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6 Best Bike Shorts For Peloton Riders on Budget (Padded & Casual)

Bike shorts are an important part of your biking workouts. You were thinking why bike shorts? Because they are designed to make your biking experience more comfortable. They are highly breathable, and the padded ones gives you more comfort.

The best bike shorts for peloton will make your 45 minutes of a peloton class worth the endurance. Actually, you will no longer endure the workouts, but enjoy them. For instance, with padded bike shorts, you will have an easy time despite having a bike seat with no cushioning.

Best Bike Shorts For Peloton Bike Rides:

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for best bike shorts for peloton below.

Best women’s bike shorts for peloton:

  1. Nicewin – Womens 4D Gel Padding Bike Shorts With Pockets
  2. Eco-Daily – Women’s Padded Bike Shorts with Pocket
  3. Stretch is Comfort – Women’s Teamwear Cotton Bike Shorts (Non Padded)

Best Men’s Bike Shorts for Peloton:

  1. Nicewin – Men’s 4D Padded Bike Shorts
  2. Ezrun – Men’s 3D Padded Bike Shorts
  3. Cenfor – Men’s 7’’ Athletic Workout Shorts (Non Padded)

1. Nicewin – Womens 4D Gel Padding Bike Shorts With Pockets

Want to feel that Peloton is not all about serious workouts? Starting off with these shorts with cute side prints might be just what you need. Made from quality chintz fabric and colored die sublimation prints on the sides, the shorts bring color to the intense workout.

Then there is the inverted triangle high waist, which is really fashionable, while spreading pressure all round the waist, and preventing a roll over. It features elastic silicone particle grippers with flat seams, decreasing waist irritation and facilitating comfort.

The shorts have essential area padding in the sitting area, which stays in place throughout the workouts. The 3D padding is stereoscopic, from high density foam and silicon gel hence sufficient shock absorption, and also prevents vibration.

The quality spandex and polyamide blend making the shorts facilitate airflow and heat dissipation for comfort purpose. They also absorb moisture, leaving you dry and more comfortable than ever in a spinning class.

Finally, the crotch is in a 4-way stretchy material, whose high elastic ability prevents the shorts from splitting during an intense workout.


  • Stylish and trendy, while maintaining the features of a credible bike short.
  • Padded in essential areas to prevent hot spots and blisters.
  • Absorbs moisture, dissipates heat and is breathable.
  • Comfortable waist that spreads pressure all round.


  • The sizing is smaller than normal.

2. Eco-Daily – Women’s Padded Bike Shorts with Pocket

Looking for best bike shorts for Peloton that allow you to carry a phone, a handkerchief or other personal essentials? Eco-Daily Women’s Bike Shorts offer the exact option, with a sizeable rear pocket. Yet, all the other features are credible as we will see below;

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First off, the waistband is wide enough to prevent pinching and hurting your waist. On the other hand, silicone grippers on the hem bar will ensure that the shorts do not glide up during the workouts.

Then the padding, which is female-specific, contrasts the density foam inserts, bringing about breathability and comfort.

Not forgetting the body-hugging contoured shape in essential areas, which ensure that the shorts do not shift regardless of the exercise you engage in.

What’s more? You can use the bike shorts on your peloton bike, outdoor bike and even on the motorbike, given the high versatility of the shorts.


  • A sizeable back pocket for keys, phone, card and other essentials.
  • Comfortable waistband that neither pinches nor rolls.
  • Padded for cushioning, comfort and breathability.
  • Versatile. Use it for indoor bikes, road cycling, mountain bikes and on motorbikes.


  • Some people will not like the padding in the leg area, which feels too much.

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3. Stretch is Comfort – Women’s Teamwear Cotton Bike Shorts (Non Padded)

Are you a plus size, looking for bike shorts that you will feel comfortable in on a Peloton? This pair form Stretch is Comfort is specifically designed to target you. The sizes start from X to 5X, hence accommodating all plus size women.

With a bike seat that has a seat cushion, the bike shorts will offer unparalleled comfort throughout peloton workouts. So, mark you, if you are looking forward to reducing weight, these shorts will be a good part of attaining your objective.

The material is highly cotton, with some traces of spandex to give it a stretchy feel, while maintaining quality. The four-way stretch fabric will allow you a range of movements in the Peloton class, ranging from bike to non-equipment workouts.

For optimal comfort, the bike shorts have a 1-inch elastic waistband and 7-inch inseam, which will hold shape even after washing.


  • An awesome choice for plus size women, both in sizing and stretch aspect.
  • The shape allows for a range of motions both on and off the bike.
  • Comfortable waistband and inseam.


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4. Nicewin – Men’s 4D Padded Bike Shorts

Do you want bike shorts that you can use on a wide range of bikes? Nicewin men’s is designed to allow you to spin, cycle on the road do mountain biking, and even ride a motorcycle. Better still is the fascinating print that makes the shorts trendy and cute.

The butterfly-shaped high-density foam pad is blended with silicone gel, cushioning the butt and absorbing shock and vibration. The 3D pad wings cover even the hips, extending the cushioned area. Chafing, rubbing and other skin irritation will be a thing of the past.

Breathability is guaranteed, and so is the moisture-wicking and quick drying function. The silicone particles at the leg openings ensure that the shorts do not roll up during the workout. Then there are the seams, which are completely flat to ensure that you avoid irritation. Thus, you will have one goal in mind; concentrate and improve your Peloton performance.

The anti-tear crotch feature will not only help avoid embarrassment, but also boost your confidence during all levels of workouts.

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2 large side pockets, and a zipper back pocket, will give you the opportunity to grab anything you may require during and after the workout.


  • Versatile biking functions.
  • Anti-tear crotch for a wide range of movements during biking.
  • Adequate padding for cushioning, comfort and breathability.
  • 3 pockets to accommodate essentials to the workout.


  • Smaller than the size that the sizing chart of the bike shorts indicates.

5. Ezrun – Men’s 3D Padded Bike Shorts

During warm seasons, Peloton spinning shorts that are loose will be the best option. Other than providing other breathable features, the Ezrun shorts are loose at the leg openings to accommodate incoming air.

The shorts are lightweight, which, coupled with the material, brings forth the quick-ding factor. The material absorbs moisture from the skin and also ensures breathability, hence a dry and cool ride.

The shorts are in 95% polyester and 5% elastane composite, giving them an appealing outlook. You can even wear them casually, given the material and design.

Two shorts in one? The shorts have an inner short, which has a 3D padding for sufficient cushioning.

2 zippered pockets and one Velcro pocket allow you to carry just about every small essential to the workout room.


  • Highly breathable summer cycling shorts.
  • 3 pockets for sufficient essentials space.
  • 3d padding to enhance cushioning while biking.


  • Rides up after a long cycling exercise.

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6. Cenfor – Men’s 7’’ Athletic Workout Shorts (Non Padded)

If padded shorts are not your thing, then a seat cushion and these Cenfor Men’s 7’’ will still make your peloton ride exciting. They are loose, hence great for preventing heat build-up. You can further use the shorts in other workouts, including running, a beach walk and even gym workouts.

The shorts are 100% polyester, which is quality and highly durable. It also features a presentable and decent outlook, hence comfortable to wear from a house full of people.

With an elastic closure and a drawstring, one size will fit a wide range of people sizes. With the shorts, no one complains that the short they received was not their size.

Being lightweight, the shorts are highly breathable, moisture wicking and quick drying.

The two deep pockets at the sides allow you to carry your phone, keys, a handkerchief and more to the biking room.

The shorts are in a loose design, which is great for any type of peloton workout.


  • Highly breathable, in material and design.
  • Elastic closure and drawstring for an adjustable fit.
  • Deep pockets to accommodate essentials.


  • Your bike seat has to be in a good seat cover to prevent injury.

What To Consider For The Best Bike Shorts For Peloton Bikes?


Peloton riders, if you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and protection while cycling, then look no further than chamois padding. It is ergonomically designed to meet all of your needs. It starts at the gusset and goes all the way to your sit bones to protect you from saddle pain for the whole ride.

There are some differences between 3D and 4D padding, but both are great for absorbing shock and preventing chafing. The 3D padding has three layers and is thinner and less bulky, making it ideal for rides.

Whether you choose 3D or 4D, you can choose between gel or foam padding. Gel-based padding is thinner, firmer, and lasts longer. Foam, on the other hand, keeps its shape better but is bulkier and loses its cushioning over time.

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Still, buying either type of padding will give you a lot of benefits, like wicking away sweat or keeping your sit bones from getting sore, so you can always have a smooth, enjoyable ride.


Breathability will be a result of moisture wicking and quick drying functions, and really necessary for spinning workouts. Peloton involves highly intense workouts, and breathability will enhance comfort in the workouts.


Comfort is quite biased. So, go for shorts that are most comfortable to you. While some feel safe and cushioned in padded shorts, others feel as if the padding is a form of a diaper.

Loose vs snug shorts should also be a consideration. However, shorts that are prevent chafing and irritation are a preference of every biker.

Anti-Slip Features:

If you’re looking for the perfect cycling shorts to take your Peloton workouts to the next level, you’ll want to make sure they have strong elastic leg openings and grips made from strips of silicone.

With these features, your shorts will stay in place while you work out, so you won’t have to keep adjusting them every five minutes.

Get a few Peloton accessories, like sweat-proof earbuds and a heavy-duty towel, to make sure you’re ready for success. Now that you know what to look for, check out this list of the best bike shorts for Peloton bikes and get ready to beat your PR!


Cycling shorts with pockets allow you to carry other essentials to the bike workout room. These include keys, Allen keys you may require during the workout and your -phone.


Bike shorts are available in most sizes. However, always ensure that your size is accommodated. Most importantly, read reviews and make enquiries on whether the indicated sizes are true.

In the long run, go for what you like most.


Do you need specific bike shorts for peloton workouts?

Not exactly, but bike shorts give you an upper hand in enhancing spinning comfort. Moreover, the workout shorts are in a design that accommodates the needs of a biker, hence adding to the comfort.

If your bike seat is cushioned, can you use padded shorts?

Yes, you can. however, you will need shorts whose padding is less for optimal comfort. Otherwise, even unpadded shorts will still be comfortable on a seat cushion.

Which bike shorts are better, padded or unpadded?

This will depend on you. Padded bike shorts will cushion you against injury even on a bare bike seat. On the other hand, unpadded shorts feel flexible and comfortable on cushioned bike seats.

Parting Shot

Bike shorts for peloton workout are essential. How? By ensuring you are free of seat injuries, hence bringing a sense of comfort during your workout.

So, as you read earlier, the best is personal. But one thing is clear- every person’s perspective is presented in the above bike shorts.

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