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iFit Vs. Peloton App; Which App Should You Use?

Peloton and iFit are among the most competitive indoor workout apps. They are products of Peloton and ICON companies, respectively.

Surprisingly, despite being from completely two different companies, the apps have more in common than their differences. Therefore, this makes it hard to decide between the two workout apps. 

Which is really better between iFit and Peloton? Which one should I consider over the other, and will I regret picking Peloton over iFit and vice versa? This article takes us through all these questions, which you will get answered by the time we are done. But first;

Peloton at a Glance

Peloton company is the giant of indoor workouts today. It started with a spinning bike, then a treadmill, a classier bike, and another treadmill model. But that’s not all; Peloton further taps an external market with no access to the equipment through the Peloton Digital app.

With a peloton tread, tread plus, bike, or bike plus, one can use the Peloton app or the most coveted in-built workouts on the touchscreen of the peloton equipment. Moreover, the built-in app allows the equipment owners the opportunity to receive an unlimited subscription of $39 per month. Furthermore, the subscription will enable you to have multiple accounts for different users, suitable for a whole family.

When using this subscription, you get access to a Leaderboard, where you compete with fellow riders and probably create a connection. All your metrics also record on the touchscreen, including cadence, heart rate, calories burned, time and distance traveled.

There is also a unique scenic rides feature with the peloton bikes, which the digital app users cannot get.

On top of that, the equipment users can also download the Peloton digital app, which costs $12.99 per month. They can use it to stream live and on-demand classes from either their touchscreen or any other smart gadget.

On the other hand, if you use other bikes, you can only access the Peloton digital app. It only costs $12.99, and new users get a free 30-day trial before they start paying for the subscription. Nevertheless, there is only one user account with the digital app.

All in all, whether you use the peloton equipment or the digital app, Peloton gives you access to the numerous workouts on their on-demand library and 24 hours of live classes. You also have the option to decide on off-equipment workouts such as yoga, meditation, and strength workouts as well.

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iFit at a Glance

iFit, a workout app by ICON, is older than Peloton by several years.  The Icon company is also the parent company to NordicTrack and Proform. Anyway, it reigned the market even when Peloton was still struggling to get a grip of the market portion. And though Peloton has overtaken it, it still has a substantial share and is among the most incredible competitors that Peloton has.

Basically, iFit has thousands of on-demand workouts in the library that users can take advantage of, which continue to increase by the day. It also has live classes that allow for live interaction between instructors and users. iFit workouts range from bike, treadmill, rower, elliptical, strength, and yoga, among others.

Then there are the live scenic rides that have recently brought iFit to a higher position in the workout world. This was fueled by the Mt. Everest hike by a team from NordicTrack, including their CEO, in March this year.

Surprisingly, the monthly subscription for iFit is also $39, though this is a family package. If you are alone, you can pay for an annual subscription of $180. There is also a yearly family option, which costs $396.

While on the workout, the app tracks workout metrics such as cadence, heart rate, distance, time, and calories burned. Better than that, the app has tracking features for sleep and other activities other than exercise.

iFit Vs. Peloton at a Glance

FeaturesPeloton iFit
Cost$44 per month$39 per month $396 per year $180 per year (individual package)
Live ClassesPresent Present 
On-demand classesPresent Present 
Type of classes availableStrength, yoga, Bootcamp, outdoor running, stretching, Bootcamp, meditation, cycling, runningGlobal workouts, studio classes, live workouts and events, progressive series, challenges, iFit mind, cooking classes. 
Equipment workoutsBike, treadmill, strengthBike, treadmill, elliptical, rower, strength
Leaderboard Available Available 
Metrics monitoredYes Yes 
Sleep monitoring NoYes
Other brand equipment membership$12.99 per month$39 per month $396 per year $180 per year (individual package)
App availabilityRoku, Android, Apple TV, Apple Store, Amazon AppstoreRoku, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Appstore
Bluetooth compatibilityYes Yes 
Google Map integrationNot availableAvailable 
ChallengesAvailable Available 
Yoga and strength workoutsAvailable Available 
Multiple user accountsAllowed Allowed 

Similarities Between Peloton and iFit

Both Peloton and iFit have numerous similarities that make either option a fantastic choice. Let’s dig into these similarities;

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1. Classes

Peloton and iFit feature on-demand and live classes, making it easy to work out at your pace. With the live classes, you also get the feel of a studio or a gym, which has a more significant impact on your performance.

2. Leaderboard

Both apps have Leaderboard features. In addition, they take in your metrics, which help in the competition depicted on the Leaderboard. After all, they are Bluetooth and Ant + compatible, hence easily read your metrics from the respective gadgets.

The Leaderboard’s primary goal is to ensure that you get competition, which naturally draws the side of you that wants to be the best. And as you strive for a better position on the Leaderboard, your performance definitely increases.

On top of that, the Leaderboard provides a platform for a community, where people get to interact despite each being miles away from the other. Therefore, you get a fitness community that encourages you to your fitness goals and builds your good emotions boosted by community support.

3. Available for Non-Brand Equipment Users

The Peloton was indeed created for the Peloton equipment and iFit for NordicTrack. However, you don’t need to own this equipment to access their respective apps.

Peloton digital is available for both equipment and non-equipment users, opening Peloton to the outside world. The best part is that the app is even cheaper than the equipment subscription.

In the same way, iFit is available to equipment users from other brands. Even without the equipment, you will join the team using their respective apps on either Roku, Android, Apple TV, Apple Store, or Amazon Appstore.

4. Off-Equipment Workouts

You can get yoga, strength, and meditation on the Peloton. There are scenic walks and hikes and mind relaxing workouts on iFit as well. Therefore, regardless of the app you choose, you will have moments giving your bike, treadmill, or rower a break.

Differences Between iFit and Peloton

Now let’s get onto the reasons why you will either take a Peloton or an iFit option;

1. Range of Equipment Workouts

If your gym has more than just a tread and a bike, you should consider iFit. Unfortunately, Peloton only has two equipment workouts, treadmill and bike. On the other hand, iFit boasts of elliptical and rower workouts on top of bike and tread workouts.

2. Membership

With Peloton equipment, you only have one option of subscription for unlimited access to Peloton workouts and recorded metrics. You pay $39 per month, whether you have a single account or multiple accounts.

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On the other hand, iFit has a cheaper option for members who use the subscription as individuals. You only pay $180 per year, equivalent to $15 per month. Therefore, as an individual, the iFit membership is more affordable than Peloton.

Nevertheless, Peloton has a cheaper monthly option that does not record metrics on the Leaderboard. This subscription is on the digital app, and it costs $12.99. So, again, if you want an even cheaper option, the Peloton app is best. Besides, the Peloton app does not require that you save up a whopping $156 for the whole year to enjoy. You can renew the subscription monthly.

3. Sleep Monitoring, Cooking Classes, and Google Map Integration

Due to the range of outdoor workouts on iFit, the app provides Google Map integration that you use during outdoor expeditions. You can use the map to determine the best route to choose during rides, runs, and walks.

Moreover, the app has a feature that monitors your activity, exercise, and even sleeps. iFit app ensures that you get a comprehensive fitness plan, and this includes sleep and diet.

With sleep monitoring, you will know whether you are having a quality sleep. Then by relaxing outdoor exercises, you will manage to improve your sleep.

And let’s not forget the immersive cooking classes, which give you an insight into healthy recipes to go with your workouts.

4. Trainers

Peloton only goes for the best professional trainers, and no offense, but they are the best for pushing you to your goals. Features such as high five and chat on the Peloton allow a user to follow up with an instructor. 

Over and above that, their music choice is by far the best for the workouts. Therefore, if you look for instructors that make your workout more elite, Peloton takes the stand.

5. Digital Resistance Adjustment

The Peloton bike has a manual resistance adjustment, though this has been corrected on the bike plus. However, as long as you use iFit, the instructors can adjust your bike resistance to suit your workout. This makes it easier for you, and you can go with your instructor’s chosen level without worrying about being left behind.

So, Peloton or iFit?

The answer here will depend on what you really want. With a range of workout equipment that includes a rower and an elliptical, the iFit app is the best. It is also suitable when you want digital monitoring and adjustment of your bike resistance to match your team.

However, for larger community support and instructors that push you beyond your limits., Peloton is still a top choice.

Parting Shot

iFit Vs. Peloton? Both are ideal options for indoor workouts. They have almost similar membership subscriptions, and their features are almost similar in many ways. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the most favorable for your case. 

Do you want to lose yourself in indoor workouts with laughter, music, and motivation? Go for Peloton. Or, is your choice in a wholesome workout, with monitored sleep and cooking classes in addition to typical workouts? iFit is the best option. 

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