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A Simple Guide to Peloton Scenic Rides: All You Need to Know

Does Peloton have scenic rides? Yes, Peloton has scenic rides, which take you out of the typical studio workouts for a breeze outdoors. Your screen adjusts to take in inclines and declines that make the rides and runs even more real.

Do you remember the Peloton Homecoming in early May 2021? So it was obvious that Peloton would announce something new and more interesting in their workouts. And they did because, on 4th May, they announced a revamp in scenic rides and runs as a major addition.

Of course, there were scenic rides before then, but they were only in a single workout. However, the scenic ride revamps brought three different workouts; distance, time-based, and travelogues. Do you want to learn more? Read on!

Where to Access Peloton Scenic Rides?

While it was an all-vibe announcement for the scenic ride lovers with a Peloton bike or tread, it wasn’t the same for the digital app users. They had access to scenic rides before, but now they were restricted to the Peloton equipment owners.

Peloton said that the new scenic rides had features that utilized the Peloton equipment and tablet, only suitable for the all-access members.

Therefore, to access the Peloton scenic rides, you have to own a Peloton bike. However, they are available on the touchscreen.

Moreover, all the former scenic rides were put down on the Peloton app and equipment, making them no longer accessible.

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While on the touchscreen on the Peloton workouts, you will see scenic rides among your other workout options. Lick on it, then select your best option for the day.

Types of Scenic Rides on Peloton

Types of Scenic Rides on Peloton

Basically, Peloton offers three types of scenic rides as follows;

  • Guided rides ( travelogues)
  • Distance-based rides
  • Time-based rides

Let’s have a look at the features that each of the rides has to offer;

1. Guided Rides (Travelogues)

One of the main reasons behind Peloton’s success is their hyped-up and all-talkative instructors. They not only shorten the workout duration, but they also make goals achievable.

If instructors’ motivation is your most valued moment in Peloton, consider guided rides. Here, you will get energetic instructors that you must be familiar with; Matt Wilpers, Adrian Williams, and Denis Morton. 

They make the scenic rides more interesting by bringing in the class coaching aspect while pointing out the different scenic places you come across. They also zoom the video so that you see all the beautiful surroundings you are riding in. 

Other than that, the instructors will give you resistance range suggestions and the best cadence for the workouts.

2. Distance-Based Rides

2. Distance Based Rides

The distance-based scenic rides take you through different places for rides for a specified distance, for instance, ten kilometers. In addition, the music in the rides is well-selected prior to making your ride more enjoyable and shorter.

The screen zooms in and out and adjusts depending on your resistance and cadence, giving you an authentic feel of outdoor cycling.

3. Time-Based Rides

Peloton Time-Based Rides

Time-based scenic rides end within a specific duration. Therefore, they are more of warm-ups, recovery, and anything close to these.

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They are shorter, and the matching playlist that is new for each workout even better.

Overall Review of Peloton Scenic Rides

The scenic rides are a welcome breath from the indoor workout space while utilizing your Peloton bike. They allow you to tour through natural scenes such as the Hawaiian countryside, different cities, and also parks. 

The best part of it is that the location changes for every class that you attend. Therefore, it gives you the motivation to be back to see where next you will be touring.

Besides, the Peloton tablet adjusts to accommodate your speed and resistance during the rides. Hence, the real outdoor ride feel is obvious.

Bottom Line

Peloton scenic rides definitely bring a new outlook into Peloton rides. They not only enhance an indoor sweating program but also don’t mind a change of scenery. If you have the Peloton bike or bike plus, this is for you. With a tread or tread plus, you will enroll for scenic runs, which are categorized just like the scenic rides.

So, please put on your studio fan and assume the outdoor breeze, and let’s hope onto the day’s Peloton wonderland.