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A Simple Guide to Peloton Referral Program: Get Free Peloton Apparel

There is no doubt that Peloton equipment, accessories, and apparel are quite expensive. For this reason, you may only own a Peloton bike and tread and only watch the rest from afar.

However, it is also obvious that having a workout community that is so strong makes Peloton stand out. Imagine having several members that you actually know in the community, such as your parents, children, siblings, and friends. Then, you will always be looking forward to the bike or tread.

The good news is that as long as you have a Peloton tread or bike, you automatically get into the Peloton referral program. 

The Peloton Referral Program Guide

The referral program is whereby Peloton rewards you for referring your friends and family, even if you would refer them without any benefits attached. So, once you refer one person and make an order, you get $100 off your next apparel or accessories order. 

On top of that, your friend or family gets $100 off the accessories they purchase for the bike or tread. So all they need is a bike or a tread in their cart.

More interestingly, you get multiple codes as a Peloton equipment owner to refer more people. Essentially, you get 12 codes a year, which means that you have a chance to get accessories at less than $1200 by just referring people to Peloton.

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How to Refer People to Peloton

Let’s skip to the process of referring friends and family to Peloton;

Step 1: Find Your Peloton Referral Code

First, you will use the web as opposed to equipment.

  • Start by signing in to, which will take you directly to your Peloton account.
  • You will see your profile picture, and at the side are three dots that allow for a drop-down menu.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Here, you will get an option close to the bottom to ‘Refer friends’ that you will click next.
  • You will get your personalized referral code, which you will copy or share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or messages.
  • It is actually easy to copy and paste.
peloton referral program

However, you cannot just share the codes on platforms, which will disqualify you from the code offer. Instead, you are just supposed to share it with friends and family or on your personal platforms.

Step 3: Let Your Friend Use the Code

Once you have convinced your friend or family to buy a piece of Peloton equipment, tell them to use the code at the checkout. It will save them 100 bucks on any accessory that they buy on top of the equipment. And who doesn’t want such a large hamper?

Step 4: Get Your $100 Reward

Finally, once your friend makes the order, your $100 offer from Peloton is activated. Even before they get their bike or tread delivered, you can order apparel and accessories with the code.

Will I Get Free Delivery If I Use the Peloton Referral Code?

Well, if you want free delivery, which is worth it, by the way, use at least $50 on top of the code amount on the accessories. Then, you will wait for Peloton accessories in the same way you waited for your tread or bike.

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Can I Get Peloton Referral Code with the Digital App Program?

Unfortunately, Peloton referral is currently only offered to the Peloton equipment owners. Therefore, you cannot get the code if you use the Peloton digital app.

When Should I Start the Peloton Referral Program?

Once you get a bike or tread from Peloton, you are entitled to the referral code. Hence, use your code as soon as you start appreciating the community and want a person you know personally to experience the same. So even if you’ve been on Peloton for just a week, you can still use the code successfully.

My Peloton Referral Code is Not Working

If your referral code seems to have an issue, you can always contact Peloton using You will get your response within a couple of days or less.

Are There Limitations to Use the Peloton Referral Code?

Yes, there are. Essentially, the code should be used to refer friends and family. Therefore, you cannot advertise it on YouTube and other Social Media platforms to strangers. This will nullify the code and may also disqualify you from the referral program.

Moreover, you can only refer people living in Canada, the US, or the UK currently, at least until Peloton expands its territories.

Also, you cannot transfer the offer to another Peloton owner, even if you don’t want to use it. If you cannot get it, you will just lose it. Besides that, Peloton does not allow you to combine the offer with other offers, codes, and discounts. You have to use the offer independently, even if you have another Peloton offer. Using a couple at the same time will nullify one.

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Most importantly, you have to use the $100 code offer all at the same time. If some of the money remains, you will not get an opportunity to use it some other time. Therefore, if the apparel you really want on Peloton is less than $100, add more to the cart to exhaust the code offer.

Finally, you must use the code when you get the email inviting you to the offer. Remember that the code cannot be used retroactively.


While making new friends on Peloton is interesting and fun, it is more fulfilling to work out with people you know. This is because you feel like you are in the same room for fitness training, while they may be a continent away. So, for instance, if your brother is in the UK while in the States, you will keep in touch and reduce missing him more.

The best part of the deal is that the process only takes three steps, which will not take much of your time. And finally, you can have Peloton accessories and apparel without spending much from your pocket.

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