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Peloton Bike vs. Bike Plus: Which is Perfect for You?

Both the Peloton bike and the Peloton bike plus are quality, competitive and classy, so why would one consider one over the other? Interestingly, the two bikes are really different, from appearance to features. The main difference is the more advanced features and higher cost of the bike plus.

However, the performance is the same, or you can adjust some features on the Peloton bike to perform like the bike plus. So, let’s get into the different features between the Peloton bike and bike plus, comparing the differences and similarities. At the end of it, you will answer which is better between the two.

Peloton Bike Vs. Bike Plus: Head-to-Head Comparison

Honestly, each bike has its advantages, and it has a downside that would make an individual choose its counterpart.

1. Screen


The screen is the greatest advantage that the Peloton bike plus has over the bike. Its HD screen is larger, at 23.8 inches. It also rotates 180 degrees on each side, making a full rotation of 360 degrees. On the other hand, the Peloton screen only adjusts for different heights.

With the introduction of the Peloton bike Bootcamps, the Peloton bike plus is at an even higher advantage. The Bootcamps combine cycling and strength workouts. Therefore, with a rotating screen, one can easily stream from the bike plus compared to the Peloton bike.

However, a new advancement has proven that the Peloton bike is not really at a disadvantage over time. There are currently screen swivels targeting the Peloton bike, which allow the bike screen to rotate 360 degrees. On top of that, the swivels are very cheap. Take an example of this Selina Peloton screen swivel, which rotates for 360 degrees. It even seems to be more convenient than the bike plus because it can swivel all around. The swivel can also adjust the angle of the Peloton screen, making it perfect for bike Bootcamps and other cross-training workouts.

2. Other Console Features


Both screens are 10-point multi-touch, which is convenient for speed working on the tablets. They also have the same internal storage, which is 16GB. Other than that, the headphone jack is 3.5mm on both bikes, and they both feature an in-built microphone.

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However, there is also a range of differences in the console features between the two bikes.

Firstly, the original Peloton bike has only two rear speakers, while the bike plus has two front speakers in addition to the two rear speakers. Therefore, you will realize that the sound production is more quality and fascinating in the bike plus than on the Peloton bike. Actually, you may not even need an external speaker with the bike plus, while it is a recommendation for the Peloton bike.

Secondly, the bike plus comes with a reduced reflective coating, which is also anti-smug. This makes the tablet safer for your eyes, but it is not available on the Peloton bike.

Thirdly, the bike plus touchscreen is faster, as it comes with a 2.5 GHz processor, which couples with 4GB RAM. On the contrary, the bike’s processor is 2.5GHZ, with a RAM of 2GB.

Despite both bikes having in-built microphones, the microphone in the bike plus is clearer since it is advanced to a four digital array. Also, both bikes are Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible. However, the bike plus supports Bluetooth 5.0, while the bike has a lower range at Bluetooth 4.0.

Peloton wins the platform with the technology that allows Peloton users in the same class to video chat. However, the front-facing camera on the peloton bike is 5MP, which cannot compare to the 8MP front-facing camera on the bike plus. Besides, the bike plus camera also has a privacy cover for when you don’t want the video disturbance.

The Peloton bike supports WiFi, but only 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. On the other hand, the bike plus advances to connect with WiFi options between 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and 5GHz.

While the Peloton bike charger is quite unique, the bike plus comes with USB-C. Therefore, you can use the charger to charge your phone or tablet, and you can also use your personal charger on the bike.

Most amazingly, the bike plus came to solve a challenge that the Apple users wished was solved. It comes with a technology that allows for Apple Gymkit integration.

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3. Resistance

The Peloton bike and the bike plus have use magnetic resistance, which is smooth and more efficient. The resistance is also manual, and you can adjust your own using the resistance knob.

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Nevertheless, the Peloton bike plus has an additional auto-follow feature for resistance. With the feature, you can pre-set workouts in a certain range, then ride in the range for the whole workout session. Moreover, you don’t have to keep adjusting the resistance knob, as it is auto-adjust. In any case, it is digital; hence easily determines your class inclines and declines.

4. Adjustments

Both bikes have depth and height adjustments for the saddles. They also feature a handlebar adjustment, which enhances the position on the bike. The seat and handlebars adjustments work together to ensure that you don’t compromise your posture on the bike. Hence, they promote a healthy lower back, knees, ankles, and other joints.

Moreover, the bike and bike plus have controllable volume. There are buttons for turning the volume up and down.

5. Warranty and Delivery

Once you buy the Peloton bike or bike plus, you get free delivery and installation by experts.

Both bikes also come with a one-year limited warranty, with the parts and labor being just a year. However, the frame has an extended warranty of five years.

You may also appreciate that Peloton bike and bike plus both offer extended warranties at a cost, which keep you at peace for a couple of years or so.

6. User Weight and Height

Surprisingly, both bikes accommodate the same user’s weight, height, and age. Essentially, one has to be 14 years and above to be on the bike.

Over and above that, the maximum weight on the bike should be 297 pounds, while the height should range between 4 ft 11 inches and 6 ft 4 inches.

7. Workouts

Fortunately, there are no special workouts for either bike. As long as you are using a Peloton bike, you can access all live and on-demand classes available. In addition, there are programs and challenges that you can participate in for more fruitful and enjoyable rides.

With the unlimited subscription, you can also use your bike as a household and have as many accounts as you want on the same bike. In addition, you can all participate on the Leaderboard and interact with the Peloton community.

Every account on Peloton gets the workout history, steaks, badges, and milestone achievements recorded. They also get an opportunity for any special event that Peloton organizes.

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8. Cost

The Peloton bike and the bike plus have a price difference of $1000. This is quite much, as, with only a few hundred more bucks on the difference, you could get an extra Peloton bike.

Currently, the bike plus costs $2495, which is the same cost that it was launched with. It is a newer model compared to the original bike, which explains the notable advancements.

In contrast, the Peloton bike is currently $1495. This is way low than its initial cost, which was $2295. It dropped to $1895 with the introduction of the bike plus, and now it goes for $1495, challenging its lower-end competitors.

Other than the initial cost of the bikes, the bikes use basic accessories that are similar. For example, the shoes, heart rate monitor, bike dumbbells, and water bottle suitable for one can apply to the other.

Besides, the Peloton unlimited membership is available to all equipment owners. Therefore, whether you own the bike or the bike plus, you have similar unlimited subscription opportunities. Better still, you can opt for the digital app, which costs $12.99 per month.

So, The Peloton Bike or the Bike Plus?

Which is better between the Peloton bike and the Peloton bike plus? Honestly, our choices vary, but I will leave you with a few tips;

If you don’t want to exhaust your budget with over 2000 bucks, settle for the Peloton bike. After all, you can get a swivel for the bike at less than 30 bucks, then complete the experience with a quality external speaker.

However, the bike plus is worth the deal when you want it all in one package and have the money. Besides, it is more than just a rotating screen. It has multiple advanced features that you don’t want to regret not having in the future.

Wrapping Up

The Peloton bike and the bike plus have several differences, which will help you make your final decision. Is the Peloton bike plus worth the $2495? Will I end up regretting taking a Peloton bike due to the lack of advanced features on the bike plus? These are the questions you should consider before making up your mind.

And once you do, welcome to Peloton Just Ride, scenic rides, and other interesting features that only Peloton bike owners can tell.

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