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6 Best Toe Cages for Peloton & Spinning Bike: Easy Installation!

Sometimes you just want to use your regular non-cycling shoes on Peloton, in other instances you have not yet bought your Peloton cycling shoes. If you are reading this article, you must already know that you need toe cages to ride on peloton without cycling shoes, right?

Peloton pedals, are, surprisingly, not compatible with even the universal toe cages. But don’t worry, because if you still want to use the peloton pedals, we have special toe cages for peloton bike for you also; the Exustar Clipless Adapter, and more.

Best Toe Cages for Peloton Bike

Let’s skip to the list of peloton toe cages we have prepared for you, and get to spin with any shoe that pleases you. And, you can now invite a friend to spin on your bike.

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every best peloton toe cages by scrolling down.

  1. Venzo Sealed Toe Clip or Cage – Peloton Compatible Toe Cages Work with Default Peloton Pedals
  2. Exustar Clip-In Pedal Adapter – Best Peloton Toe Cages Compatible with Default Peloton Pedals
  3. CyclingDeal Toe Clips Cage– Convert Look Delta (Peloton) Pedals to Dual Function Pedals
  4. Drbike Pedals with Toe Clips/ Cages – Cage Pedals for Peloton Bike 9/16″ Aluminum Alloy
  5. Retrospec Pedals with Toe Cage/Clip – Peloton Cage Pedals with Integrated Toe Cage/ Clip/ Strap
  6. Ybeki Pedals with Toe Clip & Straps – Peloton Pedal Cages: Specific for Spin Bikes

Let’s start with the full peloton toe cages review_

1. Venzo Sealed Toe Clip or Cage – Peloton Compatible Toe Cages Work with Default Peloton Pedals

These toe cages are specifically made for exercise and road bikes that use the Look Delta design of pedals. Hence, it is compatible with peloton pedals, hence an important must-have peloton accessory.

Worth having them, the toe cages are in strong heavy-duty plastic, which ensure that both performance and durability are top notch.

Wondering about the toe cage sizing? This is the best toe cage for different feet sizes, since it has an adjustable clip position. The adjustment is actually capable of stretching for up to 15mm. at a cage size of 130mm x 145mm x 85mm, it won’t matter how long or wide your feet are. The toe cages will still be suitable.

Better still, you can still get the power transfer for efficiency in spinning whenever you want. You can spin in your Look Delta clipless peloton shoes at will. Alternatively, you will convert the pedals to clipped pedals so that you can spin in sneakers.


  • Suitable for Look Delta pedals.
  • Dual functionality, allowing either power transfer with clip-in shoes or a session with regular shoes in toe cages.
  • Best for people with different shoe sizes, including wide feet sizes.


  • Not compatible with Look Keo and SPD pedals, but you want them for peloton anyway, right?

2. Exustar Clip-In Pedal Adapter – Best Peloton Toe Cages Compatible with Default Peloton Pedals

Good news for you, these toe cages is actually among the very few you will get compatible with the peloton pedals in the market. So, you can comfortably and easily install them on your peloton bike pedals.

Thus, if you have been having issues getting the correct spinning shoe, you can start off with these toe cages and straps. Besides, accommodating all shoe sizes mean that anyone in your family or circle can get a taste of your bike.

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Whether you want to cycle with non-cycling shoes or cycling shoes that are either 2 or 3-hole, this pedal will be okay. The pedal adapter converts Delta, Keo, SPD-SL and even SPD-mtn pedal to toe clips and straps.


  • Toe cages that suit all shoe sizes.
  • Converts other cycling pedals to clipped pedals, where you can use toe cages and straps.
  • Strong and durable set.


  • Creaking sound, but which you will sort with a little oiling.

3. CyclingDeal Toe Clips Cage- Convert Look Delta (Peloton) Pedals to Dual Function Pedals

Are you looking for peloton pedal toe cages that will allow you a dual function so that you can cycle with or without cycling shoes? Whether you want to ride with the Look Delta shoes or your preferred regular non-cycling shoes, these toe cages offer that freedom.

Specifically made for the peloton bike pedals, you don’t have to remove your pedals or check for compatibility. The only challenge will be that you can’t switch the toe cages to another exercise bike other than peloton.

Moreover, the cage adapter is designed from strong, high-quality alloy, which enhances durability. Coupling with the thermoplastic material that makes up the toe cages, you get top performance and increased durability. The two-year warranty that comes with the package guarantees that the toe cages will serve you for a long time.

Coming at only 350 g per pair, these toe cages are lightweight despite the sturdy quality. The cage size is adjustable between 130mm to 145mm by 85mm, ensuring that a wide range of shoe sizes are covered.


  • Features an adapter that facilitates dual function for the peloton pedals.
  • Adjustable toe cages to accommodate a wider range of shoe sizes.
  • Lightweight for convenience and efficiency.


  • Only suitable for the peloton bike pedals.

4. Drbike Pedals with Toe Clips/ Cages – Cage Pedals for Peloton Bike 9/16″ Aluminum Alloy

A universal size, these pedals are compatible with most road and spin bikes. You can use it on your peloton, and change it at will for your road bike whose crank arm is compatible.

But most essentially, the spindle thread is 9/16’’, which makes it compatible with peloton. It comes with own cages and straps, which are obviously ideal for the pedals.

As a safety precaution, the straps have a buckle, which you fasten when spinning, and loosen when you want out. Hence, you will have all your mind glued on improving your performance. Given that when cycling with toe cages power transfer is absent, you have to ensure that you do better. And what’s better at enhancing concentration than having confidence in the toe cages your feet are in?

As if that was not enough, the toe cages feature an anti-slip design. The straps and an anti-slip rubber belt secure the feet in place throughout the workouts.

Then the pedals are made in sturdy aluminum alloy, which is highly durable. So, you have all the time that you need to spin in toe cages and have fun on your peloton.


  • Not only do you get toe cages for peloton, you get additional pedals.
  • Secured by a buckle.
  • Anti-slip rubber belt enhances the straps functionality.
  • Durable pedal and clips/ straps set.


  • They don’t come with an installation manual, but you can check up on YouTube and installation articles.

5. Retrospec Pedals with Toe Cage/Clip – Peloton Cage Pedals with Integrated Toe Cage/ Clip/ Strap

Quite cheap for its incredible features, the Retrospec pedals come with attached toe clips and straps. The most important aspect? They are compatible with peloton, given that the spindle thread of the pedals is 9/16 inches.

You know what’s unique about these pedal and toe cage set? You can get a road bike feel in your own home studio. Thinking of the prevailing pandemic and the stay-at-home requirements, this is the best way to keep your mind on the road while off the road.

Considering the intensity of a spinning workout, the straps and toe clip are unbreakable nylon. So, now that your safety is in the right hands, get on your bike and relive an intense road cycling experience on your stationary bike.

And can you believe this; both the pedals and the cage and straps set are all 302 grams. Quite light for the 140 by 91mm piece, right? So, even if you are lacking in power transfer, you don’t have an additional excessive weight to take care of. And as a result, you will still spin faster and for longer durations.

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The pedals are also highly durable and resilient, with a 7mm high grade boron steel axle holding it in position.


  • Durable toe cages, straps and also pedals.
  • Strong enough to hold the foot securely on the pedal without breaking.
  • Light in weight, hence convenient.


  • Smaller than standard toe cages, but perfect or people with smaller feet.

6. Ybeki Pedals with Toe Clip & Straps – Peloton Pedal Cages: Specific for Spin Bikes

Specifically built for spin bikes, these 9/16-inch pedals come with toe clips and straps. And, made for spinning, the toe cages and straps are strong and highly secure.

Better still, the pedal is multipurpose. On one side, you can use SPD cycling shoes and on the other, you will have a normal shoe ride with the toe cage and straps.

Enjoy sufficient grip on the pedals, with metal cages on the bottom and strong nylon straps on the upper. The two will ensure that your feet stay in place, regardless of how intense and how long the workout will be.

Wide enough to accommodate most feet sizes, the clips are 135 x 90 x 23mm.

As or the pedals, they are strong aluminum alloy in material. They feature black electrophoresis on the top, nickel platform and surface, spring material 65MN, 22 steel screw and with a strength of 8.8. Highly recommended for Shimano SPD system, you will never go wrong spinning on the pedals.

The pedal surface is wide, with dimensions of 90 x 90 x 23mm, and a weight of 765g, with the clips and straps included.


  • Specific for spin bike, stirring confidence when spinning.
  • The clips accommodate a wide range of feet sizes.
  • Strong and durable pedal and toe cage set.


  • Squeaking pedal sound, which you can correct by oiling.

Advantages of Toe Cages for Peloton Bike

You will buy something only if it has some benefits, which of course have to outweigh the cost. So, let’s dive into some of the basic advantages of toe cages.

  • They keep your feet safe on pedals, so that you are able to ride or spin without falling off.
  • The toe cages further allow you to cycle or spin in regular non-cycling shoes on clipped pedals.
  • Most of them are suitable for a wide range of shoe sizes. Therefore, if you have different people coming to your studio, toe cages will come in handy. Anyone will have the opportunity to spin comfortably.

How to Set Up the Toe Cage for Peloton Bike; Attaching Toe Cages to Peloton

Let’s have a look at how you will work out the peloton toe cages installation in a quick less than 15 minutes process.

Step 1: Attach the Straps to the Toe Cage

Starting from the toe cage bottom loops, attach the straps to the toe cage. Go on to the upper side of the cage, round until the straps meet. You can buckle them so that they are not loose as you get the toe cage onto the pedal.

Step 2: Loosen the Pedal Bolts

Flip the pedal upside down, so that the small bolts tightening the pedals are conspicuous. Using the small peloton bike Allen wrench, loosen the bolt that attaches the pedal to the rear, until the pedal is completely loose but not out of the crank arm.

Step 3: Attach the Toe Cages to the Pedals

The toe cage should be facing at the front. Therefore, take the rear part, in some instances characterized by a different color such as red, and attach it to the almost open pedal. Force it in until you hear a creaking sound, assuring you of a successful installation. Tighten the bolt of the pedal, with the toe cage already in. Now, flip back the pedal, and you are ready to use the toe cage on peloton bike.

Here is the Youtube link you can see video about Attaching Toe Cages to Peloton.

But then you may have toe cages that don’t directly fit into the peloton pedals. Let’s dive into the procedure of the installation in case of such an instance.

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Step 1: Install the Pedals into the Crank Arm

Since the toe clips come with pedals, you first have to replace the peloton pedals with the new pedals.

Remove the original pedals by loosening the bolts attaching them to the bike, then twisting them out.

Attach the new pedals, twisting the right pedal clockwise and the left anticlockwise.

Tighten them with an Allen wrench, until you feel the resistance.

Step 2: Attach the Straps to the Toe Cages

First, attach the straps to the metallic cages. Start from the toe cage bottom, starting on the outside to the inner loops, then on to the top of the toe cage, going round. The second strap will take the opposite direction for a more secure fit.

Step 3: Try them on

Insert your forefoot into the toe clips, and tighten the cord.

Your foot should sit securely between the toe clips and the straps, at the bottom and top respectively.

Here is a more detailed clip on how to set up the toe cages; Youtube link.

Which Things You Should Consider When Buying Toe Cage for Peloton


The toe cages have to be compatible with peloton. The best way to get toe cages from other brands for your peloton bike is to get those that are suitable for specific pedals. And, the pedals have to be compatible with peloton, with a spindle thread of 9/16 inches. When you install the pedals on peloton, then their toe cages will be compatible with peloton.


Peloton compatible toe cages should be quality and strong. Spinning being a tough workout, you need toe cages and straps that will withstand the pressure.

Therefore, ensure that the material and performance of the toe cages is credible.

Pedal Strength and Quality

Most peloton toe cages, as we have discussed, will come with pedals. You have to consider the quality of the pedals, in material and performance. Strong metal, a large platform and assurance of durability are the basic features that a good pedal for peloton should display.


The performance of the toe cages for peloton has to be impressive. They have to secure your feet perfectly on the pedal, and instill the confidence you need in a spinning workout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use regular shoes on peloton?

Yes, you can. however, you will need toe cages to keep your feet glued to the pedals, for safety and efficient spinning sessions.

Which toe cages are compatible with peloton bike?

Peloton brand has toe cages, which cost $40 a pair. They are compatible with the peloton pedals. Exustar and Venzo toe clips for peloton are also compatible with your default Peloton pedals. If you want to use other toe cages, you can change the peloton pedals to suit the specific toe clips.

Does peloton bike come with toe cages?

No, it doesn’t. but if you want toe cages, either for yourself or your peloton guests, you can purchase directly from peloton. Alternatively, change the pedals and get other toe cages for less cost.

Parting Shot

Peloton actually sells their own toe cages, but they are quite expensive. And you want alternatives, isn’t this so? The problem comes in when you have to flip through pages of toe cages, not even sure that they will be compatible with peloton.

Relax now, because we have good news for you; We have done the groundwork for you, and we got you exactly what you are looking for. And that’s not all; we already did the groundwork for you. Not only did we get you the best toe cages for peloton bike, but we also have the best buying guide for the same.

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