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Peloton Leaderboard Explained: Different Figures on the Peloton Screen

If you are entirely new to Peloton and just bought your bike or treadmill, you must be confused at the strange screen. Unfortunately, it always does, and it cannot be evident for most. 

And one of the most confusing features is the right side of the screen, which is filled with numbers and names. Even worse, you cannot even pronounce half the names, save for the cities or hashtags under the names.

So, what really is on the right side of Peloton? 

what really is on the right side of Peloton

The Peloton Leaderboard Side

That’s right, the right side with so much that you cannot fathom is called the Leaderboard side on the Peloton screen. It allows you to compete with the rest of the Peloton users in the same class as you and your type of equipment. For example, if you have a Peloton bike, you will be competing against Peloton bike and Peloton bike plus users. On the other hand, treadmill users compete against each other.

Therefore, the names you see on the Leaderboard are Peloton Leaderboard usernames of people in the same class as you. The numbers on the left side of each name are the rankings in the class. The first name is yours, with your Leaderboard ranking at the top. If you have friends on Peloton, their rankings will also be on your Leaderboard. Therefore, you can click on a username, get to a friend’s profile, and then send them a high five. Better still, you can request your friend for a video chat as you ride.

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But the ranking on the Leaderboard is a number over another? True, because it gives you your ranking against all the people in the class, especially when you take a live ride or run. 

On the other hand, if it is an on-demand class and you want your ranking against people currently in the class, your Leaderboard will be on ‘Here Now’ by default. This means that you will compete with people taking the class at that specific time. The only difference will be that the duration varies, since people take the class at their own time, which doesn’t have to be yours.
Other than that, you can filter your Leaderboard from ‘Here Now’ to ‘All’ in order to compete with everyone who has taken the class previously and during the time you take it. Hence, you will know your actual competence level since the Here Now option may provide only a few people at a time.

Then there are the numbers; as mentioned earlier, the first numbers on the right side represent your Peloton ranking out of the number of users in the class. Then, the number at the bottom right below the Leaderboard represents your Peloton output. Peloton output is a function of cadence and resistance, hence a total of your metrics. 

Other than that, you will see a number in brackets, followed by another number. The number out of the brackets is your average output, while the preceding number in the bracket represents your highest output. These numbers are subject to change whenever you exceed the maximum output in a new class.

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Is the Leaderboard Available for Digital App Users?

Is the Leaderboard Available for Digital App Users?

Yes, the Leaderboard is visible to both the digital app users and the bike and treadmill users. However, the digital app users will not have access to the ranking or the output because their metrics are not recorded.

Therefore, the app users only see the Leaderboard to view the people available in the class. They can also high-five the people on the Leaderboard and even interact. However, they cannot get video chat, given that the feature is only on Peloton brand bikes and treadmills.

Final Verdict

So, the right side of the Peloton screen is a clear representation of Peloton’s competitive nature. It indicates your level of competence against your fellow riders or runners, as well as indicate your output and ranking.

So, next time you hop onto your bike or are in a treadmill class, consider the right side of the screen. I find it interesting and worth raising some adrenaline, especially when you really feel good about yourself.