Does Peloton Make a Recumbent Bike? All the Things You Need to Know

Does Peloton make a recumbent bike? No, Peloton does not make a Peloton bike, at least not as of 2021. On the contrary, Peloton makes upright bikes. Actually, it has two models of upright exercise bikes; the standard Peloton bike and the Peloton bike plus.

Nevertheless, all is not lost on Peloton cycling classes if you have a recumbent bike. You can still use the Peloton digital app to stream Peloton and interact with the Peloton community.

Let’s venture into the interaction between Peloton and recumbent bikes, but first;

Peloton Bike Vs. Recumbent Bikes

A Peloton bike is an upright stationary bike with a small saddle. The pedals are approximately underneath the bike seat. One pedal is in an upright leg position, while the torso can be upright or bent. 

With the Peloton bike, you can decide to take your workouts while on the bike seat or standing on the pedals, depending on the workout and your preference.

On the other hand, a stationary recumbent bike has a larger seat, and the seat has a backrest. In addition, the seat is adjustable to a reclining position for more lumbar support. 

Then, the recumbent bike pedals are at the front, and you have to stretch your feet in front for a stable ride.

Peloton Rides on a Recumbent Bike?

Peloton Rides on a Recumbent Bike

While Peloton does not make recumbent bikes, its cycling classes are accessible to anyone with a stationary bike, including a recumbent bike. And you may not have an option for the all-access membership, but the Peloton digital app is created for people without the Peloton bikes or treads.

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Even better, you can download the Peloton digital app from a range of software and devices. So whether you have Android Play Store, the Appstore, or Fire gadgets, you can download the Peloton app into your device. Besides, even without either, you can access the app directly via the web.

Once you have the app, register your account on Peloton. You will need your email, username, and password, then card number for the payment option. Amazingly, the app will be free during the first month. Then, you will be paying $12.99 monthly afterward.

You may also consider the following for a more beneficial Peloton ride on a recumbent bike;

  • A tablet holder which helps you with a better view of the workouts without affecting your output.
  • A cadence sensor, which you fix at the pedals for Peloton output measures.

Why is a Recumbent Bike Better for Peloton?

A recumbent bike is more forgiving than a Peloton bike. Therefore, if you are a senior (Benefits of Recumbent Bikes for Seniors) or with health challenges that cannot handle high-impact workouts, the recumbent bike is a better option.

The recumbent bike has more sitting positions, hence great for burning and toning the core. And talking of the core, if you are suffering from backache, the backrest is an excellent massage option during cycling workouts.

A recumbent bike is always an option if your knee meniscus is wearing out and you are afraid of what a cycle can do despite your love for the bike. It minimizes your knee movement, hence keeping the knees safe.

You can spend as much time as you want on a recumbent bike. While more time on the upright bike may be detrimental for your joints and lower back, the recumbent bike doesn’t have these challenges.

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You can undertake a range of workouts on Peloton. Fortunately, Peloton has a wide range of workouts suitable for people on recumbent bikes. These include low-impact workouts and cycling workouts where you don’t have to stand on the pedals.

Generally, the recumbent bike helps you recover in case you have an injury and prevents the chances of injuries. At the same time, it will offer the cardio experience that the Peloton classes bring on board.

Best Peloton Classes for Recumbent Bikes

best peloton classes for recumbent bikes

1. Low-Impact Rides (20 Minute Low-Impact Ride with Denis Morton)

The low-impact class is primarily on the bike seat yet targets all the joints. It is suitable for seniors and those recovering from injury, hence great for the recumbent bikes.

Surprisingly, the class still manages to see sweat drops off your face, yet at minimal effort.

2. Power Zone Endurance Class (30 Minutes Power Zone Endurance with Christine D’Ercole)

Power Zone endurance is great when you are looking to build aerobic endurance. In this class with D’Ercole, you will target zone 2 and 3, which means you will not push yourself to the limits. Yet, you will still manage enough to build sufficient endurance.

The best part about the power zone class is that you will move at your pace, at a heart rate zone that is customized just for you.

3. Intervals (30 Minutes HIIT and Hills Ride with Cody Rigsby)

Are you ready for a more challenging workout on Peloton? Go for an intervals ride, which will keep your heart pumping higher. Add the resistance on your bike and be ready for a tough hill while still seated. And, you will have resting periods between the workouts to take a breath and listen to your pumping heart rate.

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Does Peloton Have Recumbent Bike Plans?

As of now, Peloton is yet to unravel any plans for a recumbent bike. But Peloton is full of surprises, don’t you agree? So maybe it might be in their exercise bike plans.

However, you can get a recumbent bike from other companies and work the Peloton exercises on it. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series is highly recommended. It has a high number of resistance levels for a recumbent bike, at 25, and the flywheel smooth just as a Peloton ride deserves. It is also Bluetooth compatible with a range of accessories.

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So, Which is Better: A Recumbent Bike or a Peloton Upright Bike?

Honestly, this is a personal choice. Also, it will depend on what you really need. If you are fit and ready to explore a range of cycling positions, the Peloton bike is better than a recumbent bike.

However, if you have an injury, are preventing knee and back pains, or are a senior, the recumbent bike is great. It is not only an exercise piece of equipment but also part of your injury therapy.

All in all, you will enjoy the Peloton workouts whether you have the Peloton upright bike or the recumbent bike.

Wrapping Up

So, does Peloton make a recumbent bike? No, it doesn’t. However, it has cycling workouts that go with a recumbent bike. So, regardless of your reasons for having a recumbent bike, you will always get a suitable class option on the Peloton digital app. 

With the recumbent bike, you can now hit two birds with a stone; engage in Peloton workouts and not worry about your knees and back.