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5 Best Peloton Tread Classes

The Peloton tread may be less popular than its Peloton bike counterpart but is actually the best for high-intensity cardio workouts. You will also love that today there is a cheaper Peloton tread option, which costs $2495. Its more expensive version, the tread plus, might also have scared people away with the higher-end cost.

Nevertheless, you don’t actually need a Peloton tread to participate in the Peloton tread classes. If you have a regular treadmill, it will still work wonders in the walking, running, and tread Bootcamp classes. 

Before we dive into the best tread classes that Peloton has to offer;

Which Tread Classes are Available on Peloton?

There are three broad tread class categories on Peloton, which I will share briefly;

A) Peloton Walking

Under Peloton walking, you will get options for power walks, hiking, walk + run, music, and warm-up/cool-down classes. 

The walk + run classes are great for users just starting tread running and gradually approaching it. They are available in varying minutes and difficulty levels, which will make your approach even easier.

The music, warm-up, and cool-down classes are great for recovery days and recovering from injury. While a range of movements is restricted for a recovering person, walks are among the few recommendations you can still have your way with. This becomes easier with a Peloton treadmill as the outdoor weather does not restrict you.

The interval and hiking classes can fit in your workout schedule, as they are intermediate between high-intensity and intermediate. In addition, you can use the classes for weight and calorie shedding, especially when you avoid running.

B) Peloton Running

Peloton running has interval, heart rate zone, endurance, speed, running skills, warm-ups, and cool-downs. 

So, are you looking for high-intensity cardio workouts that will get you in shape within a month or less? The Peloton running classes has a range of options that will help you. 

Basically, you can always start with the running skills if you are new to the treadmill. Then, the warm-ups will usher you into the running world. Finally, the interval, heart rate zone, and endurance classes will usher you into the high-intensity and athletic runs that the treadmill has to offer.

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C) Peloton Tread Bootcamp

The Peloton tread Bootcamp is on a whole new level of treadmill training. A HIIT workout combines treadmill running and power walks with strength training. There are recovery periods in between for you to catch a breath, then the cardio and strength training interchange, each taking a few minutes at a time.

Therefore, when you want to shed calories as well as use those fats to build a lean body, the tread Bootcamps are a fantastic option.

5 Best Peloton Tread Classes

1. Rebecca Kennedy’s 60 Minute Heart Rate Zone Endurance Class

The 1-hour endurance class is great for those training for long-distance runs. It has minimal recovery sessions, and the sessions are not entirely resting periods but walking sessions. 

 Kennedy has also split the classes into circuits, with different inclines and roughly the same heart rate zones. So for 60 minutes, you will manage to keep your heart rate up without lowering it much.

I love connecting to the music when the class seems unachievable. It takes you to your world, while you still manage to go by every bit of instruction

2. 30 Minutes HIIT and Hills Run with Jon Hosking

This interval class is awesome for a good burn in your calf region. It combines HIIT runs with a good measure of Hills, and the hills feel like mountain-climbing. The best part is that the hills boost the runs and make them achievable, while the runs save your calves from the hills.

With Joh Hoskin making it all look like a dance class and enjoying every bit of the music in the class, you will definitely like the class. It was my first run and my most favorite when I didn’t feel like exercising. I find myself running myself out while I had initially decided otherwise.

3. Running Skills:  Becs Gentry’s 10 Min Basics: Form

Are you green on the treadmill and actually anxious about the moving belt? Well, this running skills class with Becs Gentry prevents you from falling outside the belt, because trust me, it is possible and happens more often than not. 

Gentry uses the 10 minutes class to coach you on how you start, especially how you align your body and legs during a tread run. 

The class may only be 10 minutes, but healthy knees, feet, and other joints may depend on it. Or, should I say your life, as it also prevents you from running in a form that leads you to fall off the tread?

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Gentry helps you practice a short and slow run on the tread by the end of the class, identifying how the different parts of the body involved should be positioned.

4. 30 Min Dancehall Tread Bootcamp with Jess Sims

You have probably taken tread running, walking, and strength classes separately but never combined. And now that you want them combined, the tread Bootcamp is a definite solution.

For a class that acknowledges your experience but is still sensitive to your first Bootcamp, this dancehall Bootcamp with Jess Sims should be great.

The class has a difficulty level of 7.4 out of 10 and a so-not-the-beginner package. Therefore, it is great for an intermediate to an advanced user on the tread. It is divided into a 4-minute warm-up, then two high-intensity tread runs, with tough strength training in between the runs. 

The strength training is split between weight-lifting and bodyweight exercise and workable without the weights. I can actually say that were it not for the engaging music, you can decide to immerse in Sims’ encouragement, and the class will be unbearable.

However, it is full-body cardio and strength training, which serves you for the day’s workout without the need for a more physical workout.

How is it a welcome class to tread Bootcamps? Well, it is only 30 minutes, and most of the moves and runs are typically what you have in your regular separate strength and tread running classes.

5. 20 Minutes Reggae Walk with Joslyn Thomson Rule: Best for Recovery

Walks are the best workouts for active recovery and also therapeutic, enhancing mind and emotional fitness. So when you are on your recovery and looking for an activity with minimal impact, the 20 Minutes Reggae Walk with Joslyn Thomson should make a wonderful start. 

The class is a normal walk, with a difficulty level of only 4.6 out of 10. Despite the occasional inclines and declines, which you would encounter outdoors as well, I consider this class a perfect walk in a park. 

Then there is the music, which is excellent at cooling the head and making you forget any negative thoughts and moods you had during the day. Better still, if you are recovering from an injury, the walk will remind you that you can still do it, and you will soon be on the tread running.

Is the Peloton Tread Safe?

Yes, the Peloton tread is safe. Unfortunately, there were issues with the Peloton tread, especially the tread plus, whose sale is still on hold. However, the standard Peloton tread is still in supply and amazingly safe for use even in households with kids and pets. 

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It doesn’t move without the subscription, and users have been educated on the safe use of the tread. The Peloton tread is safe for use with these safety measures in place.

Are Peloton Tread Classes Effective?

Yes, the Peloton tread classes are very effective. The runs have the highest number of calories shed, while the walks are the best for recovery and therapy. Then there are the tread Bootcamps, which ensure that you reap all the benefits of physical workouts in one class. It has both strength training and treadmill running classes.

Can I Take Peloton Tread Classes Without the Peloton Tread?

Yes, you can. The Peloton tread classes are also available on the Peloton digital app, where those without the Peloton equipment can access them. Therefore, if you have a regular non-Peloton treadmill, you will still access the Peloton tread classes. In addition, you can learn your tread resistance against the Peloton tread resistance, which will help you have more accurate class and output results.

Peloton Bootcamp classes are also possible without the treadmill. Instead, you can use other cardio exercises such as rowing, alternating them with floor strength training.

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So, Are Peloton Tread Classes Worth It?

Yes, Peloton tread classes are worth it. Running tops in high-intensity cardio training and is among the best options for losing weight.

Moreover, the Peloton tread is currently at a lower cost, the same as the Peloton bike plus price, at $2495. The unlimited subscription costs $39, allowing you your whole household accounts on the tread. Then, you will have the digital app for free if you need to take outdoor training classes on Peloton.

Cons of the Peloton Tread Classes

If you take high-intensity tread classes frequently and over a long time, you risk wearing out your knee meniscus. Therefore, you may end up with knee problems later in life. For this reason, it is not advisable to run on the tread all the time, especially without recovery days.

In a Nutshell;

Peloton tread classes are great for a variety of aerobic exercises. It targets the whole body, opening up the chest, burning the calories in the midsection, and facilitating leg muscle strength.

The classes include classes that build an athlete’s endurance and speed and classes that will enhance injury recovery.