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What is the Weight Limit on a Peloton Bike and Bike Plus?

Like every spin bike, the Peloton bike and bike plus have weight limits. The user weight limit is 297 pounds on both the bike and the bike plus. Therefore, your weight on either bike cannot exceed 297 pounds.

On the other hand, Peloton does not have a lower weight limit. However, it has an age and height limit, which would prescribe the lower weight limit, even if it is not included. The minimum age limit is 14 years, while the minimum height on either bike is 4’11 inches. 

So, What is the Weight Limit on Peloton Bike and Bike Plus?

Though the Peloton bike plus has more advanced features compared to the standard Peloton bike, the two versions have the same weight requirements. Therefore, they accommodate users with a weight limit o up to 297 pounds, equivalent to 134.7 kgs. On the lower end, a healthy kid who is 14 years and height of 4’11” will usually have a minimum weight of 90 pounds, approximately 45 kgs.

Basically, the Peloton bikes are quality pieces of equipment, which means that you can still get away with approximately 300 pounds on the bike. After all, one of the primary reasons most of us consider the home gym fitness bike is to lose weight. Therefore, if you start off with 300 pounds, chances are you will be 297 or less within a week of continuous bike Bootcamps and high-intensity cycling.

Besides, I have seen a good share of riders shed more weight than they thought possible on the bike. Therefore, as long as your weight limit is barely more than 305 lbs, the exercise bikes are worth considering.

Can the Peloton bike break under more user weight than recommended? Well, it will depend on your exact weight. I saw a user on Reddit’s Peloton cycle platform who was 350 pounds and was interested in the bike. He got a lot of support from other users, most of whom claimed to experience the bike, yet at more than the recommended user weight. He updated the thread, saying that he had already bought the bike and was doing great.

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Therefore, you can actually ride the bike with more weight if you are careful. Most importantly, you will have to consider the low-impact rides, which allow you to be on the saddle throughout the class. These classes are great for heavyweight users who are not yet flexible enough to stand on the bike pedals. Besides that, they will help overweight users ride comfortably without risking too much impact on the bike that could cause damage on the bike. 

One to three months of the low-impact rides, and you might be in the recommended weight to take any ride on the fitness bike. And, a tip of the moment; don’t forget to watch your diet during your fitness transition period for better results.

I am Over 360 Pounds and Love Peloton But Cannot Risk the Bikes’ Lower Weight Limit

Sometimes you may feel as if your body weight is too heavy for the Peloton bike. And, let’s be honest, if you ride the bike with higher body weight than recommended and the bike gets challenges with the frame or seat, you may have your warranty nullified.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get the Peloton experience. Fortunately, Peloton has a digital app option compatible with other non-peloton spin bikes. Among these bikes, you can get a bike option that is suitable for heavy people. 

My best fitness bike for heavy people is the Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike, which has a weight limit of 400 pounds. In addition, the bike has extra steel, which facilitates resilience in handling heavier users. Actually, it even features higher user height as opposed to other spin bikes, with a minimum height of 5’1″ and 6’5″.

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And the best part is that the bike is compatible with the Peloton digital app, where you can stream both live and on-demand classes. 

Therefore, you don’t have to give up on Peloton simply because the Peloton bikes have a lower weight limit.

Is Peloton Good for Heavy-Weight People?

Yes, Peloton is a great option for heavyweight people. For starters, the spin bike provides cardio fitness exercises that are necessary for weight loss, which all heavyweight people covet. 

Moreover, the fitness bike is safer than the treadmill for heavy people since it has an option for low-impact classes. The classes are excellent for everyone, even people who are entirely new to workouts. You cannot risk falling off the equipment, neither will your heart race beyond what it can handle.

The classes are guided, and the instructors are the best in the world of fitness. They guide you through fitness form and duration, which is essential in successful training. Therefore, with discipline, Peloton should be the best option for weight loss.

Over and above that, Peloton keeps oxygen circulating and the blood circulating more, which is essential for a healthy heart and lungs. 

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Is the Peloton Bike Heavy?

So, how heavy is the Peloton bike? The peloton bike weighs 135 pounds, while the bike plus weighs 140 pounds. The bike is quite heavy for a spin bike, a composite of welded steel, ED, and powder coating. However, it comes with transport wheels that make it easy to move either bike around the room on your own.

However, if you have to move the bike from one floor to another, you may need an extra pair of hands to navigate down or up the stairs. Other than that, if there are corners along the way, you should also remove the touchscreen in order to protect it from scratches and breakage. And in this case, the bike weight matters because you cannot hoist the bike on your shoulders and maneuver on your own.

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Anyway, the best part about the heavyweight of the bikes is that it is a significant reason heavier people feel comfortable on the bikes. I mean, it doesn’t feel like it could break under user weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the weight of a person matter for riding a Peloton bike?

Yes, it does. Peloton has a weight limit, which is 297 pounds. Moreover, the weight of a Peloton rider determines their power zones when riding the power zone classes.

Does the Peloton bike plus have a higher user weight limit than the regular Peloton bike?

No, it doesn’t. Both the standard Peloton bike and the Peloton bike plus have the same user weight limit, which is 297 pounds.

Can Peloton followers see your weight?

No, they cannot. Peloton followers can neither see your weight nor your height, even if you have included them in your profile. Your weight and height only help determine your power zones.

How much weight will I lose on the Peloton?

The weight you lose on the Peloton will depend on your actual weight, as well as the intensity and the duration of the class. However, with committed consistency, most people with a heavyweight loss of over 40 pounds within a couple of months.  

However, as you become more flexible, you may lose less weight within the same duration. The good news is that your flexibility allows you to take high-intensity classes and over more extended periods for better weight loss and calorie burning output.

In a Nutshell;

The weight limit on a Peloton bike is 297 pounds, at which you can take any workout on the bike. You can ride while sitting on the saddle, standing on the pedals, and dancing as you please as you ride. However, the bike can accommodate heavier weight, but only if the user sits on the bike seat throughout the cycling session, at least until they have less weight.