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Is Peloton Extended Warranty Worth It?

Yes, it is. Peloton extended warranty, which could be for the bike or the bike plus, the tread or the tread plus, is actually worth it. However, this will depend on you and your Peloton equipment usage.

If you have multiple users on your equipment or are on your equipment most of the time, the extended warranty will help. For those who rarely use their equipment, the original limited peloton warranty is enough. After all, it’s not like a peloton is some cheap piece of equipment.

So, Peloton Extended Warranty?

When you purchase peloton equipment, it comes with a warranty, but which covers different accessories on the equipment and the labor differently. The lowest time frame that the Peloton limited warranty covers are one year. During this period, you can purchase the Peloton extended warranty.

The extended warranty cost differs in cost, depending on the time frame that you choose. One option covers the bike for twelve months and another for 27 months. We will look into the details of this, but to understand it better and why you need or do not need it;

What is Peloton Limited Warranty?

Peloton limited warranty is the duration that the company covers your peloton equipment after purchase. Once the item is delivered, you get a grace period within which the company covers all manufacturer defects. Better still, some flaws will get you a bike or tread replacement altogether.

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Peloton limited warranty differs depending on the part or service offered. Most of it covers 12 months after the date of purchase. But there are parts of the peloton equipment covered for up to five years, right? Sure!

Actually, this is the reason most peloton users are adamant about using the extended warranty. More importantly, the parts covered under five years are the parts you would most worry about.

Anyway, let’s look at the different durations of the warranty and what is covered;

12 Months

Under warranty, the following are covered for twelve months after the date of delivery;

  • Bike HD Screen/ tread HD screen
  • Bike or Bike Plus and bike components/ tread or tread plus and tread components
  • Bike or bike plus pedals
  • Labor

5 Years

The warranty covers the following parts of the bike, bike plus, tread, and tread plus for a maximum of five years after the date of delivery;

  • Bike frame
  • Tread or tread plus drive motor
  • Tread or tread plus walking belt

However, if you want the limited warranty to stand in your case, you have to ensure that all repairs and replacements on your equipment are Peloton. If a third-party mechanic or part is used, then this will nullify the warranty. For instance, bike users are fond of replacing the peloton pedals for other pedals, say dual pedals. Doing this risks your warranty going void.

Also, if you buy the peloton equipment from another user and not directly from Peloton, the limited warranty will not work for you. It is only suitable for the original owner.

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Is Peloton Extended Warranty Worth It?

You have a whole year to decide whether you actually need the Peloton extended warranty. During this period, you should maximize the peloton equipment that you own. If you have more than one adult in your household, you can encourage willing parties to use it as well.

Peloton equipment is sturdy and quality, hence not a surprise if it survives daily workouts without wear and tear. If you feel that you were able to maintain the equipment within that year without relying on the warranty, you don’t need the extended warranty. On the other hand, if too much use leads to the use of the limited warranty, extending the warranty is worth the cost.

As you may have noticed, the tread has better offers than the bike, yet its extended warranty is more expensive. One will consider an extended warranty primarily for the drive motor and the walking belt.

If it already has a 5-year warranty for the two, why would one go for an expensive extended warranty that actually covers less duration? I would say for labor and the parts covered under one year in the limited warranty.

How Much is Peloton Extended Warranty?

The extended warranty varies depending on the equipment and the duration covered. Let’s dive into the specifics;

27 Month Extension –
 39 Months of Total Coverage
12-Month Extension –
 24 Months of Total Coverage
Tread $230$175
 Tread+ $325$270
 Bike $185$145
 Bike+ $230$175
According to Peloton

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What Do You Get from the Peloton Extended Warranty?

As we have mentioned, Peloton limited warranty is gracious enough to cover the most delicate yet expensive parts for five years. However, remember that labor is not covered in the four extra years, and mind you, it could cost you up to $200 for the bike. Imagine how much more for the tread or tread pus. This is quite expensive, especially if you require multiple repairs and replacements.

Other than the free labor you get with the warranty, it has more than you will appreciate;

  • Parts covered for only one year under the limited warranty continue to be covered. You can even replace the parts that are irreparable without additional costs.
  • Coverage of normal wear and tear of equipment parts, not to mention functionality failure due to power surge.
  • The company efficiently handles claims for repair and replacement via phone or support chat online.
  • Your peloton equipment gets professional attention, hence not risking its performance and parts.

In a Nutshell;

Peloton extended warranty is definitely worth it if you want maximum benefits from your bike. Other than the costs it saves you, it keeps you relaxed during your workout on the equipment. You are sure that any unexpected problems arising are already catered for.

After all, if you have over four years of total service on the equipment, you can be assured of better days ahead.

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