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How to Find Best Peloton Rides for Beginners?

We all seem to appreciate the fact that Peloton brings on board thousands of rides for selection. However, it is another issue for beginner training, where you are so lost on where to start. Given the ever-increasing on-demand classes and uncountable daily live classes, it is not surprising.

Essentially, I advise Peloton users to try out as many class varieties and instructors as possible. After all, you will only think that sugar is the sweetest if you never tasted honey, right?

This said, we have a definitive guide on starting with the peloton rides as you acquaint yourself with the bike or app. But first;

How Do You Find Rides on Peloton?

When you are new to Peloton, you tend to be confused about getting rides that are really suitable for you. While music, time is taken in a ride, and instructors you have had about are a great way to start, how will you mix all these in one pretty welcoming Ride?

Luckily for you, Peloton has a tool, Find Your Ride,’ which facilitates your ease in finding appropriate rides. It has several questions that address your interests, the type of music you cherish, with even music mix options, and more. With your answers, the tool will get you classes and instructors most suited to your interests. Usually, you will get more than one option, but I always insist that you try them all.  The more instructors and classes you interact with, the more likely you will get to your best. After all, we are all different, and what I appreciate in a ride may be totally different from what you value.

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Best Peloton Rides for Beginners
Credit: onepeloton

With this tool, you will not spend eternity trying to figure out what rides to start on. Other than that, consider our special recommendations as listed below;

Best Peloton Rides for Beginners

1. Dennis Morton’s 10-Minute Warm-Up Rides: Welcome to Peloton!

The shortest of the Peloton rides, this 10-minute Ride is meant to give you a range on how much you can push yourself in a Peloton ride. It is also known as FTP, short for Functional Threshold Power. 

With the enthusiasm that comes with the decision to take Peloton rides, what better time to know what you are actually capable of? Do you know what’s better? You might never go lower than you manage in this class, especially with tight workout goals.

Moreover, the class may give you an interest in the long-time FTP classes, which really test your riding skills.

2. Cody Rigsby’s 10-Minute Slow Ride

Do you just want a ride that will introduce you to the world of indoor cycling without hurrying you? This 10-minute Ride, usually for those already done with their day ride, is a perfect intro. Since it is slow, you will learn to ride with clipped shoes (if you are a beginner), feel if the seat and handlebars are in an appropriate position for you, and even go through an induction process into Peloton.

3. 15 Minute Rides with Jenn Sherman: It’s Your Ride Vibrant Seniors

Senior riders will obviously enjoy some beats from the ’80s, which Jenn Sherman always ensures reign in these classes. Better still, these classes lie between beginner and intermediate levels, which make them suitable for beginner riders.

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Moreover, the rides are short, which makes them suitable even for riders with mild health conditions.

4. Hannah Corbin’s ’70’s 30-Minute Ride

Hannah Corbin has some interesting rides for you for seniors who want a slow half-hour ride to start on Peloton. The rides are so slow that you feel a relaxing street ride, and the music beats match the rides.

Over time, this class transitions to difficult, though you may not even realize it. This makes it an ideal option for heart and lung health.

5. Hannah Corbin’s 15-Minute Country  Ride

Do you fancy a ’90’s country music class that will not take much of your time? It would help if you tried Hannah Corbin’s country-themed classes, which only run for 15 minutes. And, I mean, it’s Hannah Corbin, so you are bound to get some humor that will see the 15 minutes fly by.

6. Hannah Corbin’s 2010 Hits Rides

If you are for Hannah Corbin but in love with some millennial music from the 2010’s how about join the 15-minute 2010 Hits rides? It’s one of the classes that I will always attend whenever I feel low and need my spirits raised.

7. Tunde Oyeneyin’s 15-Minute Interval and Arms Ride Intro

Are you dying to have Tunde Oyeneyin’s arms? You may not get it today, but enrolling in her intro Interval and Arms’s Ride could give you a rough idea of what you could be getting yourself into. 

Other than that, Tunde has a way of making tough workouts feel so simple and making her riders want to do more with promising benefits.

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8. Kendall Toole’s 15-Minute New Tracks Ride

Sometimes all you want is to ride with the trend and even get a new music playlist. Get on track with Kendall Toole, and you will get more than just the infectious short Peloton ride that she offers.

9. Emma Lovewell’s 20-Minute New Tracks Ride

With the newest tracks, you also have an option with Emma Lovewell. However, you have to be prepared to shed sweat on Emma’s rides. Within these 20 minutes, you may feel more impact than you would in a 60-minute ride.

10. Matt Wilpers 45-Minute Power Zone Endurance Ride

The long Peloton rides were probably what lured you into Peloton workouts. In this case, even as a beginner, you can enjoy a cool 45-minute Power Zone Endurance ride. It may not be slow, but the class is definitely for beginners and intermediate riders.

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In a Nutshell;

With only ten classes to choose from, we have narrowed the beginner classes for you. You can finally choose a start and probably go through all the above within the first two weeks. Remember what we said before; try as much as possible to explore Peloton. You may be surprised at the range you end up falling in love with.