Best Diet for Peloton: Diet Plan You Should Follow!

Workout without a planned diet might as well add up to fitness disappointments. Imagine what you go through in a peloton workout, both on and off the bike. You definitely need a diet plan to go along, right?

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to look further, as we have a comprehensive guide that works for both peloton instructors and users. Whether you want to cut on weight or build some lean muscles, here are some cool yet proven diet inclusions you should consider;


Chicken is rich in amino acids, which are an essential part for fast healing and body building.

Workouts that last at least 30 minutes are quite strenuous, not to mention the obvious 45-minute cycling. Your body stretches to the optimum, sometimes causing injuries. The best way to ensure that you recover fast is to ensure that your food is filled with proteins. Chicken, especially skinless, is one of the best ways to ensure perfect protein intake.

Take other Rich Proteins;

Skimmed dairy, eggs, lean meat, fish and the bean family are a good alternative to the chicken. Ensure that you have a portion of at least one in a day during your workout period.

The proteins are helpful in filling in gaps left by fats when cutting on weight. You will also be full longer as opposed to taking junk.

If you want to build on muscles, then your best bet of success is with protein enriched meals.

Take Lots of Carbohydrates;

Want to build lean muscles by help of the peloton workouts? How about healthy carbs, such as whole meal bread and grains, potatoes or rice in your meal?

Worried that they will be stored as fats? The fact is that in workouts, your body needs something to burn for a healthy workout. And what would be better than some good nourishing carbs?


Drink as much water as you can if working out on peloton. Also, you can add fresh fruit juice to your water. But why?

Peloton being an intensive workout, it is almost obvious that you will sweat. When starting out, you will actually wet your cycling outfits especially if shedding on weight. This means that other than shed the body fats, the body is getting dehydrated.

Besides, for weight loss water intake is valuable, since it facilitates metabolism in the body.

Therefore, take water not only during the workouts, but also throughout the day. And for the workouts, the bike even comes with a water bottle holder to encourage your water consumption.

Vegetables and Fruits;

Vegetables and fruits are a major source of vitamins and minerals, right? Proteins aside, vegetables and proteins highly boost your ability to recover after workouts.

Iron will boost your blood levels, which prevent fatigue even before workouts are over. Iron is richly embedded in green vegetables, beetroot, tree tomatoes among others.

Vitamin C will repair body tissues, enhances the absorption of iron and even adds collagen to the body. and let’s not forget that it is an incredible part of the bones.

Together with vitamin D, Vitamin C facilitates strong bones and joints, which will increase your strength on the bike. You will get vitamin C in all the citrus family, green vegetables and even tomatoes. Most foodstuffs with Vitamin C will have Vitamin D tagging along.

Best Diet for Peloton: What to Eat Before and After Your Exercise

Before workout Diet?

Most likely breakfast? Cereals and milk, a chocolate or any other energy bar, bananas and others. In short, a strong well-balanced breakfast meal will do. Eating before a workout will add to your energy.

Nevertheless, you should not eat just before the workout. At least an hour or so will be great.

During Workout Diet?

Take some water. Less than a liter is enough for a whole session, since all you need are sips.

After Workout Diet?

An energizing diet with carbs, proteins and vitamins. Ensure that you hydrate your body with water and fluids too.

Eating after a workout helps heal and recover injured tissues. A meal that enriched with proteins will be the best deal for you.

Examples of Meal Combinations for Peloton Diet

  • Before Workout – Energy bar
  • After a Workout – Fruit juice, yoghurt
  • Breakfast – Rolled oats, coconut butter, an egg
  • Lunch – Skinned chicken, rice, fruit in season
  • Dinner – A fish of your choice, vegetable salad

Considerations on the Best Diet for Peloton Workouts

Take note of the following when considering your best diet for peloton workouts;

  • Your workout goals. Are you working out to lose weight, build muscle or just as a fitness routine? The type of diet you will take will depend on your fitness goals. While you need to cut on fats and sugars trying to cut on weight, all types of carbohydrates are awesome to enhance a successful workout towards muscle build up.
  • You need to eat to workout on peloton. Even if you want to lose weight, you cannot starve yourself when going through a tough workout. The fatigue may not even allow you to work out effectively. On the contrary, you actually have to eat more. At least 5 meals a day, so that you are energized for the workout. The difference will be the composition of the meals, which will be rather healthier this time.

Parting Shot

For an excellent diet workout combination, make plans for all your meals prior to workouts. A weekly or monthly schedule will do, so that you have a guide at all times.

And with the above guidelines, I am sure that you can make a perfect schedule with either the food suggestions above, or you can be creative with alternatives. The choice should be yours, and you should be able to enjoy your meal. So, only make combinations that you will be sure to fall in love with, look forward to and make use of.

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