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About Peloton Live Classes: All You Need to Know

Peloton Live class is the most attractive thing in the Peloton Industry. Peloton gives Opportunities to do real-time classes with famous instructors like Cody, Robin, Denis, etc.

Are Peloton Classes live? Yes, Peloton classes under ‘Schedule’ or ‘Upcoming’ are live. They are cast live from the Peloton studios in New York, Los Angeles, or London. Each week, the peloton hosts around 200+ live classes. Cycling, strength training, running, and yoga are the most popular peloton live classes.

Therefore, if you participate in the live classes, you will get a shoutout from the instructor, high-fives from the instructor and other users, and also real-time interaction with the class.

Moreover, it is easier to connect with time and real-time jokes in the live classes, and if you have a birthday, you can share the celebratory news and get a shoutout for it. 

Which Classes are Live on Peloton?

All classes are live on Peloton, at least a few days into the introduction of the workout. Some classes start as only on-demand, say the barre classes, but later introduced a live class option.

Therefore, Peloton has numerous live classes under the following titles;

  • Strength
  • Cycling
  • Stretching
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cardio 
  • Outdoor
  • Bike Bootcamp
  • Tread Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
Class typeLive class frequency
Cycling85+ classes per week
Strength35+ classes per week
Yoga38+ classes per week
Meditation5+ classes per week
Cardio6+ classes per week
Running18+ classes per week
Walking9+ classes per week
Tread Bootcamp5+ classes per week
Bike Bootcamp4+ classes per week

How much is a Peloton Live Class?

Peloton has the same charges for one to access live, encore, and on-demand classes. If you are under the all-access membership, which means you have a Peloton bike or tread, you will pay $39 for the membership. At this cost, you can have multiple accounts on the equipment. The Peloton digital app will also be free with the subscription.

On the other hand, you will pay $12.99 for all your Peloton classes if you have the Peloton digital app. You can download the app from your Android or Apple phone, tablet, or laptop. Also, you can download it on your smart TV, or simply stream the classes directly from the web.

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Regardless of your membership or gadget, you will have access to the Peloton live classes.

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Where are the Live Classes on Peloton?

About Peloton Live Classes

The interesting bit about the Peloton live classes is that they are easy to access. Once you log in to your account, you will see at least three upcoming classes and the remaining time before they are due. You can use the arrow at the end of the last class to get more live classes.

Alternatively, go to the schedule option at the top of the options, second from the left. Click on it to view the range of live classes available.

All the upcoming classes will have the ‘count me in’ option, which turns to ‘join’ if the class is in progress.

How to Join Peloton Live Classes

How to Join Peloton Live Classes

Search for the class you intend to join for the Peloton class schedule for the day or in the next 14 days. Then, click the ‘count me in’ / schedule‘ option, and you will be notified when the class is about to start. You will also see the number of people registered for the class.

On the other hand, if you want a class already in progress, go for classes with a red ‘Join’ option. You may miss the preliminary warm-ups and intro, but you will have a class when you really need it.

Between the two options, though, it is better to go for a class available from the introductory bit. The warm-up session is necessary for an effective workout and to prevent burnout as well.

Can You Stack Live Classes on Peloton?

No, you cannot. Unfortunately, the stacking feature is only available for the on-demand classes. However, since the only difference between the live and on-demand classes is the real-time interaction with the instructor, you can go for on-demand classes when the stacking feature is necessary for your plans.

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Can You Ride Peloton Live Classes with a Friend?

Yes, you can. Just check the classes that your friend has joined, or simply ask them and register for the same. In addition, you can video chat with your friend during the live Peloton class if you both have a Peloton bike or tread.

You can also compete on the Leaderboard and motivate each other with high-fives.

Peloton Live Schedule

The classes start as early as 1 AM until as late as 11 PM overall. This is because the different studio locations allow for time differences, favoring people in other locations. However, if you consider classes cast from your location, say L.A, and you live in L.A, the earliest class maybe 5 AM or 6 AM.

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Nevertheless, if you work out at night and are in the U.S., you may not find NYC classes, but you will definitely find your luck in classes cast from Germany and London studios.

Are you looking for a way to create a Peloton live class schedule? Since you have the option to view a whole two weeks of upcoming live classes, you can make a schedule for the next two weeks.

First, go through the Peloton class schedule and fix the classes available, time, and instructor in your schedule book or platform. 

On the other hand, click ‘count me in for every class you confirm that you want to join. Once you click this option, you will get the option to ‘add to calendar’ on Google, iCal, Yahoo, or Outlook. Then, you will have reminders for each time you have a live session approaching.

How Many Live Classes are Available on Peloton in a Day?

Currently, there are at least 14 live classes on Peloton each day. However, some days will have as many as 38 classes in a day.

DayNumber of classes
Sunday24 classes
Monday40 classes
Tuesday40 classes
Wednesday38 classes
Thursday43 classes
Friday25 classes
Saturday23 classes

Are There Live Classes On Peloton All the Time?

No, they are not. Unlike the on-demand classes, Peloton live classes are not always available. However, when you check the schedule, you will see the available live classes for the day and even for the next fortnight.

Some classes are available daily and even at least every two hours. Others are only available approximately thrice a day. Also, some days are more packed with classes than others.

It all boils down to the popularity of the classes and days when the classes are most in demand. For instance, there are more riders on a daily basis compared to all the other workouts. Therefore, peloton rides are the most popular of all the workouts. Actually, some people do not even realize that Peloton has other classes on top of the rides.

Are the Peloton Live Classes Only in English?

No, they are not. True, most Peloton classes are in English, but you also have the option for German and Spanish classes. Therefore, if you already learned German or Spanish or actually have either of the languages for your first language, you have the option to enjoy Peloton classes in either.

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Are the Live Peloton Classes Full?

Luckily, the live classes on Peloton are never full. There is always space for more, even in a class such as the Robin Arzon cycling class with 23k users. This is why you can join the class even when it is underway without any restrictions.

Does Peloton Have Live Studio Classes?

Pre-Covid, Peloton had live studio classes in their New York and London studios. One would book the class at and book a class at least a week in advance.

You need to log in with your Peloton credentials to access the live class schedule, then make your booking. Surprisingly, you don’t need an extra account for in-studio classes. You just have to use your home Peloton account for your in-studio Peloton classes.

Moreover, you can book and purchase a spot for yourself, friends, and relatives. You can book as many as five spots. And, if you need more spots, say 10, you just need to contact the Events Team at Peloton for arrangements.

How much are the Peloton in-studio classes?

The in-studio classes on Peloton were $32 per class, though you would get a discount and pay $20. Then, if you book for five spots, you would get the classes at $150. The more spots you book, the lower the costs. For 20 spots, you would pay $540 and only $750 for 30 slots.

As with the home workout classes, the studio classes had an unlimited membership option, costing $400 per month.

The studios are still closed to the public, and the dates of reopening are not yet available. But hopefully, the rates will remain when the studios reopen.

Peloton studio classes are very expensive, and just a single class is almost as much as a full month of unlimited Peloton subscription. More surprisingly, almost as much as three months of digital app subscription fees.

However, you get an opportunity to interact with your best instructors and have a live view of how the classes are prepared. Even better, you can ask the instructors questions in person, not forgetting a selfie for your library.

Disadvantages of Peloton Live Classes

  • Unlike the on-demand classes, you cannot pause or rewind the live classes. And in as much as they later become the on-demand classes, they will take you at least 24 hours to get them.
  • You cannot stack the live Peloton classes for a schedule
  • New classes such as barre and pilate may not be available in live class options at first
  • The live classes offer no time for preparation if you get them just starting or already in progress. And when in progress, you don’t even get the highly-recommended warm-up sessions.

Parting Shot

Peloton live classes are amazing, and you don’t need an extra subscription to access them. They are available in the digital and all-access memberships at their respective costs.

They are more interactive, especially with the instructor, and quite motivating. So, get onto your Peloton live class schedule on the digital app, bike, or treadmill, and get the feel.