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Peloton Hashtags Guide: What You Should Know

Peloton has made at-home workouts not as lonely or boring as one could imagine. One of the interactive features that I find intriguing is the Peloton Tags, allowing you to connect with people with whom you have similar interests.

But you can have several interests, which is always the case actually. Fortunately, you have the freedom to create or join up to 10 hashtags on Peloton. And when you still find another that seems even more interesting, you can add to replace an older hashtag. The older hashtag will just disappear on its own. Quite interesting, right? So, shall we dig into more details?

How Peloton Hashtags Work

Peloton hashtags are part of the interactive feature that the platform provides. When you join a hashtag, you can follow up on any Peloton platform discussion regarding the topic.

More interestingly, you can filter the Peloton Leaderboard to join classes where most people use the same or similar hashtags. Therefore, your classes are more interesting, and you can connect more with the users here.

Hashtags are popular and trending, and sometimes you can pick on tags specific to your group of friends or locality. Then, of course, you can see the people using the tag and decide whether to join the community.

Even better, you can filter the Leaderboard during a class to see trending hashtags in your class. Who knows, you may develop an interest in a topic.

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How to Create/ Add Peloton Hashtags

Essentially, you can browse existing tags on Peloton, or you could create your unique hashtags. There are options for trending, featured, friends, and popular hashtags for you to select. Of course, that is if you want to join existing hashtags.

Here is a quick process to creating or adding Peloton tags;

First, go to your Peloton profile, and underneath your profile photo and name is a small box with ‘+ Add Tags.’ Click on it, and a large blue ‘#’ will prompt you to the trending hashtags. Click on the most intriguing that you would like to join.

Alternatively, please type in your hashtag of interest on the search bar, and clicking on an option adds it to your list.

If you cannot get your hashtag of interest, you have the option to create it as a customized hashtag.

You can add up to 10 tags to your profile, and this is not even the limit. If you still feel that another hashtag interests you more, you can add it to your profile. It will simply replace an older hashtag that you are probably no longer using.

Once you have your tags in place, select one to appear on your Leaderboard. And don’t worry, you are not limited to one hashtag on the Leaderboard, even in a single workout. You can change as many times as you decide to suit the different interests you stand for during the workout. For instance, you may start with ‘#BlackLivesMatter,’ then ‘#PelotonMums,’ probably finish with ‘#PelotonYogaBeginners.’

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  1. #BlackLivesMatter
  2. #PelotonMoms
  3. #PelotonNewbies
  4. #WorkingMomsofPeloton
  5. #Pelo4Wine
  6. #PowerZonePack
  7. #TogetherWeGoFar
  8. #PelotonDads
  9. #BooCrew
  10. #FeelGoodLookGood
  11. #30DayChallenge
  12. #GeorgiaTech
  13. #PelotonCanada
  14. #hardCORE

Are Peloton Tags Available on the Digital App?

Yes, they are. Fortunately, you can use the Peloton hashtags whether you use the Peloton bike, tread, or even the Peloton digital app. Therefore, every user on Peloton can access the tags feature.

Why Are My Hashtags Turning Blue?

You might have noticed that you are getting blue hashtags when you add the tags to your list. You will also identify these tags among others due to their blue tag color. However, the rest are white. And that’s actually the difference.

The blue hashtags are already in your list, so you cannot reselect them, while the white ones are not in your list, and you have the option to add them to the list.

In a Nutshell;

Peloton hashtags advance your community feature on Peloton. It allows you to narrow down your Peloton group to people with whom you have the same interests. Then, you can ride and work out with them as you discuss or strengthen your common interest.

Other than that, you get the chance to join trending hashtags that are hot news in the community, which might otherwise have taken you longer to know. Finally, you don’t have to join Peloton on social media just to get the trending news on the platform.

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