is to ensure that you treat it as delicate equipment, even when you know it is not as delicate.

Wait, we’ll put the steps of the maintenance process you’ll need in order so that every point is clear.

Consider Investing in a Bike Mat:

A peloton bike or bike plus does not come with a bike mat, yet it is important for equipment maintenance.

Reason? When the bike is placed on the mat, you protect it against the rough nature of the floor, which could cause scratches at some point.

Moreover, the dirt, debris, and dust often on bare floors and carpets will affect your bike. It will get into the chain and other delicate parts, which could cause damage.

That being the case, a carpet should be among the first accessories, actually the first, to welcome your bike home.

Ensure that the place where the bike will lay is a bit spacious on all sides, at least 60 cm. Above all, ensure that the ground is level as a safety measure for the bike.

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Let Your Buddy Know that You Finally Made It:

Already excited that your bike will arrive today? Let your best friend know. Seriously? Yes, this will come in handy.

You can have your friend help you receive the package. Then, they will obviously help you put the stationary bike in your desired position.

When alone, you will not manage to lift the 125 pounds without messing. You might end up scratching the frame, or -worse still, dropping it. Can’t imagine it, right?

Therefore, if you are on your own or in the company of younger kids, let your friends share in your excitement as they help you maintain the brand-new bike.

When the bike arrives and you are done with the delivery process, start getting it in the house.

  • First off, tilt the bike forward onto the wheels.
  • Then, let your friend get hold of the handlebars while you lift the rear stabilizer.
  • At this point, gently roll the bike it the house. Ensure that you avoid uneven surfaces and stairs if possible.

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Concentrate on Setting up Your Bike Correctly:

Why would this be a Peloton bike maintenance requirement? Because this will not only determine safe workouts but also prevent damage during workouts.

Once you get your bike on its mat, ensure that it is not rocking but fully stable. The bike has leveling feet, which you can unscrew to facilitate stability.

  • Adjust the seat height and depth,
  • Then the height of the handlebars.
  • Next, check that all the bolts are tightly screwed in, using the Allen wrench to tighten those not.
  • Finally, install the screen on the bike or bike plus, packed separately to prevent damage.

Done? This is the first step to have your peloton bike well-maintained successfully.

Cleaning the Bike to Maintain Smooth Surface:

Let me take you back; remember reading that Peloton bike maintenance is the easiest? From this step, the maintenance process becomes a walk in the park.

Let’s get down to cleaning the bike;

After every single ride, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe it. Start with the handlebars, then the frame, onto the seat, and finally the wheels.

Since this is a daily activity, it will not take much of your time whenever you have a Peloton workout. Besides, this is meant to prevent dust and dirt from building up.

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Always ensure that the bike or bike plus is firmly set before and after every workout. This will prevent accidental bike falling at any time, whether you are in or out of the room.

Use Only Gentle Cleansers: After a week or two, you should consider adding a mild laundry detergent to water for a more thorough cleanup.

Special Cleaning for Touchscreen: Dip an electronic wipe in the solution, then wipe the Peloton screen, part of your bike workout.

Then, dip a cleaning cloth in the solution, and use the damp cloth on the handlebars and the bike seat.

Tighten Pedals and others Parts:

Check if the pedals are tight, if you find your cleats slipping out of them while you’re clipped in and riding. That’s a good sign that your pedals are loose.

Just don’t tighten the pedals too much. Use the hex tool or Allen wrench that came with the bike to tighten the cleats.

And tighten any bolt that is loose. Check the frame more closely and tighten any parts that seem to be loose.

Check Your Seat:

Peloton recommends that you check how tight your seat is once a month. The seat should also be parallel to the ground, in the height and depth suitable for you.

Do a Regular Brake Check-Up to Avoid Friction:

With Peloton, the resistance knob acts as the brake. You only have to press it down as you reduce the pedaling, and the bike will stop. Even if you rarely use the brake, ensuring that it is functional is essential for maintenance and safety measures.

Actually, you are always encouraged to press the resistance knob down to stop the bike. It is the best assurance that the bike is in an inactive mode.

Once you press the resistance knob, the bike should stop with immediate effect. If not, then you should contact Peloton for assistance, which will always be readily available.

Check Up on the Bike Frame:

Every month or so, dedicate more time to the frame of your bike or bike plus. After the regular cleaning, have a closer look at it.

You can feel it with your hand gently to prevent possible injury from a damaged section. It should be smooth, a failure to which you may notice signs of wear and tear.

Where there are bolt connections, make sure that they are tight. If not, use the bike’s Allen wrench to correct this.

The Pedals Already Wearing Out?

If you have had your bike or bike plus for a whole year, you may start to notice that the pedals are wearing out. It is not your fault.

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Your pedals should last for one year if your shoes always clip in well and have the correct cycling shoes.

Replace them annually as part of the maintenance. Nevertheless, remember that the parts warranty does not cater for pedals.

Other than that, your parts warranty remains only when you replace your Peloton pedals for Peloton pedals. If you use other brand pedals, you will nullify the warranty.

Do Not Use Bike Parts from another Bike or Vice Versa:

Do you have a road bike or another indoor bike that you use occasionally? Well, do not use its parts to substitute for broken peloton bike parts.

On the other hand, do not borrow peloton parts on your other bike and return them later. What’s the big deal anyway?

Whenever you use parts on the bike they were not meant for, you may have to strain to install them. This way, you will be damaging the point of installation.

Moreover, if, for instance, you borrowed a Peloton bike part, it may come back too loose for your Peloton bike. Thus, you will have caused damage to the bike part.

Finally, Always Keep the Bike Environment Dry and Clean:

Peloton bikes are exclusively indoor equipment. Therefore, they are prone to damage from dust, debris, and moisture.

Always ensure your bike or bike plus is indoors and return it fast whenever you have to get it out, probably clean the house. Moreover, ensure that you keep the conditions indoors favorable.

For example, the place where you keep the bike should be moisture-free and at least away from the window to prevent sun rays damage.

Final Thoughts

Peloton bike or bike plus maintenance? Being indoor fitness bikes, Peloton bikes are easier to maintain than outdoor bikes. However, ensuring that you set them up gently and correctly and cleaning them when necessary give your bike extended durability. On top of that, always keep the bike in a dry place,  and you will be surprised at how impressive the service will be.

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