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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Peloton Bike Bootcamp

Peloton has always had High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the name of Bootcamp workouts. However, it was on the tread, and only the people owning a tread enjoyed the full impact of a Peloton Bootcamp. What most of us may not know is that the workout is now also on the bike. So, yes, there are Peloton bike Bootcamp workouts.

Is the Peloton bike Bootcamp different from the treadmill Bootcamp? Not really; with the bike Bootcamp, you will only be replacing the tread with the bike.

Basically, Peloton bike Bootcamp refers to bike cardio workouts combined with strength training. Let’s get on to this and much more on the subject;

Peloton Bike Bootcamp?

Whether you own a Peloton bike or another brand fitness bike, you can access the Peloton bike Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is available on both the Unlimited Peloton membership and the digital app.

Other than the bike, you only need a few dumbbells, kettlebells, or adjustable pairs for different weights. 

Just as with spinning, Peloton bike Bootcamps vary in intensity, length, and even focus. They range from beginner to advanced, from 20 to 60 minutes, suiting the needs of the different Peloton users.

Why Should I Choose a Peloton Bike Bootcamp Class

Why Should I Choose a Peloton Bike Bootcamp Class

Technically, just cycling on your fitness bike gives you cardio workout results. Nevertheless, you could do a range of motions, target different muscles, and add some cross-training to your cardio workouts. And this is where Peloton Bootcamps come in. You get both the benefits of cycling and strength training.

Other than that, bike Bootcamps add to your good feelings. They restore balance in your body, hence easier pumping of the good-natured hormones.

Cardio workouts on their own may not help tone every muscle in your body, neither will they strengthen your bones. However, when you incorporate strength training, all this becomes achievable.

I find the Peloton bike Bootcamps the most efficient workouts on Peloton. This is because every second seems to count, including the one minute or so that the instructor gives for changing into or out of the cycling shoes. In the end, the heart rate spikes, while you will be surprised at the calories, you burn.

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How long are Peloton Bike Bootcamps?

I have some pretty good news; you don’t have to be in the Bootcamp session for 45 or 60 minutes. Actually, these are not recommended for beginners, even if you’ve been cycling this long. 

There are 20-minute Bootcamp classes to start with. They range from low-intensity to high-intensity so that you can pick your best shot. After a successful fortnight with the workouts, you can shift to 30-minute workouts, then 45, and on to the 60-minute workout. 

If you are fairly new to spinning or strength workouts, you can start with low-intensity workouts for every increase in length. Taking a step at a time helps you prevent burnouts or even overworking your muscles and bones. You don’t want to end up hurting while looking for wellness, right?

Who are Peloton Bike Bootcamp Instructors?

Peloton Bike Bootcamp Instructors

Guess who is training the bike Bootcamps on Peloton? Our very best and hardened instructors are Robin Arzon (my favorite), Cody Rigsby, Jess Sims, and the latest in the crew, Tunde Oyeneyin.

Most amazingly, you will get classes already done on the on-demand class section, and you can also opt to go with the live classes, which are more engaging.

Tips to Consider for Peloton Bike Bootcamps

Remember that Peloton bike Bootcamps differ largely from the normal Peloton cycling classes. Therefore, if you consider the workouts, you will need to set up your studio space better. 

You will need the following equipment and accessories;

  • Your fitness bike
  • A set of dumbbells or kettlebells, or both (you can use the dumbbells on the bike when starting the workouts)
  • A yoga mat
  • Sports shoes

First, ensure that you have sufficient space for both cycling and strength training. This will prevent you from bumping into stiff and probably getting injuries when shifting from one workout to another.

Second, if you have never trained on kettlebells or dumbbells, always start with minimal weight. Less weight will give your bones and muscles time to adjust and get used to endurance.

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Third, always start with the simplest workouts to prevent burnout. You can use low-intensity and short workouts to gauge your performance.

Finally, you can try out different workout intensities, lengths, and instructors once you commence the workouts and are faring well. The variety will give your body the range of motions it requires for better fitness.

Peloton Bootcamp Weights

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Are you wondering about the weights that you should consider for Peloton bike Bootcamps? Well, you will actually need real weights that train endurance and strength workouts. Therefore, quit considering your 1-3 pound weights on the Peloton bike, and invest in a new set. It will help reap the best out of Bootcamp training.

Jess Sims, one of the Bootcamp trainers, recommends that you use medium to high-impact weights. After all, Peloton Bootcamps are high-intensity interval workouts.

More specifically, go for weights that are 10, 15, to 20 pounds if you have different sets, good for you. Regardless of the weights that the instructor asks for, you will have a pair in the store. You can get a set of weights on Amazon.  Or would you rather get a single pair that is adjustable for a range of weights?

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Peloton bootcamp classes Review

Honestly, Peloton Bootcamp classes are the most interesting since they incorporate more than just a single activity.

Basically, you will not take more than 15 minutes on a single activity, whether on the bike or in strength training. And 15 minutes are on the 30-minute workouts, where you split 15 minutes on the bike ad 15 minutes on the floor.

However, for the longer Bootcamp training, you will be on each workout for a shorter time. For instance, on the 60-minute Bootcamp, you will take 7-10 minutes on the bike and the same length on strength.

Moreover, it would help to always remember to put all your equipment and accessories ready before starting the workouts. For instance, ensure that all your weights are in place, and keep your sports shoes close to the bike for quicker changing.

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How do you change shoes between the bike Bootcamp classes? When doing tread Bootcamps, the transition is easier since you will use the same shoes. However, cycling on clipless pedals with cleat shoes is different.

The good news is that Peloton considered this situation. Therefore, you get slightly over a minute to get off your bike, change into sports shoes, and vice versa. Actually, Cody Rigsby never tires of reminding his fans to Turn Down the Resistance Knob before leaving the bike for the floor.

Finally, I love that bike Bootcamps are available in a range of intensities and lengths. Therefore, they are favorable for different types of users.

The Best Bike for Peloton Bike Bootcamps

As you must have guessed, the Peloton bike plus is the best for the bike Bootcamps. This stems from the fact that its screen rotates 180 degrees on each side, allowing for floor and off-bike workouts.

If you are looking for other brand fitness bikes besides Peloton, you can also go for bikes with a rotating screen. An example is Bowflex C6, with which you will stream the Peloton bike Bootcamps as nicely as on the bike plus. Only this time, you will need the Peloton digital app.

Are you sad that your bike is the original Peloton? There is even better news for you. You can cast your workouts on TV so that the off-bike strength workouts are easier to follow. Therefore, you don’t actually need the Peloton bike plus for the bike Bootcamps to be successful.

The bottom line is, any fitness bike will work for the Peloton bike Bootcamp training.

Parting Shot

Peloton bike Bootcamps are the best option I have seen when you have a bike. While you cannot completely stop the cycling classes, incorporating bike Bootcamps adds to your range of workouts. And, as you will realize, your cycling goals will be even more evident with this option in your schedule.

Now the ball is in your court. Do you have a bike and looking for Peloton workouts that are so interesting you won’t realize the time goes by? Try the Peloton bike Bootcamps.

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