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Is Peloton Coming Out with a Cheaper Treadmill: Is it worthy?

Yes, it is. Actually, the cheaper Peloton treadmill is already in the market, at almost half the original Peloton tread. It goes for $2495, which is virtually the same amount as the Peloton bike plus.

The new Peloton tread aims at reaching a larger population, especially those on budget. Its launch gave the original tread a new name, the Peloton tread plus. Now, the new tread is the Peloton tread.

The best part is that the new tread has all its pieces safe, a measure that was put in place just before the release.

So, the New Peloton Tread?

After the release of the peloton bike plus and declaration by Foley, Peloton CEO, that Peloton would release a cheaper tread, and there was excitement among Peloton fans. Some fans use the Peloton digital app for tread workouts and only failed to go for the original tread due to its high cost.

Now the tread is in the market, and it is cheaper than we would have expected. And, holding the name of a Peloton, then the tread is a relief to most Peloton indoor athletes.

Release of the Peloton New Tread

Peloton released the cheaper tread first in the UK, then in Canada. After the death of a child from a tread plus, there was a delay in releasing the new tread in the US and elsewhere.

Peloton management adhered to the request of the UCPS, and the two worked together to ensure that safety measures were taken before further sales. Actually, Peloton had to halt all tread supplies for approximately three months.

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That aside, here are the release dates when the new tread was available in the different countries;

  • UK: 26th December 2020
  • Canada: 9th February 2021
  • USA: 27th May 2021.

After the launch in the US, the tread was also available to other countries such as Germany.

Features of the Peloton New Tread

You are probably wondering whether the new tread is cheap because it is of more inferior quality. Fortunately, this is not the case. It is all about convenience, where the tread plus is more convenient than the new tread.

Let’s venture into the features of the new cheaper Peloton tread;

  • The HD touchscreen is 23.5 inches, which is smaller than the tread plus’ 32-inch screen.
  • It uses the traditional running belt to function. The belt is a woven nylon base, combined with a textured PVC top that features a red centerline contrast. Its sizing is 59 inches in length and 20 inches in width.
  • The handrail is sturdy carbon steel, but for palm protection, it has a soft-touch coating. It combines with the tray, which is a composite of polycarbonate and rubber lining. Within the tray are two water bottles for your convenience.
  • The running space is 59 inches, which is 8 inches smaller than its counterpart. Its gross measurements are 68 by 33 by 62 inches (L x W x H).
  • The speed range is 0 to 12.5 mph, similar to the tread plus. However, the incline reduces from 0 to 15% to 0 to 12.5% grade.
  • Then there are the control knobs, which, fortunately, remain adjustable.
  • The user’s height and weight remain, ranging between 4’11 to 6’4 inches and 105 to 300lbs. However, the tread set-up height reduces to a ceiling height of 20 inches higher than the user height. 
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The screen size aside, the tread screen is highly competitive as compared to the tread plus screen. Actually, it has features that are similar or better than those of the tread plus. Let’s dive into these specifics;

  • The screen uses a 2.5GHz processor.
  • It has a RAM of 4GB, with an internal memory of 16GB.
  • Amazingly, it comes with a USB-C charger, which allows you to interchange the charger with other gadget chargers such as the phone and laptop.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is 5.0, making Bluetooth connections with heart rate monitors, external speakers, and headphones faster. Other than Bluetooth, the tread supports ANT+ wireless connectivity.
  • With an advanced 8MP camera, your video chats will be more efficient and clearer.
  • It is lighter, at only 290lbs for a tread.
  • Finally, most other intricate features of the Peloton tread are similar to those of the tread plus.

The Cons of the Tread Plus

While the tread plus has numerous attractive features, it has a downside that could be the reason it is cheaper. These include;

  • It has a smaller screen, 23.5 inches, compared to its counterpart’s 32-inches screen. Moreover, the tread screen is fixed and cannot rotate for floor workouts.
  • The tread does not feature a Free Mode, which is available in the tread plus.
  • The incline reduces, despite the challenges for the tread and the tread plus being similar. Therefore, the tread users will be at a disadvantage on the Leaderboard.
  • The use of the shock-absorbing slat belt, which is on the tread plus, is more comfortable. Besides, the belt in the tread plus is longer and wider, leading to a more extended running platform.

Is the New Peloton Tread Worth It?

Yes, it is. The new Peloton tread may not match the original tread in all aspects, but it is definitely worth it. It is cheaper yet better than most other brand treads in the market.

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Moreover, the tread allows you to access all peloton services as a tread plus user would. You can use the Peloton app, have warranty conditions that are similar and satisfying, not to forget that there are features that are better than the tread plus features.

At slightly higher than the cost of a single tread plus, you can have a peloton bike plus in addition to the new tread. Therefore, you will diversify your workouts and those of your household. After all, the tread plus is more of a class, which you can skip for more workout options.

Just as with all Peloton equipment, you can use the new tread without any subscription. However, the workout options will be minimal, as you will only have the ‘Just Run’ option and only three other workouts available. It is, however, worth it during months when your budget is low or when you are too busy for your tread.

Bottom Line

Is Peloton coming out with a cheaper treadmill? Yes! We already have the new tread in operation. And it is really cheap, cutting the former cost by almost half. Now, if you had the original peloton tread, your tread is known as the tread plus, while the new tread is the peloton tread.

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