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How to Use Peloton Heart Rate Monitor? Its Simple!

Ever thought of a spinning workout without a heart rate monitor? Could be quite limiting, since you have nothing to measure how far you are capable of stretching, right? And to imagine that with peloton you will not be in a position to take the Heart Rate Zone sessions?

But how do you get to connect and turn off the peloton heart rate monitor without stress? What if it won’t connect despite all the steps? Read on for comprehensive answers.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Setup

Got the peloton heart rate monitor already? Congratulations, here’s a simplified guide on how you will go around connecting it to your peloton.

Step 1: Unbox the Heart Rate Monitor

Excited to receive your peloton heart rate monitor package? Now open up the package to a brand-new peloton heart rate monitor. You will see the gleaming device at the front of the strap. A touch on the sides will trigger some light.

For the peloton heart rate monitor, one side will flash blue, indicating readiness to pair with Bluetooth devices. The other side flashes red, indicating that it can already detect your heart beat.

Step 2: Put on the Heart Rate Monitor

Now that you are sure that your heart rate monitor is functional, wear it across your chest. Or are you using a heart rate monitor with an armband? Wear it on your wrist, or even the upper arm for more accurate reading.

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So, with the chest strap, underneath the front part is a different color. This is no both sides of the device. It represents electrodes.

Dipping your fingers in a bowl of water, wet the electrons of the HRM. Why so? The wet electrons will facilitate faster Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 3: Put the Bluetooth of the Screen On

Go to the settings of your touchscreen, and select Bluetooth. Flip the Bluetooth to ‘On’.

If using the Bluetooth connectivity, then it is only sensible that the peloton Bluetooth should be on.

Step 4: Connect the Heart Rate Monitor

Tap the time that is displaying in the right-hand corner. Options will appear, the Heart Rate Monitor option included. Click on the heart rate monitor, which has the name and a ‘love/ heart’ sign.

It reads disconnected, right? turn it to ‘connected’. This will lead to the display of the heart rate monitor. The Bluetooth device shows the name of the heart rate monitor, including the brand. If it is Ant+, you will see the ID of the heart rate monitor.

Click on your specific heart rate monitor for the pairing.

Step 5: Ready for a Peloton Class?

Once you have connected the heart rate monitor to the peloton, you can join a class. At the top of your touchscreen, left-hand corner, you should see your heart rate reading already.

How to Turn Off the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

When done with the peloton workout, it is essential that you disconnect the heart rate monitor. This will keep your heart rate monitor longer, not to mention saving the battery life.

Here’s an ultimate guide to successful disconnection of the peloton heart rate monitor;

Step 1: Turn off the Heart Rate Monitor Modal

Once the class is over, you can now turn off the heart rate monitor modal. Remember how we got to it in the connecting steps? Go to the settings, and the heart rate monitor mode will be reading ‘connected’.

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Click on the ‘connected’ to disconnect.

Step 2: Remove the Heart Rate Monitor

Still wearing the strap on your chest/ arm? It is time to remove it. peloton is a sweaty workout, that we all agree. Even if you don’t sweat much, at least you shed some fat through a little sweating.

For this reason, disconnect the device from the strap. Usually, two points attach the heart rate monitor to the strap securely. Snap them off to detach.

Step 3: Clean the Strap

You can either use a washing machine or handwash the strap. Only ensure that you don’t use harsh chemicals or hot water with the strap. Also, air dry it, instead of using a dryer.

Cleaning the strap often prevents the chances of skin irritation and promotes hygiene. You feel fresh wearing a fresh strap.

Remember that this is for the strap whose module is removable.

If the heart rate monitor device is not removable, then ensure that you handwash the strap. No harsh detergents, and let the water run in the inner strap, avoiding direct contact with the module when possible, even if it is waterproof.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working Anyway? Here’s the Solution!

If your peloton monitor won’t work, here are possible causes and solutions;

  • No light when you touch or wear it: this means that the heart rate monitor battery may be dead. Replace it if so. In some cases, you will need screws to get to the battery compartment. In some, such as the peloton one, you simply need a hard object to snap off the compartment.

Replace the battery, and return the compartment back to normal. Put the device back on the strap, and the lights should be back with a touch.

  • The heart rate monitor won’t connect! If the heart rate monitor will not connect but the light visible, then refresh the Bluetooth of the touchscreen. Then reconnect, and this should do the trick on the connectivity issue.
  • Still won’t connect? If the heart rate monitor still does not connect, then check to see if it is connected to other devices. Had you connected it to your phone or other workout apps? Disconnect is first, then reconnect it to peloton.
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Important Tip

Even when using the peloton digital app, where the bike is not necessary, the above steps will work. Besides, the peloton compatible heart rate monitors are used with the app.

Bottom Line

As luck would have it, peloton is compatible with quite an array of heart rate monitors other than the peloton HRM. Condition? It simply has to use either Bluetooth or Ant+ connectivity, and with just that, it is compatible with peloton. How to connect the peloton heart rate monitor to peloton? Just follow the above steps and thank me later.

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