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Celebrity Peloton Usernames on the Leaderboard

Did you know that your celebrity artist, basketballer, athlete, or cyclist could be riding or running with you on Peloton? More amazingly, most of them are not afraid to publicly declare how much they are in love with their bikes or treadmills. They even boast about their favorite Peloton instructors, just like us!

Sadly, these celebrities prefer some level of privacy, which is why you will be with them in the same class and not know it. However, I have successfully fished some of these Leaderboard names. Who knows, a high-five to and from your role model or best person in a certain industry could be all you need to make your day or week.

Celebrity Usernames on the Peloton Leaderboard

While most celebrities are ready to admit and are actually proud to be part of Peloton, getting their Leaderboard names is not easy. Probably because they prefer anonymity, or they did not know that the Leaderboard names could be life-changing for their Peloton lovers, who are their personal fans.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the Leaderboard names I managed to get;

NFL Celebrities and their Leaderboard Names

Are you a fan of American football? If so, I have a few of the most celebrated players that could make your day with a ride in the same class;

1. Cam Newton (NFL quarterback for the Carolina Panthers)

Leaderboard Name: #Aceboog1e on Peloton bike

The NFL Pro-Bowler is so much into Peloton that he actually flew all the way to New York just to have a studio class with his favorite instructor, Alex Toussaint. He is known to dominate the top of the Leaderboard, finally getting the title of the Leaderboard champion.

Therefore, you can now look for your favorite NFL player and join the class he joins. Better still, you will realize that his role model post for your continues even in the gym. I mean, we all struggle to at least get to a top position on the Leaderboard, set aside maintaining a good position. But with Newton, he’s a natural!

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2. Adrian Colbert (NFL Player)

Leaderboard name: Acolbert27

Then we have Adrian Colbert, another celebrity NFL player who loves Peloton so much that he graced Alex Toussaint’s class in early 2021.  He even urged Peloton members to join the class, showing his devotion to the indoor fitness cult. 

The tweet got at least 70 retweets and was reposted on Peloton’s social media platforms by his fans, who must have been excited by the news. 

Other NFL players on Peloton and their Leaderboard names include;

        Name                                                       Leaderboard Username

  1. Baker Mayfield                           BRM6
  2. Patrick Mahomes                       2PM
  3. Jay Cutler                                   Cutler6
  4. Cliff Avril                              MrSackFumble  
  5. Booger McFarland                     booger9494
  6. Geoff Schwartz                          GSchwartz7474
  7. DJ Moore                                   Givmemoore
  8. Russell Wilson                           DangeRussWilson
  9. Richard Sherman                       Rideout25
  10. Gardner Minshew                      GardnerMinshew

NHL Players

Hockey players have also been a great part of Peloton, and most will seize any opportunity to describe the amazing experience on either the bike or the treadmill. Let’s look at a couple of the most conspicuous hockey players on Peloton, then get into a few more prominent names;

1. Marc Methot: NHL Player

Leaderboard name: MarcMethot

Marc Methot always has something to say about Peloton, and in mid-2020, he took to answering Peloton fans’ questions on Twitter. He mentioned that he rides with Kendall Toole, Denis Morton, and Emma Lovewell. Other than that, Methot occasionally talks about the rides he takes. Actually, he is an active member of Twitter’s PelotonWith and @onepeloton.

The best part is that he readily gave his Leaderboard name to the Peloton fans.

Other NHL players and their usernames include;

Name                                Leaderboard Username

  1. Cassie Campbell              cc2010
  2. Eric Joyce                        ericjamesjoyce
  3. Tyler Toffoli                     TylerToff
  4. Roberto Luongo              Strombone1
  5. Jonathan Bernier             jobern

Artists on Peloton and their Leaderboard Names

It must be apparent to you by now that Peloton actually appreciates music, and some of its best promoters are artists and choreographers. For example, Beyonce helped promote Peloton and even has classes under her name. Then there is Usher, who even came to the studio to train instructors Emma Lovewell and Ally Love on some of his best choreography moves. These you already know, so let’s get onto others that will surprise you;

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1. Mel B: Artist

Leaderboard name: OfficialMelB

Mel B has a Peloton series dedicated to her, known as Peloton x Spice Girls Artist Series. There are around nine classes dedicated to the artist, including barre, cycling, bike Bootcamp, yoga, running, strength, and cool down classes. 

The classes are the most-all-round series on Peloton, favoring fans regardless of the equipment they use. Actually, even if you don’t use a piece of equipment and are on the Peloton, there are floor workouts that you will enjoy.

Other than that, Mel B has a Peloton spinning bike with which she relishes workouts.

Other artists on Peloton whose Leaderboard names I got include;

Artist                                Leaderboard Name

  1. Pitbull                              Mr_Worldwide
  2. Melanie C                         SportySpiceUK
  3. Debbie Gibson                 DJDebbieG
  4. Diplo                                diplo1978
  5. Jake Owen                       CoconutMan81
  6. Joe Jonas                        cup_of_joe

TV Hosts and Celebrities

And when you have TV hosts, you would love to ride with, there is no better way than learning how you can find them on the Leaderboard. They include;

1. Andrea Barber

Leaderboard name: Spinny_Gibbler

Andrea took to her Facebook page to talk about her love for Peloton. She was in an Apple podcast and could not hide how much she adores the bike. Therefore, if you are into the Kimmy Gibbler sitcom and would love to interact with one of the primary actresses, this is your opportunity.

Others include;

Name                                          Leadeboard Username

  1. Candace Cameron Brue             candyrock
  2. Sam Claflin                                 samclaf                                      
  3. Jaime Camil                               jaimecamil

Training with Celebrities on Peloton

I’m sure you already love your Peloton experience as it is, so I can only imagine if you could add a celebrity to your Leaderboard friends. You can start a blossoming friendship here, which you couldn’t have thought had a chance. And even if you don’t get that far, at least you will interact with your celebrity during your fitness sessions together.

Moreover, there are also other celebrities I know are on Peloton, but I’m yet to get their Leaderboard names. However, I will update the list once I have the names.

How Can I Find Celebrities on Peloton?

Now that you have a celebrity Leaderboard name, here’s a simple process into befriending them;

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First, tap on the three dots that are at the bottom right side of your screen. Then, click on Find Peloton Members, which allows you a search option. Next, enter the username of the celebrity, ensuring that you put the lowercase, uppercase, and any special characters in order.

More interestingly, once you start typing, the Leaderboard will bring up matching usernames for you to select. Therefore, it will not be challenging to easily come up with your match.

Finally, please tap on the correct username available, and the website will take you to their profile. Click on follow, and you can always find the person on the Leaderboard when you happen to be in the same class. Alternatively, you can easily check the class they are taking, as they will be one of your friends, and join them.

How Can I Get Celebrities with My Interest In Peloton?

Other than the list I provided, you can actually get celebrities with whom you share ideas. On Peloton, there is an option for #, which allows you to explore the different interests on Peloton.

If you are into hockey, you can use the keyword to join users who are also into hockey. Among the users will be hockey players, who you may recognize by face, thereby getting their Leaderboard names. Others will just use acronyms or their real names as usernames, making it easier to identify them.

What if you still cannot find the celebrity? If you are friends on Facebook, this could make it easier for you. Once you click on the three dots on Peloton, go to Find Facebook Friends, and you will manage to log in with their Facebook account.

Final Thoughts

Peloton workouts are great, and athletes, artists, TV personalities as well as professional sportspeople can attest to this. Thus, the interactions and community that Peloton provides are not in vain. You get to interact with celebrities, politicians, and prominent people, as well as friends from other continents. 

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