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Peloton Vs Soulcycle Bike : Is Soulcycle The Same As Peloton?

When Peloton came into the indoor spinning platform market, it shook the SoulCycle studio spinning. And when SoulCycle finally decided on a home fitness option, it became a top competitor to Peloton. So what does this tell you? First, both Peloton and SoulCycle are great at the products and services they offer. That’s what makes the market interesting and favorable to the consumer, right?

On the flip side, making a decision on what you should go for is quite challenging in this instance. After all, you will only need to invest in one fitness bike.

For this reason, I will line up the SoulCycle Vs. the Peloton bike, exploring each exercise bike based on the following criteria;

  • Features and tech
  • Exercise experience
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • What’s best for you

Features and Tech Comparison Between Peloton and SoulCycle at Home Bike

Peloton Bike Features

  • Models: Peloton has two bike models, the Peloton bike and the bike plus. The Peloton bike, usually the standard Peloton bike, is cheaper, hence the Peloton value bike, while the bike plus is more expensive, hence the Peloton premium bike.
  • Pedals: The Peloton bikes feature Look Delta pedals, hence only compatible with Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats and cycling shoes.
  • Apple Watch Support: the bike plus allows Apple Watch Gymkit integration for seamless compatibility with the Apple Watch.
  • Design: the Peloton bikes have a sleek and elegant design that stands out in the black color, with red colorations at strategic points for a signature Peloton outlook. The flywheel sits at the front of the bike and is smooth and quiet to ride.
  • Rotating screen feature: the bike plus features a large 24-inch rotating screen, which allows for on-bike and off-bike workouts on the tablet.
  • Bluetooth and Ant+ compatibility:  Peloton bikes are compatible with Bluetooth and Ant+ devices, which allows you to use other brand devices such as heart rate monitors, headphones, and speakers.

SoulCycle Bike Features

  • Design: the SoulCycle bike is sleek and elegant in its signature black and white logo and name. A front flywheel with a belt facilitates a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Pedals: amazingly, SoulCycle utilizes a dual clipless pedal design. Therefore, you can use it with either Look Delta shoes and cleats or SPD shoes and cleats, depending on your preference.
  • Rotating screen: The SoulCycle at-home bike has a rotating screen, which rotates 180 degrees on each side. Therefore, it is easy to stream classes that are off the bike.
  • Supports Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime: Unlike Peloton, SoulCycle at-home bike comes with external streaming apps. Thus, whenever exercises in a class are not for you, you can always hop on the bike for a movie or something you love.
  • Great for Heavier People; while Peloton bikes have a user weight of 297lbs, the SoulCycle bike is built to accommodate a maximum user weight of 350lbs. Therefore, heavier people can consider the option.

Classes Offered by Peloton Vs. Classes by SoulCycle

Peloton and SoulCycle classes are almost similar, especially because there are options for live and on-demand classes on both. 

Essentially, both bikes come with large touchscreens that have respective in-built apps. Peloton uses the Peloton app, but SoulCycle partners with Equinox for app membership.

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The Peloton bike app has the cycling option, as well as other workout options. Therefore, the app is sufficient on its own. However, the SoulCycle app is only for cycling. For this reason, Equinox comes in, which brings in workouts from various world-class apps. For your SoulCycle, there are the coveted SoulCycle spinning classes and amazing Soul music. However, you will get other brand apps with the Equinox membership for other workouts.

How much is the Peloton membership cost compared to the SoulCycle at-home fitness app? Peloton has an all-access membership that costs $39 per month with the Peloton bike. With the membership, you get a  free Peloton digital app membership and multiple accounts on the membership as well.  

Equinox membership costs $40 per month and allows you many accounts into the membership. 

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What classes does Peloton membership offer?

What classes does the Equinox membership(With SoulCycle) offer?

  • SoulCycle cycling
  • Precision Run tread and outdoor classes
  • Pure Yoga 
  • Headstrong meditations
  • Equinox Tabata
  • Solid core Pilates
  • Rumble Sculpting
  • TB12 strength training

The categories may be repetitive on Equinox since they are from different brands.

Do you have to pay for the Peloton bike app? No, you don’t. However, there are times when you may feel tight on budget or schedule, hence the need to skip a subscription. In this case, you only have to cancel the Peloton membership. Then, you will have access to the ‘Just Ride’ feature, which allows you to ride without an instructor, and without the necessity of a subscription. Actually, the ‘Just Ride’ feature is my favorite option whenever I’m working from home, without instructors on my neck. 

Do you have to pay for the SoulCycle Equinox membership? No, you don’t. The SoulCycle tablet features the Equinox platform and Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. Therefore, you can ride the bike as you dive into something completely different.

SoulCycle’s Workout Experience Vs. Peloton

I own a Peloton bike, and I love my bike and experience on Peloton. However, it does not keep me from exploring. After all, I never forego an opportunity for a different spinning experience. Lately, I have found a hobby in my best friend’s new SoulCycle at-home fitness bike. From the dozen-plus times I have had an experience with the SoulCycle, and I can confidently review the two bikes based on my experience;

In 2019, I had visited a SoulCycle studio class, and I have to admit that it brought a new perspective about spinning. A whole hour spinning felt like a couple of minutes, save for the feeling that I had actually pushed myself. The instructors were friendly and motivating, while the music was real soul music. It moved with the cadence and the resistance and made the spinning more fun than work.

The indoor fitness experience on SoulCycle is no different. The company brought in the same vibe, ensuring that the classes are a fitness option for your physical and emotional health. The music is always a track that goes hand in hand with the workout so that even without the instructor, you can feel the cadence and resistance you need. With the instructors pushing you even harder, the experience is one I always want to relive.

SoulCycle displays the metrics during the class, but they are not the main thing on the bike. Usually, as long as you can spin to the rhythm of the music, you will be on track on SoulCycle. And this makes it the best cycling option for a soul and physical fitness mix.

I bought my Peloton bike primarily for an at-home fitness option that still gave me the results of a gym. And, Peloton never disappointed. The Leaderboard was an exciting interaction platform, but it was also a means to get you to work harder. If you do not want a tailing position and a fair competition that gives you a sense of fulfillment, Peloton grants you that.

Then there is the clarity in output, which gives me the urge to do better, improve the calories burned, and improve my average output. The instructors on Peloton may come down to your level, but they don’t allow for self-pity. Instead, they push everyone to hit specific targets by resistance and cadence.

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The music on Peloton is great and competitive, but compared to SoulCycle, there is still a gap to bridge.

What to Expect from Peloton Workouts

Peloton indoor training has won more fans than any other gym platform today. So, what’s so interesting about Peloton?

  • Fun classes and themed classes for every season, for instance
  • Special content releases such as the Artist Series and the Homecoming week interactions
  • Interactive instructors
  • Competitive live and encore classes
  • Free digital app membership for all-access members 

What to Expect from SoulCycle Workouts

  • Amazing music that rhymes with specific class type
  • Motivating instructors that enjoy and even exaggerate the class
  • Stylish classes with music vibes 
  • Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime on your bike
  • Different instructors for different brand apps 

Price Comparison Between SoulCycle and Peloton

Peloton and SoulCycle are both high-end bikes and platforms. 

Basically, Peloton has two bikes, the standard bike, which costs $1445, and the Peloton bike plus, which costs $2495. On the other hand, SoulCycle has only one model as of 2022, which costs $1950.

Both Peloton and SoulCycle have payment options, which allow you to pay for the exercise equipment in installments.

The Peloton all-access membership costs $44, and there is a digital app membership. The all-access membership allows bike users to have multiple accounts under the same subscription. However, one can downgrade to a digital membership if they are all alone and prefer a cheaper option, which costs $12.99 per month.

On the other hand, SoulCycle membership costs $40 per month using the Equinox membership.

Pros and Cons When Choosing SoulCycle or Peloton

Now, since both Peloton and SoulCycle are excellent spinning options, let’s get down to their pros and cons;

What’s Great About Peloton?

  • New content and themes to match the time and season
  • High focus on output and competition
  • Interactive instructors
  • Sleek, elegant, and attractive bike design
  • Cheaper bike option for budget users
  • A larger community dedicated to helping other users
  • Features that bring like users together, such as hashtags

Peloton’s Cons

  • There are no other apps on the tablet, and adding is not an option
  • Quite expensive for a spin bike

What’s Great About SoulCycle?

  • Suitable for heavier people, with a user weight limit of 350lbs
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Immersive music during the workouts
  • Encouraging and interactive instructors
  • Multiple brands dedicated to specific exercises
  • Availability of other apps on the bike
  • Dual pedal compatibility

SoulCycle’s Cons

  • Expensive, without a budget option
  • Minimal focus on the output

Is Peloton Better than SoulCycle?

Not exactly. While Peloton beats SoulCycle in one feature, SoulCycle has another superior. Both are high-end indoor fitness bikes with characteristic features identifying them uniquely. Peloton is competitive and the best option for realizing physical fitness changes and goals. On the other hand, SoulCycle allows you to ride to the rhythm, impacting your emotions as well.

Peloton Vs. SoulCycle Shoes

Are Peloton and SoulCycle shoes the same? Peloton uses the same type of shoes as SoulCycle, the Look Delta cycling shoes on the default pedals. Therefore, Peloton and SoulCycle cycling shoes are surprisingly interchangeable for the at-home bikes.

So, in either case, you need three-hole cleat cycling shoes, which are either Look Delta or SPD-SL.

Can I Wear SoulCycle Shoes for Peloton?

Yes, you can. Since both SoulCycle and Peloton pedals are Look Delta, you can use the same shoes for either bike.

How is Spinning Different from SoulCycle?

Spinning was created for outdoor cyclists who want to build on cycling strength and endurance indoors. Therefore, the classes have a more professional setting that is sport-specific and enhance outdoor cycling expertise. 

On the other hand, SoulCycle is about indoor cycling to the rhythm, ensuring that one can match their cadence and resistance to the vibe. And while SoulCycle is great at creating cycling endurance, the skill is not its primary goal. Actually, it is suitable for both outdoor cyclists and users who just take indoor cycling simply as a cardio exercise.

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Should You Buy the Peloton or the SoulCycle?

Both options are interactive, indoor spinning options with options for other exercises such as strength and yoga training. However;

Who Should Buy The Peloton?

If you are obsessed with seeing progress in a single class, Peloton is for you. When you join the Leaderboard, you find that you really move upwards with more effort. Also, the output glares at you from your screen as if telling you that it really matters. Therefore, Peloton makes it easier to achieve workout goals.

Moreover, Peloton has more interactive features, such as video chats during the class, high fives, and hashtags. They all give you a physical gym feeling of attachment with users who have interests that are similar to yours.

When looking for the cheapest bike option, Peloton has a solution with the standard bike. At $1495, it saves you at least 500 bucks off the SoulCycle bike model.

Who Should Buy the SoulCycle?

People who love music and do well in classes that run with the rhythm should go for SoulCycle. It has relaxing music that matches the class for almost every class. After all, SoulCycle is built behind relaxing the soul and mind during a fitness class.

If you already have SPD shoes, which many spinning fans do, you can consider the SoulCycle option. It has dual pedals compatible with both Look Delta and SPD cycling shoe designs.

Finally, SoulCycle is for you if you are an adventurer with classes. The Equinox app includes different class categories from the best workout brands. Therefore, if you want to see different instructors for your different class categories, SoulCycle will favor you.

So, Peloton or SoulCycle, What Should You Get?

Well, get the bike that favors you most. When you are motivated by dual pedal compatibility, multiple workout brands, and good rhyming music, then SoulCycle should be.

However, if you are for a large interactive community, competitive classes, and an output that pushes you, then consider Peloton.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you stream SoulCycle on Peloton?

No, you cannot stream SoulCycle on Peloton. You will need an Equinox membership to stream SoulCycle, hence an Equinox app rather than a Peloton app.

Can I use the Peloton app on SoulCycle?

No, you cannot. SoulCycle only comes with Equinox, Disney plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime apps, hence the only options you can stream on SoulCycle. Additionally, you will need a Peloton bike or treadmill or any other smart device to access Peloton.

Is Peloton cheaper than SoulCycle?

Not really. The Peloton standard bike is cheaper than SoulCycle, at $1495, while the bike plus is more expensive at $2495. The SoulCycle bike goes for $2495.

Is SoulCycle harder than Peloton?

No, SoulCycle is not harder than Peloton. Both are spinning options, hence similar difficulty levels. However, due to emphasis on output, Peloton may prove more difficult than SoulCycle.

Is Peloton Hard for Beginners?

Peloton has beginner classes that introduce and make it easy for beginners to find a place on the platform. The instructors talk about form and style on the bike, which makes Peloton easy to adapt even for cycling beginners. Besides, the vibe that the instructors bring to the class makes it impossible not to feel like a pro cyclist even on your first ride.

Wrapping Up

So, Peloton Vs. SoulCycle? Both are spinning options, each with a big name on its head. However, some differences set each aside from its counterpart. So, if you look for a large interactive community and competitive classes, Peloton will work for you. But, on the other hand, if you desire to get some peace from a spinning class and change cycling shoes at will, SoulCycle will give you better value.

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