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Everything About Peloton Barre Classes

Have you taken Peloton yoga, pilates and dance classes? You definitely took them differently and from different instructors, if you have. But what if you could combine all the three classes into one, save on time and get to reap all the benefits? This is exactly what a barre class is all about.

Peloton barre will make you sweat a few minutes into the workout, concentrate on specific moves or stretches, and still get to enjoy music. But, most importantly, you focus on every move, twist and turn that your body can manage, yet not common. 

So, What Is Barre in Peloton? 

In essence, Peloton barres refer to classes that focus on different body moves and exercises, targeting local body muscles. Surprisingly, you take one muscle at a time, especially the intrinsic muscles.

This workout focuses on low-impact, high-intensity motions that are designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can.

The moves and stretches push the muscles to their limits, necessary for strength and fitness.

Ally Love says that our body parts are capable of a range of movements, including twisting, turning and lunging, and not just straight movement. It is also capable of withstanding some discomfort for some time. 

However, these uncomfortable postures and moves build strength and endurance and let’s not forget the flexibility.

Barre classes are suitable for correcting back problems from wrong postures, preventing induced lower back pain. You can also use the classes during the recovery of certain muscles and joints. 

What Does a Barre Workout Look Like?

Basically, it incorporates pilates and dance training from strength workouts and includes yoga concentration and stretches from stretching classes. Therefore, it is more of a 4-in-one Peloton exercise.

When I first heard of Peloton barre classes, I honestly thought it was more of ballerina moves. Honestly, the moves resemble the ballerina class training moves. However, it goes from ballerina training to strength training that gets you burning one set of muscles. I always feel like giving up mid-class, even when it is only ten minutes. However, I actually feel the results within me are enough to keep me going.

How Does Peloton Barre Classes Work?

Usually, Peloton barre targets the body balance, posture, strength and even flexibility. In addition, it will work on the muscles that none of the other classes will touch on, even the high-intensity options.

Barre works all the planes of motion that your body is capable of, building the strength and stamina you need for cycling, running and other strength training.

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The classes have cardiovascular benefits as well, including weight loss. Therefore, you can burn fats and calories, and since it is a strength class, you will tone effectively.

When Do Barre Classes Start?

Unfortunately, there are no live barre classes on Peloton yet. They are only available in the on-demand class section. The good thing about the on-demand option, though, is that you can schedule the class according to your personal schedule.

Does this mean there will be fewer people in the class? With newer technology in Peloton, attending an entire class is in your power, even for the on-demand class option.

There are options for sessions, where you select a class, set a date, and invite friends and other members to join you in the class. I call the sessions customizable encore classes.

Where are the Barre Classes on Peloton?

Currently, the barre classes on Peloton are only on-demand. Therefore, you will find them under the classes option. They are in the strength category.

How do you get the barre classes on Peloton? Since they are in the on-demand section, you can filter the classes.  

Here’s is a quick process;

  1. Start with the strength classes, and go to the filter option. 
  2. Then, click on the ‘Class Type’ in the filter. Barre classes are among the options you will get.
  3. Click on the barre, and explore all the 102 classes available. Finally, choose the classes you want to start with on barre.

There are only two barre instructors on Peloton; Ally Love and Hannah Corbin. But they are the best, making the tough burning training seem pretty manageable.

What’s Better Between Pilates and Barre?

Usually, Pilates incorporate yoga dynamics in strength training. Challenging music and flow helps build strength, flexibility, awareness, and stamina. However, even with the music, there is minimal concentration to dance.

On the other hand, barre incorporates Pilates; only with barre will you have dance moves and feelings that erode some tension of the class.

Barre is also cardio-intensive, and the choreography makes it more fun. However, Pilates are more of yoga, with less choreography and quieter to concentrate on self.

Between barre and Pilates, I actually prefer going for the best option for the specific time. However, Pilates is my top pick if I need inner reflection, awareness, and self-confidence to build with some strength moves.

On the other hand, when I’m feeling energetic and ready for challenging stretching moves that target each muscle at a time, barre classes are always my favourite.

Therefore, the two are only different depending on your motive for the exercise.

Is Peloton Barre Effective?

Peloton barre is effective in accomplishing body posture, flexibility and strength goals. Being the strenuous exercise that it is, incorporating it in all your workouts will help you develop balance. In addition, it corrects postural problems and minimizes pain from numbness or wrong posture.

Moreover, Peloton barre may be all hype-looking, but yoga basics enhance awareness and challenging poses that build overall confidence and strength.

Who Should Do Peloton Barre?

Peloton barre may feel intense, but the classes are split into short bursts. This makes the classes manageable for everyone.

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Besides, Peloton barre does not require any equipment that could cause injury or discomfort. And, it has modifications for moves that are too hard so that you only stretch your body to the limits.

Hence, anyone can manage Peloton barre, regardless of disease, injury or age. Actually, its modified moves are excellent for recovery.

Peloton Barre Workout Schedule

Essentially, Peloton barre is available in different durations; 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Therefore, you can incorporate it into all your workout day schedules. I also include a 10-minute barre class early in the morning of my recovery days.

So, here are quick tips for your barre schedule;

  • Incorporate a short-time barre class before tough cycling or class; it helps isolate the muscles and prepare them for the following exercise.
  • Use a 30-minute barre class as a body strength option.
  • Add barre classes just before yoga training, 10 to 20 minutes, to awaken your body cells and tissues and ready them for yoga.

Does the Peloton App Have Barre Classes?

Yes, the Pelotoin digital app has barre classes. Peloton added the barre classes on the app at the same time as the tread and bike.

To get the barre classes on the digital app, go to;

Strength classes >> Filter Class Type >> Barre 

Benefits of Barre Classes

  • Barre classes effectively isolate and work on specific muscles, prevent fatigue, and build strength for subsequent classes. For example, barre before cycling and running helps you run and ride longer and faster.
  • Barre has mental benefits, which other strength training classes other than Pilates do not offer. Therefore, you can always take barre when incorporating yoga into a tough strength training workout.
  • The classes have weight loss benefits. They are cardio aerobics, great for incorporating into regular cardio classes for overall weight loss goals.
  • It balances the high-intensity training that Peloton offers. While high-intensity classes leave your muscles with injury, the stretching and range of slow moves on barre help with recovery and correction.
  • Barre is suitable for everyone. Therefore, if the weights, bike and treadmill limit you, barre is a fantastic option for your fitness.

Is Barre Good for Beginners?

Yes, Peloton barre is suitable for beginners. It is tough, but the concentration on one set of muscles and movement at a time makes it easy to master. Besides, as Ally Love says, barre is progressive. You learn one thing at a time, building your skills with posture and movement.

Also, you can take chair or support classes to start on the barre. This means you don’t have to worry about falling off due to lack of balance, which you master over time.

Who Are the Peloton Barre Instructors?

Peloton barre instructors are Ally Love and Hannah Corbin. The way they master and train choreography in the class is evidence of prowess in the dance field.

What Equipment Do You Need for Peloton Barre Classes?

Luckily, you will not need any equipment for Peloton barre, save for a yoga mat. However, if you are a beginner, you can consider a yoga chair or any supportive block for some of the barre classes.

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Does Barre Slim Thighs?

Barre does not really slim your thighs. However, it tones them just as it tones other parts of your body that you isolate. Therefore, you will not have spot reduction that makes your body not look proportional. 

Is Peloton Barre Good for Losing Weight?

Yes, Peloton barre is great for losing weight. However, it may not help lose weight faster than a cardio class. Therefore, for overall yet sustained weight loss goals, you can incorporate barre into cardio, bike, treadmill and outdoor running Peloton classes.

How many calories do you burn in Peloton barre? You can burn roughly 50 to 200 calories on Peloton, depending on the class duration and your body mass. If you have more fat weight, you will shed faster with Peloton barre than a person with less weight or more body muscle mass.

Does barre burn fats? Of course! Barre is a strength training that incorporates cardio benefits. Therefore, it requires more energy; hence fats break down for respiration and added muscle mass.

Is Barre Good for Lower Back Pain?

Yes, barre is good for lower back pain. Primarily, barre enhances core and leg muscle strength. The core region involves the transverse abdominis, oblique muscles and lower back muscles. 

Strengthening the core means correcting posture and increasing muscle mass as opposed to fat in the region. 

Barre also creates sustained posture, some of which involves stretching your back optimally, twisting it and turning it. 

The two processes work in combination to correct lower back postural defects, which manages or prevents lower back pain.

Are There Live Barre Classes on Peloton?

No, there aren’t live barre classes on Peloton. Peloton barre classes are only on-demand, at least as of March 2022. However, Peloton may include it in the live schedule sometime later, depending on the traffic and user demand for barre.

How Many Days Should You Do Barre?

You can do barre as frequently as you want. So, can you do barre every day? 

Yes, you can. Barre is low-intensity and doesn’t impact negatively on your joints and muscles, hence suitable for daily exercise.

Things You Need to Know Before Barre Class

Here are some tips for your first barre class;

  1. Ensure that you wear some sticky barre socks, which will protect you to some extent from slipping during the challenging footwork.
  2. Get into the class with an open mind, ready to learn. Barre is progressive, and you cannot learn it all in a day.
  3. Prepare for fatigue, at least during your first classes. The muscles you target will burn more than you may imagine of a barre class. However, the feeling after the class is worth a repetitive schedule.
  4. Anyone can handle barre, from pro yogis to beginners in stretch training.

In a Nutshell;

Peloton barre classes keep increasing, which means that more users are loving them. And it is with reason; barre classes have multifaceted benefits, given the nature of the classes. It feels like Pilates, but then again, there is the dance aspect.

Therefore, barre brings you whole-package benefits; physical, mental and emotional fitness. So, prepare for strength, flexibility, balance and awareness in the Peloton barre classes.