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How to Watch Youtube on Peloton Screen [Bike and Tread]

Can You Watch Youtube on Peloton? Fortunately, yes. You can watch Youtube on the Peloton HD screen, though this feature is not apparent at a glance. However, the fact that it is hidden does not mean it is unavailable or illegal to use.

Sometimes while riding or running on your peloton equipment, you want to continue following up on an influencer or a project on Youtube. While we confirm that this is possible, it is impossible to have your peloton metrics running as you use Youtube on the screen. But the decision is not difficult when you know what you want, right? So, let’s get on with it!

How to Watch Youtube on Peloton Screen

Here is a simplified guide on how you can watch Youtube efficiently on your peloton screen. Whether you own a bike, a bike plus, a tread, or a tread plus, the HD screen supports Youtube. Better still, any other Android application is possible on the branded tablet.

The process of watching Youtube on Peloton? Let’s get the show on the road;

Step 1: Turn On the Peloton Screen

First, turn on the peloton screen to get to the Peloton home screen. The peloton screen outlook only presents options for peloton classes. So, how do you get to Youtube?

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Go to the bottom right corner, and you will see three horizontal dots. Click on them to get to the screen settings and information.

Step 2: Go to About to Get to Android Apps

Click on the About option on the screen, and you will see a pop-up with the red Peloton logo ‘P.’ At the bottom right corner of the pop-up, click seven times. Yes, you read that right; you need to click on it seven times to get a fruitful process. Worse still, you will click on a blank space, so you have to believe that this will work.

Step 3: Access WebView Browser Tester

The clicks will lead you to several Android applications. You will be surprised at the extra application options that you have with your Peloton. After all, the screen is more fun than meets the eye. Click on WebView Browser Tester, usually at the bottom of the list.

It will start running, exposing you to a range of browsing options. Again, you have options to browse and do as much online research as you want at this point.

Step 4: Ready for Youtube on Peloton?

You can type in Youtube, and there you are! Once on Youtube, use the search bar for your preferred movie, music, or influencer. Riding, running, or walking on Peloton has never been boring, and it will be even better when you get exactly what you want; a chance to multitask.

Step 5: Ready to Go Back to Peloton?

Once you are done with your Youtube streaming and watching, you can get back on Peloton classes. You simply have to click at the bottom center, where the peloton logo is visible. It will take you back to Peloton so that you can select your classes for a more serious class.

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Youtube and Peloton Classes?

Sadly, you cannot access your peloton classes or metrics while browsing and enjoying Youtube on Peloton. You can only do one at a time, either on Youtube or Peloton.

Watching Youtube on Peloton is only suitable when you are on a casual workout. You don’t care about the metrics or the classes.

Unlike most modern smartphones and tablets, the Peloton screen does not have a split-screen option. Hence, you cannot view both Peloton workouts and Youtube.

The Peloton will probably advance to a split-screen or a way to have either of the apps playing in the background for an entire multitasking session. For now, we have to work with the screen as it is.

Bottom Line

Can you watch Youtube on Peloton? Of course, you can. The better news is that you don’t have to crack the screen software to install the app. It is already possible to access Youtube with the Peloton screen as it is.

With the explicit steps above, you should be enjoying a movie, a show, or an album while busy cutting on the calories. It is the best way to kill time, rather than just sitting, watching, and probably numbing your body.

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