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Peloton Bike vs Peloton Tread: Which Is Right For You?

You must already love the Peloton workouts, and of course, are into both running and cycling to be torn between the bike and the tread. After all, both are excellent cardio pieces of equipment, and they allow you into the immense experience that Peloton has to offer.

As a whole, the peloton bike is safer and low impact than peloton tread which is for endurance, intensity and more calorie burn.

While it is perfectly human to wonder which type of equipment is suitable for you, I have laid down the essential features that differentiate them. Then, your decision will be much easier. 

A Summary Table of Peloton Treadmill Vs. Bike

FeaturesPeloton BikePeloton Treadmill
ModelsPeloton bike Peloton bike +Peloton Tread
CostBike: $1445 Bike +: $2495
check the latest price: Bike, Bike+
check the latest price
SizeBike: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W Bike +: 59″ L x 59″ H x 22″ W68” L x 33” W x 62” H
Weight Bike: 135 pounds Bike +: 140 pounds290 pounds
MaterialWelded steelCarbon steel
Screen sizeBike: 21.5 inches Bike +: 23.8 inches23.8 inches
Screen rotationBike plus onlyno
Workouts Cycling, bike BootcampRunning, walking, tread Bootcamp
Maximum user weight297 pounds300 pounds
Minimum user age14 years14 years
Bluetooth Compatibilityyesyes
Peloton all-access membership yesyes
Membership cost per month$44 all access$44 all access
Live and on-demand classesavailableavailable
Scenic workouts availableScenic ridesScenic runs
Availability of other Peloton workoutsyesyes
Wifi and wireless connectivityConnects to Wifi, Bluetooth and Ant+Connects to Wifi, Bluetooth and Ant+

Similarities and Differences Between Peloton Bike and Tread

1. Touchscreen

Peloton Touchscreen

The Peloton bike, bike plus, and treadmill come with a touchscreen customized for Peloton classes. For instance, the standard bike’s touchscreen is 21.5 inches, during the bike plus and the treadmill feature 23.8-inch touchscreens.

All the touchscreens are compatible with home wifi and Ant+ and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth and Ant+ features allow you to connect the equipment to external heart rate monitors, speakers, and headphones, which are not the Peloton brand.

Moreover, the touchscreens have quality speakers, enhancing instructor and music sounds. The speakers combine with a headphone jack and quality microphones, which you will use for a video chat during your exercises. And let’s not forget the camera, which allows you to have a live ride with a friend or relative who lives a continent away.

Uniquely, the bike plus has a rotating screen, which is different from the standard bike and the treadmill touchscreens. The latter two can only tilt vertically, which the bike plus’ tablet tilts vertically and rotates horizontally 180 degrees on each side. Therefore, it presents a 360-degree rotation suitable for convenient floor workouts.

Hence, the Peloton bike plus is the best option when looking for optimal screen features.

2. Workouts

Peloton bike and tread Workout Goals

Workouts on the treadmill and the bike may be the same in that they are both cardio. However, they differ in every other aspect.

Basically, the fitness bikes offer indoor cycling and spinning workouts. On Peloton, there is a range of cycling classes, including the bike Bootcamp, which combines cycling classes with strength classes in a HIIT model.

Other than the bike Bootcamp, Peloton cycling encompasses; low impact, climb, intervals, music, theme, groove, pro cyclist, live DJ, power zone, and heart rate zone class options.

On the other extreme are tread workouts, which are essentially running and walking. Then, Peloton will offer a variety of tread running and walking and the tread Bootcamp, where you combine tread training with strength training. 

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Peloton tread running includes; running skills, warm-up/ cool-down, live DJ, endurance, speed, intervals, heart rate zone, music, and theme classes. Besides the running classes are walking options, including; warm-up/ cool down, music, power walk, hiking, and walk + run classes.

There are live and on-demand class options in both bike and tread workouts. However, I find Peloton putting more emphasis on the bike classes, clear by the many classes available in a week. On the contrary, there may be only a third or less of the live classes for the treadmill workouts.

All in all, treadmill users can take advantage of the on-demand classes, approximately 5000 for treadmill walking, running, and tread Bootcamp. On top of that, the library increases each time there is a live treadmill class.

Therefore, as far as workout classes on Peloton go, both tie with the numerous options available. Besides, other than the main workouts on either the bike or the tread, you have the option to take non-equipment classes such as yoga, stretching, and strength training on Peloton.

3. Workout Goals

What are your workout goals on Peloton? Do you want more upper body toning or lower body toning? Do you aim to shed those excess calories that give you a shape you don’t appreciate?

Go for the Peloton bike if you want to tone your quads, glutes, and general leg muscles. It will help you shed off the excess fat on the calves and thighs, then offer you the athletic leg outlook that you desire.

Moreover, the bike facilitates leg muscle strength, which is necessary for stability and outlook.

While the bike is a great idea for shedding weight, the treadmill helps shed the weight faster. Within an hour of intensive workout, one sheds approximately 300 to 500 calories per hour on the bike. Likewise, you will shed approximately 400 to 700 calories on the tread in an hour of intensive running or climbing.

Furthermore, the tread is an excellent option when you are targeting the upper body. Running, walking, and climbing on the tread will see you have a flatter core faster than the bike, and you will tone the arms faster as well.

Therefore, depending on your workout goal, you will easily choose between the bike and the tread. The bike wins for lower body goals, while the tread is a winner with upper body goals.

4. Workout Results

Workout Results

Now, this is the catch; while running, walking, and cycling are all cardio, the workout results vary. Let’s venture into the basic variations;

A) Weight Loss

Running ranks highest when it comes it weight loss. Due to the heart-racing within seconds after taking a run, the body sweats more, and fats burn consistently. Therefore, it is not a surprise to lose substantial weight within less than a month on the treadmill, probably for only thirty minutes a day.

Cycling also helps in weight loss, especially in a spinning class. However, you will take longer on the bike to lose weight than on the treadmill, say more than twice as much time.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight fast while the classes fit your tight schedule, the treadmill is definitely better.

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B) Burning Calories

You will burn more calories on the treadmill than on the bike with weight loss. This is because you need more energy, especially when running than you would need on cycling, hence deficiency in energy, which results in calorie burning.

However, it is a matter of duration. You could burn a lot of calories on the peloton bike, as much as you would on the tread, only you would have to cycle for at least thirty minutes more.

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C) Endurance

I find that you get the same endurance from the bike as you would on the treadmill, as long as you take endurance classes. Hence, both the bike and the tread tie in this case.

D) Knee Joint Protection

Are you suffering from a knee injury, or do you want to avoid the injury at all costs? The Peloton spinning bike is designed in such a way that as long as the seat height and depth are set well, knee injuries will be a thing of the past. Moreover, you will actually recover from knee injuries with the cycling sessions, especially the low-impact classes where you sit on the saddle throughout.

E) Low-Impact Classes

Peloton cycling has low-impact classes, which lack the Peloton tread workouts. Therefore, if you have an injury, are a senior, or have a heart condition, the Peloton bike is the better option. It has options that take you slowly and still impact your heart health and fitness positively.

5. Injury -conscious

Injury conscious

Do you tend to end up with an injury after a period of working out? For example, is your knee meniscus wearing out already? Are you healing from an injury?

The Peloton bike has been ranked among the best in facilitating knee and feet recovery while preventing chances of injury.

The exercise bike is low-impact, or at least with lower impact exercises compared to the tread. Therefore, it is better for recovery and preventing injury.

Moreover, seniors can comfortably ride the bike without the fear of joint, foot, and knee pain. Therefore, for the seniors, the bike is recommended.

For people who are completely new to indoor exercises, the tread can be risky. One can easily trip and fall while the exercise machine continues to run, leading to injury. However, the bike has fewer accident cases, which is easier to control and manage even as a beginner.

After all, if you are a beginner, it would be healthier to start with low-impact workouts. And between the Peloton bike and tread, the bike will give you low-impact options.

6. User Age and Weight

Peloton bike, bike plus, and treadmill ownership guarantee you an all-access membership. Thus, at $44 per month, you can have multiple accounts on the bike or treadmill. This brings us to the users; you have to consider your household, which intends to utilize the home gym.

The Peloton bike has a maximum user weight of 297 pounds and a minimum user age of 14 years. The treadmill has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, which is not much added to the bike. However, treadmill users have to be 16 years and above.

The bike may be better if your household has a wider age range, with young teens and seniors included. Remember that the exercise bike is better for seniors, given the low-impact ride options and the minimal knee joint pressure.

7. Compact

Some of us have minimal space for a home gym, especially if we are beginners or gym subscribers. In this case, you may be looking for a Peloton piece of equipment that will take up the least space in your house.

For this reason, the bike is a top pick. In addition, it has a footprint of 2 feet by 4 feet, which is very sleek. Thus, even though you could leave space around it, it would still need less space.

On top of that, the Peloton bike has transport wheels, which allow you to move it easily to a storage point. The storage could be away from your workout area, allowing you to reuse the space.

However, you will need a larger space for the treadmill, which also doesn’t fold like most others in the market today. 

So, for space-saving, let’s just go with the Peloton bike, either the standard or the bike plus option.

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8. Peloton Workout Platform and Membership

Fundamentally, Peloton has two types of memberships, which allow you access to its platform. These are the all-access membership and the digital app membership. The all-access membership is for the Peloton equipment owners, the treadmill, bike, and bike plus owners. However, the digital app is available to users without Peloton equipment.

 For this reason, both the bike and tread owners have access to the Peloton all-access membership. The all-access membership is not only convenient for multiple users, but it allows the tread and bike owners exclusive ranking on the Leaderboard. The digital app users only appear on the Leaderboard, but they don’t rank. Thus, owning a Peloton bike or treadmill allows you to compete on the Leaderboard, as your metrics and output are recorded.

Over and above that, the all-access membership gives you access to the treadmill scenic runs and the bike scenic rides. They are exclusive to the all-access membership and utilize Peloton equipment features, which may not be on other brand equipment. Then there is the option to access workouts without paying the monthly subscription. There are times when you know that your month will be tight, but you will still need a couple or more rides or runs. The treadmill features the Just Run feature, while the bike features the Just Run feature for you without a subscription fee.

The Peloton app is already installed on the bike or tread touchscreen, and all you have to do is register or log in to your account.

Better still, the Peloton equipment owners have free access to the digital app platform. This means that they can download the app on their TV, phone, or personal tablet to access Peloton workouts when away from home or for floor workouts.

Another point to note is that the Peloton digital app is available for the all-access members, in case it is what they prefer over the all-access membership. Therefore, they can switch to digital membership, which is cheaper at $12.99. I find the option to switch account membership convenient, especially if you live alone or are low on budget.

Therefore, both the Peloton bike and treadmill owners enjoy the same subscription benefits.

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9. Just Ride/ Just Run Feature

Amazingly, when you have the Peloton bike or tread, you will have an option to work out without a subscription. You can just cancel the month’s subscription when you feel that you will be too busy for a subscription.

With a tread, you will enjoy the Just Run workouts while you have the option for the Just Ride feature with the bike. Hence, whether you have a Peloton bike or tread, you get a loophole for workouts without subscription fees for as long as you want.

10. Special Shoes

design10 1

I love the Peloton tread because you can use it with your typical running shoes once you purchase it. Actually, you could run barefoot on the tread, but it is not healthy.

On the contrary, you don’t have such liberty with the Peloton bike. Instead, you have to either purchase special clip-in shoes for the clipless pedals or buy toe clips to enjoy cycling in your regular sports shoes.

On the bright side, I must admit that owning a pair of clip-in shoes for the Peloton bike feels good. Although you feel you have specific shoes for the workout platform, you have been dying to join the full force.

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So, Peloton Bike or Tread?

Whether you choose the Peloton bike or tread is up to you. Not long ago, the cost of the tread was too high for most people. However, with the introduction of the cheaper $2495 option, you can now go for what you really want, the price aside. And if cost really is your issue, the standard Peloton bike is currently $1445. And with either the Peloton bike or tread, Peloton offers payment plan options.

As for the workouts, both equipment options are great cardio pieces of equipment. When upper body toning and weight loss are your goals, the Peloton read is what you really need. On the other hand, when lower body strength and endurance are your preference for the Peloton bike.

Parting Shot

Peloton bike and tread are actually the two equipment option that Peloton has today. This means that you enjoy Peloton workouts optimally with either. Now, it is up to you to decide which piece of equipment favors you most. After all, there is a price reduction on both, not to mention the payment plan option.

So, shall we get onto your most suitable Peloton equipment?