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The Ultimate Guide to Peloton Century Club Shirts

What is all the hype about the Peloton century shirt? How do you even get it? The Peloton century shirt is just as the name suggests; 100 completed workouts. It is a congratulatory gift that Peloton offers to users who have hit 100 workouts in the same type of workout. It could be 100 rides, 100 runs on the tread, 100 successful yoga workouts, 100 Bootcamps completed successfully, or other Peloton workouts.

Sometimes Peloton will be the first to email you the congratulatory message with your order code; other times, it may wait for up to a week. One thing is always certain, though; you will get your century shirt if you deserve it!

The Peloton Century Shirt is for Only the Equipment Owners

We all access Peloton differently; some with a bike, others with a tread, yet others have found success in a Peloton app. Whether you use the bike or the tread, you will get a century shirt once you hit 100 workouts. Sadly, the century shirt, which was previously offered to all Peloton users, is no longer available for the Peloton digital app users. Peloton canceled the offer as of August 31, 2021.

Terms and Conditions

Remember that you only get the shirt if you get to 100 of the same workout. For instance, 100 rides on the bike. If you have taken several of the bikes, a few of the tread, and a few strength workouts, adding to 100 workouts, you will not get the shirt. Another important point to note is that Peloton only issues a single shirt to a single user, even if they fulfilled 100 different workouts.

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What if you have two users on your equipment, and both of you hit 100 workouts on the same equipment? Remember that if you are more than one user on Peloton equipment, each of you has its account. The shirt is offered to accounts, so you will each get your century shirt.

Peloton Century Shirt Sizing and Design

The Peloton century shirt is currently round-neck, and most people find it true to size. However, some users, especially men, find it fitting smaller. Therefore, you may have to select a size larger than your normal shirt sizing, especially if you have a broad chest. It is fortunate that the shirt is in different shirt sizes, suiting more user sizes.

Interestingly, the shirt is only available in the black Peloton color, with a white Peloton name inscribed clearly at the chest area. I have seen some long-sleeves, but the dominant ones are short-sleeved.

The tees are unisex, suitable for both men and women. The high-quality cotton makes it so cute that you can comfortably wear it outdoors.

Then there is the issue of washing, where you wonder which wash to use with the shirt. Basically, the shirt does not fade, so you don’t have to worry about that. Secondly, you can machine-wash it, but in cold water to prevent shrinking.

How to Get the Peloton Century Shirt

Once you complete your hundredth workout, say ride, within 1 to 7 days, you will get an email from the Peloton with a code for the century shirt club. Copy the century code and paste it on the Peloton Century Club page. Then, click on ‘Get My Shirt,’ and you will be directed to the sizing. Select your appropriate size, then put the shirt in your cart. Proceed to checkout, and wait for around three days for the delivery. The team will contact you via email on how you will receive the shirt.

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Also, the code is eligible for use for a whole year, so you have time to redeem it. But who doesn’t want to get the shirt as soon as they get the code?

The best part about the century shirt is that it is free, and Peloton will ship and deliver it to you for free as well.

Note; You have to be above 13 years to receive the century shirt from Peloton, and each user only gets one shirt.

Final Thoughts

Peloton century shirts will remind you that you are finally a pro with a specific workout in Peloton. And whenever you want to ride all Peloton from shirt to shoe, you will always have an option. After all, it is a Peloton! Who doesn’t want to own one! Welcome to the Peloton Century Club!

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