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Peloton Live Classes Vs. On-Demand; Which One is better?

Peloton has two main types of classes; live and on-demand. However, the features of the two classes are so similar that you may not tell the difference at a glance. I mean, both provide for a live Leaderboard opportunity and all the fun that comes with a Peloton class available.

Nevertheless, live Peloton classes are cast live from the Peloton New York studio in real-time, while the on-demand classes are recorded. On-demand classes could be classes from previous live classes, while some are made just for the on-demand streaming.

So, Peloton Live Vs. On-Demand Classes?

Honestly, Peloton live and on-demand classes have a lot of similarities, and so are the differences. Let’s dig into a comparison between the two;

FeaturesPeloton Live ClassesPeloton On-Demand Classes
AvailabilityDifferent workouts with different instructors available at specific times of the dayAlways available
LeaderboardAvailable Not available
Play own musicNot availableavailable
Quantity Fewer More 
Stacking optionNot availableavailable
Real-time instructoravailableNot available
Pausing featureNot availableAvailable 

1. Cost

Fortunately, once you pay for a Peloton subscription, you can access both the live and on-demand classes. There is no separate payment option for live or on-demand classes; they are tied.

Peloton features two subscription options; the all-access membership and the digital app membership. The all-access membership is only for the Peloton equipment owners, while the digital app is for everyone, with or without the Peloton equipment.

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With the all-access membership, you will pay $39 for both live and on-demand classes. You also get to register multiple accounts under the membership. On the other hand, the digital app is $12.99, and it only allows for single account registration. Nevertheless, you will also gain access to the on-demand and live classes with the digital app membership.

2. Availability

If you are looking forward to working out with a certain instructor live, then you have to check their day’s schedule. You have to work out during the specific time that the class will be available.

However, you can take the same class as on-demand without the time restrictions. The only challenge is that you may have to wait for a minimum of 24 hours to get the class with all the features in place.

3. Real-Time Feel

It is true that once you are in an on-demand class, the feeling is almost as though you are in a live class. There is a new Leaderboard for the people riding with you at the time, and the interaction is just as amazing.

However, the instructor will be recorded, hence robbing you of probable high-fives and shout-outs from your best instructor. Moreover, you will hear stuff from a previous class and the instructor calling out names, not in your current class.

I also find the motivation in an on-demand class being less appealing compared to the live class motivation. 

Therefore, for the sake of a real-time feel and motivation, I will go for the live classes on Peloton.

4. Stacking Option

Peloton has a fairly new feature, the stacking feature. Here, you plan your workout schedule ahead of time, putting classes in a stack. Then, when you 

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Get into the app; all you have to do is go for your stack. Then, each class leaves the class immediately, and you work it out.

The stacking feature saves you time looking for a class for the day, especially during a busy week.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for live classes. You can only use it with on-demand classes and probably the scenic rides.

Besides, the on-demand classes are great to pre-check the workout and understand what it entails even before attending or deciding on it.

Hence, the on-demand classes will win here.

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5. Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is available for both live and on-demand classes. The live Leaderboard is automatic for all the users taking the class at the time.

However, with the on-demand Leaderboard, you have to filter the Leaderboard to ‘Now’; otherwise, you will have a list of all the people who have taken the class before and with you.

Moreover, the high-five feature is available on both the live and on-demand classes, so you can send and receive some from the Leaderboard names.

Therefore, with the Leaderboard feature, both live and on-demand classes win.

6. Playing Your Music

Peloton was sued over the use of some music, most of which was the fans’ favorite. Since then, the workouts have not been using the music.

With the live classes, you have to stick with the instructor’s choice of music, even if you don’t like it. Or, you could sacrifice your choice of instructor for one with your choice of music. But what if your choice music is on the list that Peloton cannot play due to the ban?

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Go for the on-demand classes. With the on-demand classes, you can choose to play your own music with the workouts.

Here, the on-demand classes will carry the day.

7. Pausing the Workout

Since the live classes are real-time and out of your control, you cannot pause the workouts and still catch up.

However, you can pause classes on the on-demand workouts since they are recorded. So, if you are up for some distractions during your workouts, the on-demand classes are a top choice.

Peloton Live or On-Demand Classes: Which One is better?

Actually, each class is great in its own way, depending on what you want in the class. For optimal motivation and a real studio feel, the live classes are my top choices. On the other hand, when I have a busy week ahead and need to pre-plan, nothing beats an on-demand class option on Peloton.

Bottom Line

Peloton allows you to stream live and on-demand classes under the same subscription, unlike other platforms like Beachbody. However, this makes it even trickier to choose which of the two workout options to choose.

Good for you, both are available for interchanging until you get your perfect choice. So, ready to embrace the variety and convenience that both workout options on the peloton platform bring?