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Peloton Instructor’s Leaderboard Names List (Or Coaches’ Usernames)

It is interesting how you may know precisely what instructor you want to try out on Peloton and still not get them. Reason? You don’t actually know their Leaderboard username. And while you may get around this by a regular full name search, it would be easier to use their username. After all, their formal names may have more than one Peloton user.

I have a list of the best Peloton instructors; well, all instructors on Peloton are the best. That is why the list includes all their usernames, according to the workout that each instructor trains;

Peloton Instructor Leaderboard Names?

Let’s get onto the Peloton instructor usernames and the workouts that they train;

Instructor Leaderboard NameWorkouts
Aditi Shahditi22Yoga
Adrian WilliamsAdrianWNYCTread
Anna GreenbergagreenbergYoga
Alex ToussaintMrToussaint25Bike
Ally LoveAllyMissLoveBike
Andy SpeerAndySpeer23Tread
Becs GentryBecsGentryTread
Ben AlldisBenAlldisBike
Bradley Rosebradley_roseBike
Callie GullicksonItscallieGBodyweight and strength
Chase TuckerchasetuckerTread
Chelsea Jackson RobertsCJRLovesYogaYoga
Cliff DwengerClifforddwengerBike
Cody RigsbycodyrigsbyBike
Denis MortonDenis__MortonYoga and bike
Olivia Amatoolivia_amatoBike and tread
Emma LovewellBike
Erik JägerErikJägerBike
Hannah FranksonHannahFranksonBike
Hannah Marie CorbinHannahCorbinBike
Jess SimsjesssimsTread
Jenn ShermanJennShermanBike
Jess KingjesskingnycBike and tread
Kirra Michel Yoga
Nico Sarani Yoga
Kendall ToolefitxkendallBike
Mayla WedekindMayla_WedekindBike
Kristin McGeekrimcgeeYoga
Leanne HainsbyLeanneHainesbyUKBike
Marcel Maurer Strength
Mariana Fernandez Yoga
Matt WilpersMWilpersBike and tread
Matty MaggiacomomattymaggiacomoTread
Rad LopezradlopezStrength and weight
Rebecca KennedyRKSolidTread
Robin ArzonRobinArzonBike and tread
Ross RayburnYogarossYoga
Sam YoSuperYOdaBike
Selena SamuelaselenasamuelaTread
Christian Vande VeldeChristianVVBike
Tunde Oyenintune2tundeBike

Peloton instructors are renowned in their athletic and gym fields as some of the best. If you use a Peloton tread, a bike, or even the Peloton digital app, you have the opportunity to interact with them. 

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Actually, the best way to know the instructor that brings out the best in you is by attending classes with them all. If you have a bike, ensure that you have a session with all the bike coaches before settling for one. It will surprise you how much each is in their way. 

There are trainers involved in more than one workout. You can join your favorite instructor in one of their other classes. Who knows, they might be your key to getting to venture in another workout.

Peloton instructors vary in encouragement, music, and workout. Some are intense and strict, building discipline in workouts. Others are friendly and really encouraging, ensuring that you develop a passion for the workout. Look at our list of Peloton instructors depending on what they are best at, and add to your thrilling experience with Peloton.

Parting Shot

Peloton instructor Leaderboard names ensure that you have an easy time looking for classes. Better still, ensure that you easily track how you rate on the Leaderboard compared to your trainer.

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