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5 Best Smartwatch for Peloton: Track Your Fitness Accurately

Getting yourself the best smartwatch for the peloton makes the Peloton experience simpler. Not only will you track your time, but you can track other metrics such as heart rate, GPS location, and distance.

Besides, if you manage to get a watch with a play store or Apple store, you will have the privilege to download the watch’s Peloton app.

Making a final decision on the smartwatch that serves you best on your peloton is difficult, especially since the internet provides numerous options. Nevertheless, we have selected the best-rated smartwatches for your training sessions.

Over and above that, we have a buying guide that gives you an insight into eliminating the few choices you have for the final purchase.

5 Best Smartwatch for Peloton

To curb some of the tiresome research you have to go through, we have a collection of 5 best smartwatch for peloton bike or peloton app reviews that will make your peloton experience simpler and worth looking forward to:

1. New Apple Watch SE

The new apple watch SE stands out as top in the list, with all the impressive features you would want in a peloton watch. The most outstanding feature is that the Apple watch links directly to the peloton app. Let’s see more:

First off, the watch allows you to track all the activities on the peloton bike, reflecting them on the peloton app you have installed on your iPhone. 

If you are an Apple watch fan, you know how astounding series 3 is. To add spice to the features in this phone, you get a two times faster processor than series 3.

More importantly, the watch reads high and low heart rate conditions and even goes as far as notifying you of irregular heart rhythm.

While on outdoor peloton activities, you don’t have to carry your phone, cash, or cards: Apple Pay on the phone is secure and ready for the payment task. And, with a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings, you have the right to venture into new expeditions.

Finally, sync your best podcasts, music, and audiobooks for your ride courtesy of the watch.


  • Compatible with the peloton app
  • Tracks the heart rate
  • Large display


  • Very expensive

2. Apple Watch Series 3

If the SE watch proves too expensive, yet all you want are the apple features, you have the option to go with Series 3.

With a GPS model, you can take calls and even receive and reply to messages rather than tag your phone along. It is more efficient, as you will not have to slow or strop to call or text.

Amazingly, the OLED display is a large retina that allows you to view your metrics and stuff from afar, hence convenient.

Since it tracks a range of activities ranging from cycling, running, swimming, and yoga, you can take the watch with you for the various sessions offered by the peloton app. Wait, did I read swimming? Absolutely! The watch is completely swim-proof.

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And let’s not forget the optical heart rate sensor, which takes in and gives you notifications of all your heart rate metrics.

To ensure that your ride is more enjoyable, the watch allows you the opportunity to store music, audiobooks and, podcasts.

Then there is the important aspect of emergency SOS. The watch comes with an S3 chip, which has a dual-core processor, which facilitates tracking in case of any emergencies. 



  • Not compatible with Android phones

3. Willful Smartwatch

If looking for a smartwatch that allows you compatibility to android and Samsung iPhones, Willful is a perfect choice. The watch connects well to iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4+ smartphones.

Better still, a simple download of VeryFitPro binds the smartwatch to your phone so that you get all phone notifications, including social media, calls, and texts.

Additionally, the watch tracks a range of activities such as cycling, dynamic cycling, hiking, mountaineering, walking, yoga, treadmill, and fitness. Therefore, you will get accurate results of your steps, calories burned, distance, workout routes, and also physical status. You only have to connect the GPS to your phone.

Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking is automatic with the watch. Thus, you can gauge the quality of your sleep as well, which will reflect in the effectiveness of the peloton workouts.

Designed with an IP68 waterproof rating, you don’t have to worry about sweating, as you are free to also swim in the watch. 

Despite the large capacity and functionality, the phone still guarantees long endurance. When using normally, it lasts for 7 days while taking up to a month in standby mode.


  • Compatible with a range of smartphones
  • Versatile activities tracking
  • ‘Find Phone’ capability
  • Versatile fitting with a large strap allowance


  • Doesn’t have a payment app option

4. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Are you modish and want some style to be a part of your peloton workouts? Get Garmin Vivoactive 3, which offers free watch faces, widgets, and apps from the Connect IQ store.

Moreover, Garmin brings you Garmin Pay contactless payment so that you can easily make payments from the watch.

Astoundingly, the watch features over fifteen fitness apps, both outdoor and indoor.  Besides, you can track your fitness metrics from workout apps using VO2 max and other fitness estimates. Surprisingly, it also checks your stress handling measures.

As for peloton, you can easily use Bluetooth connectivity to get the Heart rate and other metrics to the app.

The smartwatch battery serves you for seven days when in smartwatch mode and thirteen hours in GPS mode.

You further get an opportunity to view your smart notifications on the watch. You can also upload the metrics that the watch measures directly to your phone when you download the Gamin Connect app. On top of that, the watch tracks the peloton live when connected with the compatible smartphone where the app is.


  • Compatible with a range of smartphones for metrics uploads
  • Tracks fitness metrics
  • Contactless pay


  • You can’t download the peloton app into the watch

5. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

If a good ride would mean boredom without music, you should incorporate this watch model from Fitbit. From Spotify to Deezer and Pandora, your chosen music will be on the go.

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In case you need information about the trending news, weather, and more but are tired of googling, you have Alexa. She’s a voice assistant from Amazon who keeps you updated whenever you request.

Furthermore, track your sleep patterns and determine whether you are getting quality sleep. The metrics will depend on your heart rate since the watch also acts as a heart rate monitor.

Most importantly, the watch will track the calories burned, distance, hours of workout, active time, and steps. This way, you can gauge the effectiveness of the Peloton workouts.

Whenever you are on an outdoor peloton activity, you don’t have to keep checking on your phone with you. The watch facilitates call reception, texts, and phone notifications.

Then there is the large display, which ensures that you can glance at your notifications. Don’t like it to prevent drawing attention? Your choice, as it is optional to keep the watch in the large display mode.


  • Multiple music apps available
  • Features Alexa assistance
  • Tracks most workout metrics


  • You have to carry your phone with you when on outdoor workouts, as the connectivity works when the phone is around.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Peloton Compatible Smartwatch

Compatibility with the Peloton App

Compatibility with Peloton? Most watches are not compatible with the app. True, but compatibility doesn’t have to be direct. The peloton app is easy to download on both Android and Apple phones.

Therefore, if you get a watch compatible with your phone, you can register metrics from the phone to the peloton app. The compatibility will be this simple.

The watch could be compatible through Bluetooth or a specific manufacturer app, but either way is helpful.


Consider a smartwatch that is of high quality in terms of material and performance. A quality watch brings you the basic features in a way that you will not struggle with. Besides, its design is one you will love to wear for your workouts.

Moreover, a quality watch will serve you long, giving you the opportunity to experience all the fun from it without having to be extra careful.

Available tracking features

Check the range of activities that the watch can track to derive more benefits. Other than working as a heart rate monitor, a watch monitors cadence, distance, calories burned, and more.

A watch that is also GPS compatible is awesome for outdoor peloton activities so that you can venture into new places without worry.

Battery life

Ensure that the watch presents a battery lifethat can last you for at least a day in fully activated mode. This way, as long as you charge it, you can go for miles without worry about outdoor activities. And, when indoors, you won’t have to leave the workout or have the metrics disrupted from low charge.


A waterproof watch will protect the watch from sweating, which is almost obvious in peloton workouts.

Besides, you will have an opportunity to swim in the watch, and if possible, track your swimming metrics. The more versatile the watch is the more benefits that you will reap.

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Music features

If you love music, do not compromise the feature on your watch. Get the best of music apps and downloadable music from your watch so that you will not have to carry an extra gadget for music. The watch will be more convenient.

Strap Length

this feature is always forgotten, but the watch’s strap is important for your convenience and comfort. For instance, if you get a strap that will not even go round your wrist, you will end up not wearing the watch at all. Or, you could try to improvise another strap, but what’s the need when you have an option?

When at this topic you should get a watch that is comfortable to wear. Both the strap material and the size will matter, as you should not end up getting irritations and strain lines from the watch. Besides that, the watch should be lightweight. To enhance comfort.

This way, you will not even realize that you had a watch so that it won’t get in your way.


Ensure that the cost of the watch is within your budget range. While the Apple Watch could cost you over 200 dollars, you can reap some benefits from a watch worth forty dollars.

However, you can decide to invest in the expensive watch for the exclusive deals that it comes with, such as longer durability assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use Apple Watch with Peloton?

Yes, you can. Actually, Apple Watch is the best peloton compatible watch because you can Connect Apple Watch to Peloton it directly to the app.

Can you use Fitbit with Peloton?

Yes, you can. You just have to connect your peloton account to the watch’s Fitbit account, and you can now see all your peloton workout metrics from Fitbit. You can track the calories burned, distance, and length of the workout with the Fitbit watch.

How many years do good watches last?

A good watch will last for as long as you maintain it. Basically, watches such as Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit go for as long as you wish because they have fewer enemies that they cannot curb.

Can you use a watch as a heart rate monitor?

Yes, you can. Most cycling smartwatches have heart rate monitoring capabilities. Actually, you can check to ensure that this factor is considered in your choice of watch.

Wrapping Up

Best smartwatch for peloton? You now have a list, each with an outstanding characteristic for your need and choice. Therefore, we throw the ball to you now, and you can use the buying guide provided above to confirm a few aspects about watches for peloton that you may not know about.

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