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Peloton Metallica Artist Series

A Workout Unlike Any Other You’ve Had Before

Peloton’s featured artist series brings users a whole playlist of tracks from the same artist and band. Fortunately, the legendary heavy metal band Metallica had this opportunity before the end of 2020. Luckily for you, all the tracks are still available in Peloton’s on-demand library.

Better still, Peloton ensured that the Metallica Artist Series cut across all the Peloton categories. Therefore, whether you are a cyclist, athlete, yogi, or strength fanatic on Peloton, you can get your vibe with the band’s energetic tracks.

Peloton Metallica Classes

So, how do I get the Peloton Metallica classes, given the large on-demand list on Peloton? Since there is no Metallica filter option, it may be pretty challenging. However, I have collected some of the classes, and you can use the dates to search for more. The classes were in November 2020, so you can narrow them down to the month.

Some of the Metallica Peloton classes include;

  • 30 Min Metallica Full Body Strength with Andy Speer on 17/11/2020 (under strength training)
  • 45 minute Metallica Peloton Tread Bootcamp with Olivia Amato on 19/11/2020 (Tread Bootcamp training)
  • 30 minute Metallica Peloton Ride with Erik Jager  on 23/11/2020 (cycling training in German)
  • 45 minute Metallica Peloton Ride with Kenda/ll Toole that Kendall excitedly invited users here on Instagram (cycling training) on 18/11/2020

I love the fact that there was a German class option, which indicated that Peloton would consider more languages in the artist series to consider all their users.

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Parting Shot

The Peloton Metallica partnership was one of its kind; Peloton Artist Series will mostly bring a specific artist, but they were bringing a band on board. Even in their on-demand option, the classes bring in a live theater feeling, especially when you are a heavy metal music fan.

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