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Schwinn IC4 Vs Peloton; Which Bike is Better?

Both Peloton and Schwinn IC4 are indoor stationary bikes, so why would a person prefer one over the other? If you are stuck between the two exercise bikes, then this is just the right place for you.

The two bikes have numerous differences, but we have to admit that the similarities are also present. So, let’s take the Schwinn and Peloton bikes bumper to bumper, and let’s find out the strengths and weaknesses of each. Only then will you decide which bike to consider as your final choice. Ready for the exercise bikes battle?

Schwinn IC4 Vs Peloton?

Below is a summary table for Schwinn IC4 and Peloton bikes comparison;

FeaturesPeloton BikeSchwinn IC4
ModelsPeloton bike
Peloton bike plus
Schwinn IC4
Size  Peloton Bike: 59 in x 22 in (150 cm x 56 cm) Peloton: 59 in x 23 in (150 cm x 58 cm)  48.7 inches L x 21.2 inches W x 51.8 inches H (122cm L x 53.8cm W x 131.6cm H)
DisplayPeloton bike: 21.5-inch touchscreen Peloton bike +: 32 inches touchscreen  LED metrics display
Peloton Workouts  Peloton unlimited Peloton digital app  Peloton, Echelon, Zwift, iFit Coach, TrainerRoad
In-built workoutsPresentAbsent  
Live Classes  PresentAbsent  
On-demand classes  presentAbsent  
Monthly membership cost  $44 per month  Depends on the workout app
Pedal type  Look Delta  Dual (Clip-in SPD and Toe cages)
Shoes  Look Delta, SPD-SL  SPD style shoes, casual shoes
Casual sneakers on the brand pedals  No  Yes 
Type of resistance  Magnetic  Magnetic 
Resistance levels  100100 micro-adjustable levels
Maximum user weight  305lbs  330lbs
Heart rate monitor inclusion  No  Yes 
Dumbbells inclusion  No  Yes 
Military discountPresent   Absent 
Warranty  12-month guarantee on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on frame  10-years guarantee on the frame, three years on all mechanical parts, and one year on labor  

We have compiled a list of the features that the two bikes display, which will translate into what the bikes bring to the table. So, shall we get things underwater on the specifics of the two stationary bikes, head to head?

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1. Cost

As far as cost goes, the Peloton will definitely be expensive by far, compared to the IC4 bike. While a basic peloton bike package goes for $1,495, Schwinn IC4 (Available On Amazon) goes for only $899.

However, peloton cost considers both the delivery and installation fees, which are not included in the Schwinn bike sales. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with the assembly challenges, then Peloton will have done you a favor.

Moreover, with the peloton cost, a 22-inch screen is included, whereas in the Schwinn you have to purchase it separately. But to be fair, even with the inclusion of a screen with the Schwinn, the cost will still be way lower.

In a nutshell, if you want a pocket-friendly exercise bike between the two, I would advocate for the Schwinn IC4 bike.

2. Apps

The peloton bike comes with its own peloton app, already installed on the touchscreen. The workout app has a wide spectrum of workouts, both live and on-demand that you will not even miss having workouts from other apps.

On the contrary, Schwinn does not feature any app at all. It only comes with a small LCD screen for displaying the major workout metrics. Though it has a holder for a screen, you have to get the screen on your own, hence figure out the workout apps you want on your own too.

One thing that Schwinn could beat the Peloton with though, is that you can access other workout apps and connect them to the Schwinn bike. These include Zwift and Peloton, which means that you still get to enjoy Peloton even without the peloton bike.

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3. Workouts Available

While the workouts available on the Schwinn bike depend on the app, the Peloton has a guarantee of on-demand workouts for free.

If you want to get the on-demand workouts on Schwinn bike from the peloton app, then you have to pay $12.99. The good part of it is that you will also get the live classes from the Peloton with the subscription. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose the classes that fit into your schedule, regardless of the time of the day that you prefer. You also get to choose the music and your favorite instructor on the Peloton.

The only difference you will have to the peloton bike owner is that your metrics will not be on the Leaderboard, so you cannot enjoy the thrill of a peloton competition.

Let’s get back to the peloton bike workouts: if you own a Peloton bike, you have the freedom to access the extensive workouts on the peloton archives without pay. However, if you want to get the live classes, an instructor of your choice, and a chance to appear on the Leaderboard, then you will have to pay $39 subscription that renews monthly.

Then, you will interact with the peloton community, even get to high-five your new friends, and best of all, join your friends’ classes.

4. Screen Availability

Schwinn IC4 comes with an LCD screen that tracks and displays heart rate, time, distance, calories burned, and RPMs. However, if you want to engage in a workout session, then you have to buy another screen. Good for you, the bike already has a stable screen holder.

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On the other hand, Peloton comes with a touchscreen, which is large enough to view all the workouts. It also shows your metrics, such as heart rate, cadence, resistance, time, calories burned, distance, and time.

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5. Gear

Peloton pedals that are in the Look Delta clipless pedal system, hence only compatible with Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats in these pedals. If you want, you can buy toe clips compatible with the Peloton pedals, so that you can use sneakers and other non-cycling shoes on the bike.

To contrast this, the Schwinn IC4 bike comes with toe clips already installed on the pedals. On top of that, the pedals are dual system, so that the side without the toe clips is clipless. You can thus use the SPD cleats on the pedals for optimal power transfer with the Schwinn bike.

6. Resistance

Peloton comes with 100 resistance levels, and so does Schwinn IC4 bike. Therefore, you have a full range of workout intensities to challenge yourself with on both exercise bikes.

7. Users

Schwinn IC4 allows users with a bodyweight of up to 330 pounds, which is really impressive. However, you have to weigh a maximum of 305 pounds to ride on a peloton bike.

8. Dimensions

Want to know the space that either bike will occupy in your house? Well, let’s see!

The Peloton will take a space of 4 by 2 feet. As for the Schwinn bike, the measurements are around the same, occupying 4 by 1.8 feet of the floor space.

Therefore, as far as compact equipment goes, both stationary bikes will rate the same.

Final Verdict

That’s the head-to-head comparison, Schwinn IC4 Vs. Peloton bikes. So, which of the two exercise bikes are you going to prefer?

One thing is for sure: both Schwinn IC4 and Peloton are high-quality bikes. Though the Peloton is rated more highly compared to this Schwinn model, the Schwinn could give you quality workouts also. All you will have to do in extra will be sourcing your own spinning classes, and you will have made it to a world-class indoor bike experience.

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