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How to Connect Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to Peloton

The Orangetheory heart rate monitors are all Bluetooth compatible, which makes them a good match for Peloton.  So, here’s a simplified guide into connecting the heart rate monitor to Peloton;

Step 1: Turn on the Heart Rate Monitor

First off, turn on the Orangetheory heart rate monitor by pressing the power button until it starts blinking. The blink means that the heart rate monitor is in pairing mode.

Step 2: Connect the Heart Rate Monitor to Peloton

Then, go to the Peloton settings, and click on the heart rate monitor heart icon. It will start searching for available heart rate Burn monitors it can connect to. You can check that your Peloton Bluetooth is also ready to pair to ensure that its inactivity does not cause connection challenges.

Bring the heart rate monitor closer to the touchscreen, and allow the two devices a few seconds to connect.

Step 3: Put on the Heart Rate Monitor

Once the heart rate monitor connects to the Peloton, you can put it on your skin and ensure direct contact with the skin.

The OT Core is a chest strap, while the OT Flex and the OTBeat are armbands you can wear on your arm, forearm, and wrist areas. In addition, you can wet the sensors at the sides of the heart rate monitor, which helps get more accurate results.

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So, once you wear the heart rate monitor, it will start showing a gray zone due to the minimal activity. As you increase the intensity in a Peloton class, you will see the different zones you cross on the heart rate monitor.

Step 4: Join a Peloton Class

Now that you are ready for the class join one of your choices and enjoy the versatility that comes with an Orangetheory heart rate monitor in Peloton. A combination has never been better!

My Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Won’t Connect to Peloton

In this case, there may be a number of problems, but luckily, with matching solutions.

First, your heart rate monitor could fail to connect with Peloton if your Peloton is already connected to another Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Therefore, check the Bluetooth connectivity, and disconnect the heart rate monitor first.

Second, the heart rate monitor is powered by electricity. Therefore, there is a chance that the battery is low on power. Please try recharging it for more positive results.

Third, there are sensors on your heart rate monitor on each side of the heart rate monitor. Sprinkle some water on the sensors to ensure they are wet, then wear the heart rate monitor.