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How to Adjust Resistance on Peloton Bike and Bike Plus

How to adjust the resistance on a peloton bike can be cumbersome, especially when you have no idea how to go about it. And, like everyone else, you have to use the try-and-error methods, which are not always the best for your optimal performance. Sometimes your bike resistance knob even becomes too tight for your control.

Remember that resistance adds more to your output compared to cadence, a reason enough for you to want to do it all right. This guide will take you through both the peloton bikes’ resistance adjustments. But first;

What is Resistance?

Basically, resistance refers to the heaviness of your wheel, which forces you to increase force when cycling in order to move the wheel. It adds to your performance and among the top two performance metrics in the Peloton, other than cadence.

Does Peloton Automatically Adjust Resistance?

Yes, it does. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the Bike Plus, as opposed to the original Peloton bike. Also, it is only possible for the on-demand classes and not for the live classes.

How to Use Auto-follow Resistance on the Peloton Bike Plus

Luckily for the Bike Plus users, you have the auto-follow resistance option, which allows your resistance to adjust when necessary throughout an on-demand class automatically. It will usually use the Peloton target metrics to readjust, which facilitates optimal performance.

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Here is an explicit yet simplified guide on how to utilize this impressive function;

First off, you have to select a recorded or on-demand class, which is the only option you have with the auto-follow resistance.

Go to the metrics section, and on the bottom right, you will see the resistance option. The resistance tab will reveal the lock option, which you should click on. That’s it, and you no longer have to adjust the resistance yourself.

Adjusting Peloton Bike Plus Resistance Using the Screen?

I haven’t managed it yet, but more and more riders have managed to work out the resistance adjustment using the screen with bike plus. You can try it because it is more efficient to ride with;

First, go to the settings tab, which is at the right corner of the touchscreen. From here, go to the Device Settings, which will reveal the System. In System, click About, then check the Build Number option. Tap on it at least seven times, and you will get the Developer Mode on.

Now return to the main menu, where the Developer option will be available for use. Click on it, and run down the options to the Peloton Gestures. Then, enable the In-Class Gestures, and that’s how you allow your screen to control the resistance.

Now you can get onto a ride to see whether the functionality is working. You should adjust resistance simply by scrolling up and down the screen using more than one finger. Scrolling up will increase resistance while scrolling down decreases it.

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However, remember that there is no guarantee that this will work, as it is not working for every rider.

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How to Manually Adjust Resistance on the Bike Plus

The best part about the Bike plus is that you have several resistance adjustment options at your disposal. If the above is not for you, you can always opt for the manual resistance adjustment.

Essentially, turning the resistance knob to the right increases the Bike’s resistance, while turning the knob to the left decreases the resistance.

Fortunately for the Bike plus users, the resistance knob is easier to control, which means that you don’t have to slow down to adjust it.

How to Adjust Resistance  on the (First version) Peloton Bike

When using the original peloton bike, adjusting resistance is manual. You have to turn the resistance knob right to increase resistance, which will increase the heaviness of the wheel. To reduce the resistance, you will turn the resistance knob left.

Usually, you will use a specific resistance range within a ride. To make work easier during the ride, you can set the resistance where it suits you most so that you only adjust a little to the right and the left when necessary.

The touch screen will display your resistance at the bottom right, so it should be easier for you to know your adjustment levels.

What Do I Do If My Peloton Resistance Knob is Too Tight?

If the resistance knob is too tight for you to operate, contact Peloton customer service. It may be a manufacturing issue, and Peloton may change your Bike for a working one. Do not try to look for external help that might jeopardize your warranty and probably cause more damage. Once you consult Peloton customer care, they will advise you on what to do next.

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Bottom Line

How to adjust the resistance on a peloton bike and bike plus? You have your way out now, and it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Remember to contact Peloton customer service if your adjustment is not working at all.

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