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Peloton Digital App Review: All You Need to Know

It is no doubt that Peloton has garnered more fans and users than any other indoor workout platform today. However, the popularity alone is enough to have you excited about getting the experience as well. 

The good news is that you neither have to buy the expensive Peloton bikes and treads to have this first-time experience. Actually, if you already have another fitness bike or tread, you will still enjoy the Peloton experience.

Whether you have a piece of workout equipment or not, the Peloton digital app is available to allow you into the coveted Peloton experience. And there is much more to the Peloton app than meets the eye. For this reason, I have prepared the Peloton digital app review, which covers all you need to know about the app.

Cost of the Digital App

Essentially, Peloton has two membership plans, the digital app membership, and the unlimited membership. The unlimited membership is strictly for Peloton equipment owners. However, the Peloton digital app is for everyone, with or without the equipment.

Even better, the digital app is way cheaper than the unlimited membership. It costs $12.99 per month, while its counterpart costs $39 per month. 

Besides that, if you are new to the digital app, you will get a full-month free trial on the app. If you really like it within one month, you can start your monthly payments from the second month. Surprisingly, most people who take the free trial end up with a paid digital app membership.

Where to Download the Peloton Digital App

Where to Download the Peloton Digital App

Amazingly, you can download the Peloton app from most smart gadgets today, from your phone to your TV. Here is a list of software options you can consider for the Peloton app download;

  • Android (phone, tablet, laptop, or TV)
  • Appstore (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, TV)
  • Roku TV and Streaming Devices
  • Fire TV or Fire tablet
  • Peloton Web

What do you need to download the app? All you need is a stable internet connection and sufficient space on your gadget, and you will have a seamless download and installation in minutes.

How to Download the Peloton Digital App

So, how do you download the digital app? The method you use will depend on your gadget. Let’s venture into each of the processes; Explicit Guides on How to Download and Install the Peloton App (Here)

Classes on Peloton

Classes on Peloton

Surprisingly, Peloton has the same classes for the digital app that unlimited members access. Therefore, if you are looking for a Peloton experience before committing a massive investment into the bike or tread, using the Peloton Tread will not misguide you.

Basically, you get access to live classes, which allow you to have a live interaction with the instructor and the rest of the class. Today, the digital app even allows you access to the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is the platform in a Peloton class where you can view your competitiveness against the rest of the class. Therefore, if you sync your heart rate monitor and cadence sensor (if you have a regular bike) to the app, you will also compete pretty with the rest.

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Being on the Leaderboard means that the instructor can spot you as well. Therefore, you can expect a shoutout for a significant achievement, as well as high-fives from other users.

Besides the live classes, Peloton has a vast library of on-demand classes. These are recorded classes, which you can access at any time. They are similar to the live classes, with even a Leaderboard for the users you will be with at that specific time. The only difference is that there will be no interaction between you and the instructor.

On top of that, you can participate in workout challenges that Pelotonb frequently presents. Therefore, if you want to challenge yourself to a one-year workout challenge, you can always go for it. After all, challenges motivate you to work out regardless of the situation, as long as manageable.

With the live and on-demand classes available, the digital app typically allows you to have workouts any time you feel free. Even a stack feature for the on-demand classes will enable you to have a whole week’s workouts preplanned. Therefore, you neither have to compromise your sleeping hours nor the time set for exercises to search for favorable classes when you have a busy schedule.

The classes vary in intensity, and there are three difficulty options you choose from; beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The classes’ length also varies, from five minutes to sixty minutes, depending on your convenience.

Then there are the different instructors you can choose from for each workout you prefer. Even with this filter, you can narrow it down to the music you want for the training.

And my latest best, you can filter the classes by subtitles, and you will get options for Spanish, German, or English classes. 

Types of Workouts

Peloton has a range of workouts that ensure that you have a comprehensive workout platform. These classes include;

Types of Peloton Workouts

1. Strength:

Strength workouts vary from full-body, core, lower body, arms, and glutes to upper body. They can involve accessories such as kettlebells, resistance bands, and dumbbells. The better news is that there are options where you will not need to use any accessories at all. Even better, the workouts are so effective that you will not realize that you are missing out due to a lack of accessories.

2. Yoga:

Peloton Yoga

When it’s about a stretch that will impact your mental and spiritual health, Peloton yoga is an excellent helper. And, you have just the best yogi instructors you could ask for.

3. Meditation:

I love meditation for quality sleep, but Peloton meditation is always amazing whenever you need to cool down from a range of emotions. All the meditation trainers are yoga instructors on Peloton.

4. Cardio:

In cardio classes, you don’t need any equipment. You will do different non-equipment cardio exercises that will get your heart racing impressively.

5. Cycling:

Peloton Cycling

Whether you have the Peloton fitness bike or any other fitness bike, you will find the cycling and spinning classes engaging and worth the time.

6. Running and Walking:

the two workout categories are for the treadmill. You get different guided treadmill workouts regardless of your tread brand.

7. Outdoor

Peloton Outdoor

Then there is an outdoor exercise option, where the instructors guide you through outdoor running, walking, and HIIT workouts. Since you can download the digital app on your phone, you can use it outdoors and use headphones for a more effective workout period. 

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8. Bootcamp:

There are two types of Bootcamp classes on Peloton, bike, and tread. Bootcamp basically refers to workouts that combine cardio and strength workouts on Peloton. You will have some minutes during the session on the bike, tread or doing some cardio workout, and some minutes training on floor workouts. I have also found it effective to work out Bootcamps with neither the bike nor the tread. You just look for another cardio workout option, such as rowing and running. Then, when it’s time for strength, you switch to the floor with your dumbbells or kettlebells. And even here, you can use resistance bands instead of dumbbells if it’s the option you have or find comfortable. Bootcamps are among the most effective due to the dual combination.

9. Stretching:

When you are on recovery, before or after a workout, a good vertebral stretch goes a long way in preventing pains and sores from workouts.


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Honestly, I think Peloton has all the best instructors for its workouts. They choose their couches from the most competitive options in their respective fields, and they all have the different characteristics that make up a fantastic combination.

Peloton instructors are the same, whether you are an unlimited Peloton member or a digital app member. 

The Digital App and Peloton Equipment Owners

Is the Peloton digital app available for the Peloton equipment owners? Yes, it is. The equipment owners are eligible for unlimited membership and digital app membership. When subscribed to the unlimited membership, they get the digital app membership for free. However, they can opt for a digital app subscription as well. It is cheaper and so effective that it still works the Peloton magic if you don’t need multiple accounts.

How to Navigate Classes in the Peloton Digital App

As mentioned earlier, Peloton has both live and on-demand classes in almost all the workouts available. Furthermore, all the workouts mentioned above are broad categories, which you can filter to get into the narrower workout options.

The live classes are fewer in a day, and it is easy to go through a whole week or a fortnight’s classes without much strain.

However, the on-demand classes are in the thousands. Therefore, if you want to navigate to the specifics, here are quick tips;

First off, click on the broad category: strength, yoga, meditation, cardio, running, cycling, or outdoor options. Then, go to the filter option at the top right side of the category, and click on it. You will get the length, instructor, music, class type, difficulty, and subtitle options.

Let’s narrow down to one example; go to the strength workouts, then click on filter. If you want a class that is 10 minutes, click on length and choose this option. If you have a specific instructor in mind, filter the instructor name. Filter all the fields where you want specifics, and the classes will narrow down. You may even have less than ten classes to choose from by the time you are done.

Navigate through the few class options left, then click on your final option. The class will appear at the center of your gadget, with the workout details, music, ratings, and difficulty level. Finally, click on ‘Start’ and enjoy your on-demand class option if you are okay with them all.

If you stack your classes to save you time, ensure that you stack them in the order, you want to take them. Once you take a class from the stack, it will disappear, and the next on the stack will be your next class. 

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Which Features are Not on the Peloton Digital App?

Despite the Peloton digital app featuring all the fantastic features, it has limitations. Some features are on the Peloton unlimited membership that the digital app members are limited to. So, which limitations does the Peloton digital app have?

1. Just Ride/ Just Run Feature

The Just Ride or Just Run features are available for Peloton bike and tread owners. So even when the Peloton equipment owners do not pay for a subscription, they are available for use.

The features are great for when you have a tight month and may not utilize a subscription but occasionally use a ride or a run.

Sadly, this feature is not available for the digital app subscription. So if you don’t pay the app subscription, you will not have any Peloton workout available as a digital app owner.

2. Scenic Rides/ Scenic Runs

Scenic Rides

Scenic rides are rides that Peloton instructors record outdoors. They allow the users to have an outdoor cycling or running experience while still glued inside their home gyms. In addition, the instructors take tours around the countryside or in the city, giving the users an outdoor feel.

Scenic rides were previously available for both the digital app and the unlimited members. However, they are currently limited to unlimited members only to utilize the Peloton equipment features.

3. Limited to only one account

The main difference between the Peloton digital app and unlimited subscriptions is that the latter allows multiple accounts, actually up to twenty! Unfortunately, the former can only allow a single account registration.

Therefore, as long as you don’t have a Peloton brand bike or treadmill, you cannot utilize the Peloton app as a family or a household. However, since you can use the Peloton digital app on your TV where the whole family can watch, you can still get around this challenge. The only challenge is that you will not get everyone on the Leaderboard, neither can you have all your metrics on the app. But the most important thing, which is fitness, will be accomplished.

So, Is the Peloton Digital App Worth It?

Yes, it is. The Peloton digital app is the cheaper Peloton membership option, and you don’t even need Peloton equipment to use it. Besides, if you are the only person exercising on Peloton, the Peloton unlimited membership may not make much sense. In this case, the digital app is the best option.

Moreover, the Peloton digital app benefits most from the Peloton discount offers compared to the unlimited membership. For instance, students, medical workers, and the military have a digital subscription discount.

I have seen users transform ordinary bikes into Peloton bikes and enjoy the Peloton digital app as much as the unlimited subscription members. But, of course, this only means that with just the digital app, you may have all you need from Peloton.

For this reason, the Peloton digital app is worth it.

In a Nutshell;

The Peloton digital app review lays down the features, pros, and cons of subscribing to the ‘non-equipment Peloton membership. If you don’t like the cost or limitations that come with owning a Peloton bike or treadmill, the digital app has always been a savior. It is also the best way to learn about the platform without committing yourself to lifelong equipment options that are quite expensive, to say the least.

Hence, the Peloton digital app is a great option, with fewer limitations compared to the benefits. So, if you are considering it, go for it!