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5 Coolest Features of Peloton Bike Plus

The Peloton bike plus is the talk of the online indoor workout platforms, especially Peloton. So, what’s so cool about the bike plus, and is it worth the exaggerated cost?

Of course, Peloton bike plus is an advanced sophistication of the original Peloton bike. Did you find the Peloton bike elegant and alluring? Well, meet the bike plus and let’s see!

Peloton Bike+

The bike plus is relatively new in the market, having been launched in late 2020. When Peloton introduced the bike plus, it lowered the cost of the original bike to 1495 dollars. On the other hand, the bike plus came at 2495 dollars. While most people ran to take advantage of the lowered cost bike, I could not resist the enchanting features that the original bike could never meet.

Are you dying to see the coolest of these features that the bike plus presents?

1. Screen

The fascinating feature of the Peloton bike plus is the screen, which is considerable, coming at 23.8 inches. And the size is not it’s an only strong point;

You can rotate the screen at a 360-degree angle, which means you can now have freedom arranging your studio. You can have your Peloton yoga from any place, as you can rotate the screen to suit your vision. Besides, you can also incline it to face lower, so that you can watch the classes while on the floor.

With a screen resolution of 8MP, the screen displays better clarity, allowing you to be comfortable even when following classes away from the bike.

Moreover, with the bike plus, you have the option of not using an external speaker for clarity and a better music feel. The bike screen has front and rear speakers, all strategically placed to add quality to the sound.

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If you want to regulate the volume, you don’t have to slow down to track and work on the buttons. The bike plus has buttons on the front side of the screen, which makes them easily accessible.

An improvement of the original bike, the Bluetooth connectivity in bike plus is 5.0, accommodating more Bluetooth connecting device options. And the connectivity is also fast, what with the advanced processor size. Not to mention the added RAM compared to the Peloton bike.

2. The General Bike+ Outlook and Riders

When Peloton announced that they would be launching a new and more expensive bike, it was apparent that this would be Peloton’s mark of sophistication. Luckily, no one was disappointed in this aspect.

The bike+ carries a classy aura, with its all-matte dark shade telling a good part of the story. Even the Peloton logo is dark! There are only slight tinges of the Peloton red on the resistance knob and lining the belt.

Then there are the handlebars, which look even more attractive in their flat bar design. As for the saddle, it is not just a smooth flat surface. Instead, it features breathability pores, which make the rides even more comfortable. It is evident that heat will build up after a high-intensity 60-minute workout on the bike, so this feature is really helpful.

Despite all the impressive changes, the bike+, which you would expect to change in dimensions, remains Peloton compact. However, it can accommodate a weight of up to 297lbs, which I would improve from the original bike. Riders should also be in the range of 4’11 and 6’4 inches, which is a wide range. And don’t forget that it is also suitable for people with a minimum age of 14 years.

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3. The Resistance

The most alluring feature about the bike plus resistance is the resistance, which has an auto-follow option. When you choose a resistance level, you can use it for as long as you want while slightly adding or reducing it. This way, you get a chance to concentrate on the cadence and the workout enjoyment. After all, who wants to miss a Jess King or a Matt Wilper thrilling move simply because they were on the resistance knob?

Other than that, the bike plus gives you two resistance options, that is, manual and digital. You can therefore choose the most convenient for you, one that you will be comfortable working with.
As for the outlook, the resistance knob is shorter, giving the new handlebar a chance to look at the compact design they are. Being a quick-lever adjustment knob, your work regulating the resistance has never been more accessible.

4. Charging System

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your special gadget charger got lost? This is what you have to deal with if you have the Peloton bike. However, the bike plus is different, using the USB-C charger for both the bike and the touchscreen.

You can use the chargers interchangeably, use them to charge your phone or laptop, or better still, use your gadget charger on the bike or the touchscreen. This is the best convenience, as you don’t have to plan for a new order if your bike charger is ever damaged, at least not with much urgency.

Even better, if you want to use ethernet, you can use the ethernet adapter using the USB-C, saving you from an extra purchase.

5. One-Touch Apple Watch Synching

Research shows that most Peloton bike users are Apple Watch fans, so the company considered giving them a better convenience. With the bike plus, you only need a single touch to connect the bike to your Apple Watch. When you tap Unlock on the Watch and turn it to face the bike touchscreen camera, it will immediately connect to the bike plus. But remember that an Ok go-ahead will pop up on the Watch requesting permission to pair, but then that’s about it!

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More interestingly, the Watch automatically disconnects once the peloton class is over, saving you energy and the time to disconnect it. Even better, the automatic disconnection ensures that you get more accurate metrics, given that only those that were monitored during the class time are recorded.

And Apple Watch is among the most trusted heart rate monitors; what better way to monitor your heart rate, calories, distance, and other metrics with higher accuracy levels?

It Retains the Coolest Features of the Peloton Bike!

The best part about the bike plus is that you will get all the admirable features of the original bike.

Basically, the pedals are clipless, with the Look Delta cleat design. Therefore, even if you change your old Peloton bike (you can do so with only 700 dollars for the new bike plus), you can retain your cycling shoes. More interestingly, you can match the pedals with Peloton compatible cleats (check our list) to ensure that you pedal on sneakers whenever it is convenient for you.

Parting Shot

The bike plus has the most remarkable features that you could ask for in a spinning bike. However, most of them make your ride easier but are not actually necessary. Therefore, if you are on a budget, the Peloton bike is just as great.

With the money, though, I would choose the Peloton bike plus again!