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11 Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton: (Armbands, Chest Straps, Watches)

Wearing an HRM offers a few things you can benefit from while using the Peloton bike, tread, and App. First and most importantly, it tracks your health and fitness over time as you build up your stamina and heart health. What you’ll find is that you’ll see your heart working hard (higher beats per minute) when you first start exercising. Over time as your body adjusts, you’ll find you can work just as hard or harder, and your heart want have to beat so hard (high). Your body is able to perform better.

Also, the Peloton bike and tread tablet will use your heart rate in its calculation of calories burned on the ride. While it’s not a perfect metric, the tablet has more information (how hard or how easy it was for you) to do that workout.

The harder you work out (higher BPM) likely, the more calories you burned when it ties in your gender, age, and weight. You can also use it for training such as Heart Rate Zone training.

For this reason, I have only put down the top-rating heart rate monitors that incorporate these major features all in one, in addition to more.

But first; we will know some queries answer then we will discuss about the best Heart Rate Monitors for the Peloton.

  • Can You Use Any Heart Rate Monitor With Peloton?
  • What Type of Heart Rate Monitor is Good for Peloton; Arm Band or Chest Strap?
  • Can I Use a Heart Rate Monitor with the Peloton App?
  • Can I Use My Apple Watch as Heart Rate Monitor with Peloton?
  • What is the Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton?

Can You Use Any Heart Rate Monitor With Peloton?

Yes, you can use any heart rate monitor with Peloton; it doesn’t have to be a Peloton heart rate monitor. However, you have to ensure that the HRM is either Bluetooth or ANT + compatible before you purchase it for Peloton.

What Type of Heart Rate Monitor is Good for Peloton; Arm Band or Chest Strap?

Generally, the chest strap is considered the most accurate heart rate monitor. They may be uncomfortable and chaffy in some instances, but they are best positioned to collect and analyze more body signals.

However, they can move from the chest to the belly, especially during running, hence collecting incorrect data.

On the other hand, the armbands are more comfortable for almost every workout on Peloton. And while they collect a narrow range of data only based on the pulse rate, they are also approximately accurate.

Besides, it seems that the more updated versions are picking pace with the chest straps, such as the watches.

With that in mind, the chest strap works best for cycling since it barely moves. On the other hand, the armband works best for the treadmill and outdoor running since it is more convenient.

Can I Use a Heart Rate Monitor with the Peloton App?

Yes, you can use a heart rate monitor with the Peloton app. All you need is to ensure that your heart rate monitor is Bluetooth compatible, which will sync with your mobile device. Then, you will get your heart rate, and calories burned recording on the Peloton app.

Can I Use My Apple Watch as Heart Rate Monitor with Peloton

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor on the Peloton bike, bike plus, and treadmill. Now, no GymKit required for connection.

Essentially, you need to start a class on your Peloton bike, bike +, or treadmill. Then, a notification pop-up on the Apple Watch (which should be within close proximity) gives you the go-ahead to connect. Read more: How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton Bike and App?

Likewise, you can use the Peloton app on the Apple Watch, then take advantage of the watch’s heart rate monitoring features. Nevertheless, you will need an iPhone app to work with the Apple Watch for a complete sync with Peloton classes.

When using the app, use the following steps;

  1. First, install the app from the Appstore to your iPhone, and log in to the app.
  2. Click on ‘More’ in the app, and select Apple Watch.
  3. Start a class on the iPhone.
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The Apple Watch will record the heart rate; calories burned, average pace, best pace, total distance, and elevation.

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton

To curb some of the tiresome research you have to go through, we have a collection of 7 best peloton compatible heart rate monitor reviews. You just can’t resist at least one of the trending accessories here!

Best Heart Rate Monitor Armbands

  • Scosche Rhythm – Communicates with Peloton Spin Bike & Treadmill (Armband)
  • Wahoo Tickr Fit – Best Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor (Armband)

Best Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps

  • Polar H9 – Best Peloton Heart Rate Monitor  (Chest Strap)
  • Powr Labs – Excellent Connectivity with Garmin, Zwift & Peloton (Chest Strap)
  • Coospo – Good Waterproof HRM For Pairing with Peloton (Chest Strap)
  • Wahoo Tickr – Works Well with Peloton Bike (Chest Strap)
  • MOOFIT HRM- Works Great with Peloton Digital App (Chest Strap)

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches

  • Apple Watch Series 7 – Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Apple Watch SE GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate
  • Apple Watch Series 5 – Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Series 3 – Another Heart Rate Detector Apple Product!

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Let’s start with the full peloton heart rate monitor review:

1. Scosche Rhythm – Communicates with Peloton Spin Bike & Treadmill (Armband)

High accuracy in the best heart rate monitor for peloton armband? Place your bet on the Rhythm +, which comes with visible sensor technology from the brand. You don’t have to deal with a large bulky chest strap.

Quite versatile, the heart rate monitor works with a spectrum of workout and fitness apps, peloton included. Besides, it connects via both Bluetooth and Ant+.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about sweat from spinning, since this HRM is Ip67 waterproof. You can actually submerge it for a meter into water, so peloton sweat is nothing.

Not only does the HRM manage the heart rate, but it also comes with a whole new technology for measuring calories burned, distance and pace.

With ease in attaching to the forearm, the HRM is really a replacement for the chest strap. It gets full wireless communication with your peloton touchscreen, with an app that monitors all your workout metrics.

Also, you will get a dual-mode processor with the Rhythm+, hence simultaneous transmission of the heart rate to more than one device.


  • Highly accurate for an armband.
  • Works with most workout apps.
  • Dual-mode processor for multiple transmissions.
  • Lighter and more convenient compared to the chest strap.


  • The arm-band soaks up with sweat if worn for long.

2. Wahoo Tickr Fit – Best Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor (Armband)

Are you into trendy workout accessories? Of course, since you are using the popular peloton bike. This Wahoo Tickr HRM is an excellent combination for your contemporary outlook.

With the technology that captures real-time heart rate, the heart rate monitor is quite an accurate accessory. And not just that, but it also manages your burned calories and training zones.

As a peloton heart rate monitor choice, the device uses both Bluetooth and Ant+ to easily connect to your screen. As if that was not enough, the Tickr model connects with other workout apps that you may be using when not on your peloton bike.

Additionally, you can record the workout data in the Wahoo Fitness app then upload the data to the peloton platform.

And, as a trendy workout accessory, it has won the hearts of many champions and great teams.


  • Trendy and choice to several world champions.
  • Compatible with peloton and other workout apps.
  • Features an extra Wahoo Fitness app from which you can upload more of your data.
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours.


  • Quite expensive.

3. Polar H9 – Best Peloton Heart Rate Monitor  (Chest Strap)

For freedom in the choice of HRM size, Polar H9 wins the race. The HRM is available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL to accommodate more users.

Being the gold standard in heart rate monitoring, accuracy is the blueprint of the heart rate monitor. With decades of research out of desire to provide the best globally, what more can you ask in a peloton heart rate monitor?

Using both Bluetooth and Ant+, you will be spoiled for choice connecting it to your peloton bike in addition to other fitness apps.

Other than monitor your heart rate, you will also know the number of calories that you burn in a workout.


  • Compatible with peloton via both Bluetooth and Ant+.
  • A range of sizes available.
  • Accurate and suiting all the needs of the user from intensive research.


  • Inconvenience with screws when changing batteries.

4. Powr Labs – Excellent Connectivity with Garmin, Zwift & Peloton (Chest Strap)

For an affordable yet reliable HRM for your peloton, I would go with Powr Labs. An HRM chest strap, the heart rate monitor is highly accurate in conveying your heart rate figures.

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This is the best heart rate monitor for peloton within its budget range. The Bluetooth connectivity is Bluetooth 4.0, which is the exact peloton choice. You also have the option of using Ant+ with the peloton app.

The Ip67 sweatproof design keeps you confident that you won’t damage the device regardless of the intensity of the workout.

Not only is the HRM compatible with peloton, but it also accommodates connection to other workout apps and GPS devices.

Additionally, the strap is adjustable to fit 26 to 38-inch users.


  • A reliable economic choice.
  • Fully compatible with the peloton bike.
  • Curbs sweat and water absorption.
  • High accuracy levels.


  • Smooth strap that could slip off if not adjusted correctly.

5. Coospo – Good Waterproof HRM For Pairing with Peloton (Chest Strap)

Have you suffered from so many chest straps slides that you gave up on chest straps? Maybe it is time you got back on track with this CooSpo. It comes with a soft textile chest strap, which perfectly fits any shape of the body.

That’s not all; the chest strap tracks heart rate in real time, using Bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity, hence peloton compatible. Moreover, you have the freedom to connect your heart rate monitor to other gym apps, so just one is enough for your

Besides that, the chest straps are available in a wide range of colors. You can always whole home studio workouts.

An important note to make: ensure that you moisten the strap below the chest muscles, so that you secure an effective fit.


  • Assurance of a strap that stays in position throughout the workout.
  • Connects with not just peloton, but also a wide range of other workout apps.
  • Variety of colors for workout straps.
  • Easily connects to the peloton.


  • Constant strap replacement necessary if you sweat a lot.

6. Wahoo Tickr – Works Well with Peloton Bike (Chest Strap)

For the best heart rate monitor for peloton whose battery lasts longest, the Tickr chest strap is a top shot. With powering from the Coin Cell battery, you will have the assurance of 12 months of service. Quite long to assume, right?

Then, it is integrated with Ant+ and also Bluetooth, ensuring that your peloton connectivity is possible and smooth.

Also, it is compatible with so many workout apps, other than peloton, that you cannot exhaust. You also have the option of recording your workout data with the Yahoo Fitness app and transmit it to other workout apps.

As for the strap, it is not only sweatproof, but you can also handwash it as a hygiene measure.

If it makes you feel better, the Tickr is the choice of many champions, proving to be among the least disappointing heart rate monitors.


  • Long battery life, which is 12 months.
  • Compatible with peloton and most workout apps.
  • You can handwash the strap at will.
  • Accurate data transmission.


  • The strap proves difficult to adjust for some people.

7. MOOFIT HRM– Works Great with Peloton Digital App (Chest Strap)

For a light and comfortable peloton heart rate monitor MOOFIT HRM is an exquisite choice for you. Plus, the cost is just incredibly low.

With a fabric chest strap, you can spin without disruptions from skin irritations or strap slipping off. Furthermore, the whole device is so light you won’t even note that you are wearing it. And, you can adjust the strap from 65 to 95cm depending on what suits you best.

Other than the Bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity options, the HRM allows for dual mode. You can connect it to your peloton app as well as other devices at a go.

The heart rate monitor will display real time heart rate and calorie burned, hence impressive levels of accuracy.

Amazingly, the replaceable battery lasts for at least 10 months, assuring you of optimal service before dying off. It is also Ipx7 waterproof, hence sweatproof.


  • Comfortable and light strap.
  • Bluetooth and Ant+ compatibility that offers dual mode connectivity.
  • Impressively long battery life.
  • Monitors both heart rate and calorie burnt.
  • Quite inexpensive.


  • Does not sense cadence, but which, thankfully, peloton does.

Do You Need the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

Yes, you do. Peloton spinning being highly intense, you will require to keep track of your health condition. The best and most accurate way to be sure is to have a heart rate monitor with you.

Besides, you may think that you are working out optimally, only to realize that you are nowhere near optimal. In this instance, a heart rate monitor will guide you to your maximum stretch. You will be confident working out more if you know that the workout is still within your body limits.

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Which Things Should You Consider When Buying Peloton Compatible Heart Rate Monitor?

Compatibility with Peloton

When buying the heart rate monitor for peloton, ensure that it is compatible with peloton. If it is not the peloton heart rate monitor, then it should have either have Bluetooth or Ant+ connectivity. The above HRMs are the best in relation to peloton connectivity, guaranteeing you both Bluetooth and Ant+ options.

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Have you ever purchased a nice heart rate monitor, but whose strap you can’t stand? You end up not using the nice features also. Therefore, it is essential that you check the material of the strap, especially the chest strap, so that you will be happy and comfortable in it.

A strap that neither slides nor causes irritation adds top marks to a heart rate monitor.

Type of strap

Are you comfortable in a chest strap o an armband? Depending on personal preference, be keen so that you bring home a device that brings you contentment. Afterall, you spent so much on the peloton bike and subscription to just feel down at a mere accessory.


You don’t want a heart rate monitor that displays crazy figures, or one that you constantly have to adjust for accuracy, right? hence, get a heart rate monitor that will guarantee you ultimate accuracy throughout the workout. It is essential for your health and performance on the bike.


Looking for a heart rate monitor that perfectly suits your pocket? Then get one. Good for you, we have some options in the above top HRMs for peloton. The best part is that they are not only cheap, but they also present you with the best performance that you are looking for in a perfect heart rate monitor.

Battery type and life

Is the battery rechargeable, or is it replaceable? If rechargeable, how long will it take before the battery goes low? If replaceable, which type is used, and how long will it last?

These are the questions you should get answers for before getting yourself a heart rate monitor. They will help you determine whether you can deal with the options provided. In this regard, you can also get batteries that last as long as one year. If this is your number 1 preference, why not get the best of the best?

Ease in pairing

Time is quite a limited asset, and you don’t want to spend so long trying to pair the heart rate monitor.

Getting a heart rate monitor that has a history of pairing up quick and without stress is one of the best things that you can have to yourself.


What heart rate monitors work with peloton?

Any heart rate monitor that connects using Ant+ or Bluetooth is compatible with peloton bike. Besides, peloton also has peloton brand heart rate monitors that you can consider.

Does Fitbit heart rate monitor work with peloton?

Yes, it does. You can connect Fitbit heart rate monitor to peloton using Bluetooth 4.0 that the HRM uses, which is exactly what peloton is most compatible with.

Is it worth getting a heart rate monitor?

Yes, it is. A heart rate monitor is not only a measure of your health during workouts, but also increases your performance. When you feel as if you are doing enough, check this performance against your heart rate metrics for the best guide.

Can you share a peloton heart rate monitor?

No, you can’t. You will need your own heart rate monitor so that you can track your personal heart rate metrics accurately.

There would be no problem sharing, however, but having a personal one is more preferable.

Is peloton heart rate monitor accurate?

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, you will need to ensure that you have it on correctly. A wrong installation could be the cause of wrong metrics.

Parting Shot

Peloton compatible heart rate monitor? We got you not just a collection, but the best options available in the market. So, quit working out less than you should due to the fear that you may overdo it. in any case, you need some motivation when you work out to your maximum.

Now, you can relax on your couch and make an order of the heart rate monitor that impressed you the most. Be sure that all the above selections are compatible with peloton, besides being highly accurate.

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