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Cycling For Weight Loss: Best Tips for the Beginners!

The first question is, Is cycling good for weight loss?
I say, yes of course. If you Cycling regularly, especially at a medium to high intensity; helps lower body fat levels (Chances to less fat deposition in the body), which surely promotes healthy weight management. To lose weight, you should follow a simple formula “Just burn more calories you can than what you consume daily”

According to Harvard Medical School, Cycling is good for your heart and muscles, and it may improve how we walk, body balance, and climb stairs.

The 2nd question is, What type cycling is good, Indoor cycling or on the road? The answer is any type of cycling is good for your health. If you take less calories food and cycling regularly either indoor or outdoor, then this is a must thing you get fit.

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Cyclist Food Habit Suggestions for Beginners:

Along with regular cycling following food habit need to be maintained

  • Balanced regular diet – Daily 3 meals with more antioxidant rich food.
  • Eat less food – It is obvious if you want to lose weight and Limit high fat and high sugar food and drinks.
  • Take more carbs which can be found in beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • Fully Cut down alcohol consumption or limit to less.
  • Drink much water. It reduces your appetite, keeps you hydrated and the energy to push through. But Yeah, Don’t fall for the energy drinks!
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Health Benefits of Regular Cycling Include:

As you know; Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity that will improve your overall fitness level and boost your immunity.

  • Cycling increases cardiovascular fitness at a great level
  • Regular cycling increases muscle strength and flexibility
  • It will improve your joint mobility at a great level
  • It decreases your stress levels, anxiety, depression and you’ll feel relax
  • Cycling improves your posture, coordination and bones strength
  • Daily cycling decreases your body fat levels and toxic elements

Indoor Cycling for Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight by Indoor cycling, start an indoor biking program or go to the studio class, that can help you to burn calories and build muscle with little impact on your joints. I will suggest to go with peloton families, It’s a huge family and you always get motivation from your friends as well as from trained instructors.

On a bike, you can go farther and faster than walking or running. If you are new to indoor exercising, talk to your personal doctor first and start slowly. Then go to Amazon online and get the best peloton accessories from store like peloton compatible shoes, seat cushion, padded shorts, water bottles, mat, towels etc. These will help you for the best comfortable spinning.

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

So, What is carb cycling? Carb cycling is a type of strict diet maintained by many serious athletes, cyclist, bodybuilders who want to get quick weight loss by dropping body fat and get more muscles mass or store more carbs.

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So, In brief; Yes carb cycling works for weight loss. Experts suggest to get 50% to 55% of daily calories from carbs, 10% to 15% from proteins, and less than 28% from fats. Carbs can be found naturally from beans, grains, fruits, and vegetables. So take more carbs and do regular cycling to loose weight fast.

Parting Shot

I assume; By reading this article you already understand that Cycling for weight loss is possible and it has great health benefit. So why wait? start cycling right away.

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