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How to Make Your Peloton Bike into a Bike Plus

Despite knowing all the advantages she would miss from the Peloton bike, I just pressured my best friend to get the standard Peloton bike, plus its advanced version. However, I already know that she wanted a value bike; hence the Peloton bike, currently at $1445, is the best Peloton bike option. 

Moreover, I had already figured a way to get around the Peloton bike and turn it into a bike plus. I intend to take her through the process, so if you are also interested, let’s take the bus for a road trip;

The Peloton Bike into a Bike Plus?

It was difficult for me to swallow the hard pill of watching all the elegant and technological advancements that came with the bike plus. However, I was already too attached to my Peloton bike to even consider a switch.

The best deal came when I realized that I could actually get the most covetable features of the bike plus on the standard bike. Even better, it doesn’t take much, as most of the features are technically similar.

Anyway, here are the changes I found worthwhile;

1. Getting a Rotating Screen Swivel

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The most apparent difference between the Peloton bikes is the rotating screen that comes with the bike plus. The bike plus screen rotates 180 degrees on either side, making a full 360-degree rotation.

A rotating screen is suitable for cross-fit, strength, and yoga on your Peloton. Then there are the Peloton bike Bootcamps, where you have to switch between the bike and the floor. Finally, the bike provides for cardio workouts, which you alternate with strength training within the same workouts.

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The bike plus will definitely offer a completely amazing experience here, but what about the standard bike? You’ve got the Peloton bike swivel. It rotates 360 degrees, which means that you can now have off-bike workouts stress-free. You don’t have to squeeze your mat adjacent to the bike just to get a fair view, and you can utilize the rest of your studio.

Besides, the swivel is made for the standard Peloton bike, so there is no way that it won’t fit with the handlebar space and design.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

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Once you’ve listened to a workout from the bike plus, there is no doubt that you will find the Peloton bike sound less attractive. For this reason, I found it necessary to amplify the Peloton bike sound for a better sound. After all, the Peloton bike is Bluetooth compatible, hence not difficult to get a compatible speaker.

I was looking for something almost similar or slightly better than the bike plus when I came across the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker, one of the best decisions I have made for my Peloton bike accessories.

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With these two in place, it is easier to reap the benefits of the Peloton bike plus on the Peloton bike. Also, note that other bike classes and bike Bootcamps are the same for both the Peloton bike and the bike plus. So while you will miss out on the bike plus’ auto-follow resistance feature, at least you won’t be much far behind.

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