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Peloton Bike Delivery: Things You Need to Know

Once you decide to buy the Peloton bike and actually make the order, the waiting period can never be as taunting. Each day seems so slow, and it is even worse when you combine it with delivery anxiety. I mean, every first-timer buyer on Peloton has it.

Nevertheless, I have compiled all you may need to know about the Peloton bike delivery from my experience and other users’ reviews. It should ease the anxiety or at least answer some of your most pressing questions as you await the piece of equipment.

How Long Does Peloton Delivery Take?

After ordering the bike, you will get the confirmation email of the purchase.It take 4-5 business days but I’ve heard some people said they take time upto 2/3 weeks, even it take months. Generally, the delivery time depends on location, currier and delivery pressure.

If you order your bike close to thanksgiving, summer, or other periods when most people would also be considering an order, you may have to wait longer.

When so many people order the bike within the same period, the delivery team is all piled up. Actually, Peloton even contracts other delivery companies, but it still doesn’t fill the gap completely.

Other times, all the bikes are taken, and you have to wait for a new batch.

Essentially, one to two days after checkout, Peloton will contact you about delivery. You will get several date options that you can consider, based on delivery available on their end as well. It is obvious that you will choose the earliest possible unless you are not home at the time. Sadly, the earliest maybe months from the time of order.

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If this happens to you, you could contact Peloton customers for the earliest window available. Since they have the delivery schedule, they would know if there was an opportunity to come your way.

However, if the window is not available, just keep yourself busy preparing your will-be studio, getting other accessories you may need, and learning more about the bike.

How Do I Check My Peloton Delivery Status?

To check out where your Peloton bike is in the delivery process, you will need your order number and zip code. Find the order confirmation email from Peloton and look for a link within to check your order status.

Information about the delivery status will be shown on the screen. If something goes wrong with your order, you can find out more on that page.

Can I Change My Delivery Date?

Yes, you can. Peloton understands that you may have changes in your schedule and hence need to cancel the delivery or postpone it. However, always ensure that you change the date before the bike leaves the company. The night before delivery, Peloton will send you a text notifying you of the delivery. If possible, cancel the order on or before then.

How Many Peloton Delivery Guys Will There Be?

Peloton Delivery Guys

Usually, you will get two delivery guys, who will bring the bike to your house. Actually, if you already have the studio prepared, the delivery guys will put the bike right where you need it.

Immediately they put the bike on the floor, and they go ahead to;

  • Balance the bike on its transport wheels to ensure that it is stable
  • Mount the touchscreen and ensure it is working
  • Tighten the bolts on the frame and pedals

Today, they also allow you to test the bike while they watch to ensure that it is generally good.

The whole process will roughly take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the point of installation. Of course, it will take longer if you need your bike in an upper room or basement compared to a studio close to the door.

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Peloton recommends that you keep the way clear for the delivery guys to minimize time wastage and also keep the bike safe. Once you open the door, keep away and allow the team to do their work as you watch from afar.

You will also be asked whether you want the touchscreen intact or separate as it gets into the studio. Of course, if the bike will have to go through corners and stairs, it is safer if the touchscreen is separate. However, if the passage is straight ahead and the screen is safe, the team will assemble it onto the bike just before bringing it.

Should I Tip the Peloton Delivery Team?

Peloton clearly states that tipping the delivery team is at your discretion. You can tip the guys if you wish, but it is not compulsory.

Approximately 20 bucks are okay to thank the guys for the delivery and installation or whatever you feel generous with.

Who Delivers the Peloton Bike?

Peloton has its delivery guys for bike and tread deliveries. However, the company also contracts other delivery companies for delivery services.

When the deliveries are in major towns, the Peloton vans will deliver the bikes and treads to their owners. However, they contract XPO and other freight companies for remote or rural area deliveries.

How Do I Know Which Company Will Deliver?

You will know which company delivers the peloton bike because Peloton will email you a shipment confirmation as well as your order’s tracking number.

If Peloton uses a third-party company, it will include this in your shipment email. However, if they deliver the shipment themselves, you will not get any third-party freight company mentioned.

Can I Choose Who Delivers My Bike?

Unfortunately, you can’t choose who delivers your Peloton bike. However, this is a right that Peloton reserves, so you will just have to wait. The good news is that you will get the best possible delivery.

Tips to Prepare for Peloton Bike Delivery

tips to Prepare for Peloton Bike Delivery

So, what do you do as you await the Peloton bike delivery, which may take months as it is? Simple, just prepare for the bike. There is no end to the accessories you need for the Peloton bike, so what about taking a look at a few as you wait and going shopping occasionally? And that’s not all;

  • Prepare the space where you want to ride your Peloton bike. Being an indoor workout bike, you may consider an area where you won’t disturb it or move it constantly.
  • If you don’t have a bike cover, consider an area where rays from the window will not reach your bike.
  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection. If you want Peloton streaming without buffers and reloadings, a WiFi speed of 10MBPS and above is the most suitable. In addition, having a stable WiFi connection will help you immediately set up your account for Peloton once the bike arrives.
  • Clean the floor or mat where the bike will sit to ensure dust-free and safe from humidity.
  • Just before the delivery, keep everything away from the bike passage. You don’t want the embarrassment of delivery guys tripping over items or even ending up injuring themselves or dropping the bike during the transition, right?
  • Finally, if you have a tip, keep it ready. The delivery team has other bikes to drop, and the faster they leave the premises, the better for them.
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Peloton bike delivery is the most simplified today, as the delivery team also sets up the bike for you. You can even try the bike out just before they go. Therefore, as the team leaves, you will usually have to start setting up the Peloton account.

So, now that you know what to expect, how about polishing out what is left of your preparation before the bike delivery team knocks on your door?