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All about Hannah Frankson: Peloton Instructor

Hannah Frankson is an open-minded lady who was a model before joining peloton as a cyclist instructor. She grew up in Essex, southeast of England, where she’d ride a bike in her favorite park next to their home. The 32 years old beat all odds to become who she is in life today. However, she notes her mother has been the pushing force behind her success.

Hannah participated in the Olympics athletics competition but didn’t make it. She also actively participated in triple jump training and was featured in the 2012 UK film (fast girls) as an extra. She believes luck saw her come into contact with Anthony, who planned for auditions that took six months to materialize. In the end, she was successful in the interview and currently uses her teaching style to help members know who they are. She plans to help her members be comfortable in their bodies and mind.

Hannah Frankson: Hometown, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Instagram, Biography, and More

Full Name/ Real NameHannah Frankson
Birthplace/ Home TownEssex southeast Germany
Age32 years
BirthdayJanuary 11, 1989
Birth SignN/A
Height5 feet 8 inches
Diet/Eating Habit/ Favorite FoodsCoffee, beer
Role Models/ Favorite PeopleHer mom
LikesStaying connected with her fans on social media and writing down things she’s grateful for
Favorite DestinationsEast London
Favorite hobbiesRiding bike, listening to music, going to a comedy night, attending an exhibition, and going to a nightclub
Favorite radio showSoulection
EthnicityJamaican/ American
Education (School/College/UniversityBrunel University, St Edwards C of E comprehensive Romford
Marital StatusSingle
Children/ BabyN/A
Current ProfessionPeloton instructor
Previous ProfessionAthlete, a jumper
Notable BooksNatives by Akala
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net Worth$460.81 thousand
Disease DiagnosedN/A

Hannah Frankson Early Life

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source: Instagram

Hannah grew up under the care of both her parents, who are still together after 37 years. While growing up in Essex, she’d spend most of her free time riding a bike in a nearby park. She had close ties with her mom (a nurse), whom she believes helped shape her destiny.

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Even though Hannah was the only black girl in her primary school, she never experienced racial challenges since her parents taught her to be proud of her heritage. Her mother bought her black dolls, books with black characters and took her to a black hairdresser to make her have a strong sense of herself. However, when she started her modeling career, she felt there was racism. Hannah could go to shoots with her hairstyles since she believed the hairstylists would be reluctant to do the job.

Hannah Frankson Family and Relationship

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Hannah is blessed to have both her parents live together for 37 years. She hardly states much about her father but says that her mother made her who she’s today. She says her mother was supportive in the athletics competitions and could drop her at the venues. Hannah’s mother also lets her cry and lament over the phone without judging and is her biggest fan. In fact, her mother is one of the members of her peloton classes.

Currently, it’s not clear whether Hannah is dating. But she mentions that a while back, she had a boyfriend with whom they had investments together. The two built a house while still engaged before things fell apart. To overcome the heartbreak, she spent most of her time teaching spins to help release that energy. Hannah’s stays in those dark rooms made her overcome her fears, frustrations, and confusion, and she became friends with those who rode with her.

In December 2020, Hannah wrote that she was feeling lonely, but she started valuing friends after soul searching and reaching out more. She currently can enjoy her time alone again, read, dance, and cook for herself.

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Hannah Frankson Carrer before Becoming a Peloton Instructor


Before becoming a peloton instructor in 2019, Hannah was into athletics. She liked sprinting from ages 10 and 11. When Hannah was 16 years old, she discovered triple jump and was good at it, and this saw her break the U17 all-time record.

She was later picked by England junior volleyball team after the starling performance in her school. However, this didn’t work out as she believes she had poor mastery of the tactics and the games play. To her, she was better off running in a straight line and jumping into the sand. 

Hannah also featured as an extra in a UK film in 2012(fast girls) which starred Lily James. This was after failing in the auditions for one of the main parts.

Hannah Frankson’s Journey to Being a Peloton Instructor

During one of the ride lessons at a studio where Hannah used to work, one of her students (producer Anthony) was part of the class. After the classes, they chatted, and later on, she received a message from LinkedIn from Anthony requesting a chat.

The LinkedIn chat led to a screen test, auditions, and a serious interview session by Cody Rigsby and Robin Arzon. Hannah had the last interview session with the peloton CEO William Lynch, which summarized the end of the six-month interrogative period of joining the peloton.

She luckily joined the team in November 2019, not because of luck but what she terms as ‘who we are. After joining the team of instructors, Hannah spent the first six months learning how to work out in front of a camera, making playlists, and designing classes. But now she’s working towards being the music-led fitness professional in the UK. This is because she believes there is still a lot of untapped power between music and exercise. She wants to bridge the gap between music and exercise because sweating and singing along to a banging track is enjoyable, and she wants everyone to feel it.

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Hannah Frankson Training Style

Hannah says that her main plan is to help people learn more about who they are. She wants everyone to go to places they’ve never been to. This she does through her ride classes which take your body and mind on an adventure in a fun and challenging way.

While training her members, she helps them make the small and big wins to enable them to be comfortable with who they are. Her classes take between 20 and 45 minutes, and she works from the Peloton studio in London.

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