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8 Best Mats for Peloton Bike to Keep Safe Your Carpet & Floor!

A Peloton bike mat is a necessary bike accessory for your workout room. To protect the room from equipment scratches and damage? Damn right, but this is also a maintenance measure for the peloton bike.

A 24 by 48 bike mat will be the best bike mat size for peloton, you don’t really need a larger one. Nevertheless, if you have other indoor equipment or fancy something larger, then you can get a larger mat for the bike.

The very best bike mat for peloton on carpet and floor is your personal decision, based on the considerations we have here.

Best Mats for Peloton Bike on Carpet and Floor

We have itemized a variety of the best bike mats for peloton, so that you can a broader choice while not disappointing the mat quality that you deserve.

Let’s look at a short list of the 8 best mats for peloton bike on carpet and floor. You can also find a detailed review of each peloton bike mat if you scroll down.

  1. Cyclingdeal – Floor & Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Under A Peloton Bike
  2. Sunny Health and Fitness – Hardwood Floors and Carpet Protection Equipment Mat
  3. Supermats – Safe Bikes and Exercise Equipment Mat for You and Your Household
  4. Balancefrom – Hardwood Floor Mat Works Great with Peloton Bike & Treadmill
  5. Amazonbasics – Great When You Have Tile or Wood & Impressive Grip on Carpets
  6. Motiontex – Spin Bike Mat for Under Stationary Bike: Utilize Your Small Space
  7. Marcy Equipment Mat – Nice Mats for Exercise or Small Exercise Machines
  8. IMPRESA Pads – Great for Exercise Bike on Hardwood Floors & Carpets

1. Cyclingdeal – Floor & Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Under A Peloton Bike

Being a high-density 3mm thick mat, the Bike Bicycle floor mat has a long lifespan. If you don’t mind the weight, which is 10kg, this is an awesome choice for your peloton bike.

It is PVC in material, which is quality and long-lasting. Then, the size is 3 by 7ft, thus the peloton bike fitting well.

The bike mat will protect both floors and carpets from the dirt, vibration and damage from the bike efficiently. Besides, it does not leave marks on the ground, hence ease in cleaning after use.

Since the mat is non-slippery, it maintains the position on the floor. Moreover, the bike will also stay in position while on the mat. Failure to shift during workout guarantees you safety while on the bike.

Peloton should be kept dry at all instances. This bike mat is waterproof, which helps protect your bike in case of a humid floor.


  • Quality high density material that is durable.
  • Non-slippery, keeping it and the bike in position regardless of the workout intensity.
  • Waterproof, protecting the bike from humidity and the floor from sweat and waterdrops.
  • Prevents dirt and dust from reaching the bike parts.


  • Made from PVC material, the mat comes with an odor. It however fades with time.

2. Sunny Health and Fitness – Hardwood Floors and Carpet Protection Equipment Mat

The Sunny Health and Fitness equipment mat consists of high-density Eva foam material, which curbs vibration from the bike during workouts. It further reduces noise from the bike, hence ensuring that you don’t draw attention from the neighbors even when living on a flat.

Fundamentally, the mat is in a design that protects your floor completely from the equipment damage. This includes wear and tear, in addition to bike scratches on the floor. Thus, your floor and carpet will not only be easier to clean, but also not compromise durability due to the presence of the bike.

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Then, the bike mat is lightweight, which eases transfer from one place to another during cleaning and other activities.

Additionally, the mat is water-resistant, hence easy to clean. Not forgetting that this aspect will protect your bike from possible moisture on the floor.

Finally, the bike mat is versatile, with the capability to accommodate not only a peloton bike, but also treadmills and other fitness equipment.


  • Absorbs vibration and noise during workout, hence ensuring that you don’t bring disruption in your environment.
  • Protects the floor from bike damage.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Lightweight hence ease in transfer and folding.


  • The durability of the mat has been disputed.

3. Supermats – Safe Bikes and Exercise Equipment Mat for You and Your Household

Want a bike mat that promises and fulfills that no metals or chemicals will be emitted? This bike mat comes with completely no metals or chemicals even when new. Thus, if you have kids and pets that you want to protect, this mat will be ideal.

The bigger the bike mat, the less likely that any dust or debris will have access to your bike. This is the strength of this equipment mat. Being 30 inches by 72 inches, it will provide your bike with extra space simply as a protective measure.

Better still, the floor mat is highly effective in absorbing the effects of the heavy bike, hence protecting the floor and carpet.

SuperMats Equipment mat minimizes the vibration and noise caused by the bike. Therefore, you don’t have to reduce the workout intensity in fear of being a bother to the neighborhood.

Get a walk in the park cleaning the mat, simply with a damp cloth or towel.


  • Safe mat for kids and pets, and even you as a sensitive rider.
  • Protects the bike from dirt and dust.
  • Protects the flooring from the heavy bike impact.
  • Reduces vibration in workouts.


  • First day strange smell.

4. Balancefrom – Hardwood Floor Mat Works Great with Peloton Bike & Treadmill

Having difficulty getting a trusted mat for your hardwood floor? You can confidently try out this mat from BalanceFrom GoFit.

It is 3 by 6.5ft, a perfect fit for the peloton bike. While protecting your floor from the damage effects of the bike, your bike will be safe from dust and debris from the floor.

Since it is high-density, the mat absorbs vibration in addition to minimizing the noise that emanates during rough workouts.

Promised that it protects the floor from damage? That’s not all. The mat will neither bleed nor leave marks on your floor, which will facilitate an easy and quick floor cleaning.

Besides, the carpet itself is easy to clean. A damp cloth is enough to get back its sparkle.


  • Best hardwood floor bike mat
  • Leaves the floor clean, and is easy to clean too.
  • Protects the bike from dust and dirt.
  • Absorbs vibration and minimizes sounds during the workouts.


  • It doesn’t have a firm grip on carpets.

5. Amazonbasics – Great When You Have Tile or Wood & Impressive Grip on Carpets

Most people raise a concern about mats on carpets. They literally move far too much. This AmazonBasics mat however, has changed that.  It stays in place even on carpets, protecting your carpet from the impact of the heavy bike. At least finally, you don’t have to move your carpet to accommodate the bike and its mat.

The high-density mat is quite light for a high-density mat, but the quality still impressive. It does not fold at the edges, hence providing you with safety.

Moreover, the mat does not leave marks on the floor or the carpet, so you don’t have to worry about a more difficult cleaning.

Above all, the mat is available in 2.5 by 6 ft, 3 by 8.5 ft and 4 by 6 ft, and all suitable for peloton, depending on the space available and preference.


  • Impressive grip on floors, and surprisingly, even on carpets.
  • Light in weight, hence easy to fold and store when not in use.
  • Leaves the floor and carpet undamaged, and without a single mark.


  • Too thin for a heavy-duty mat.

6. Motiontex – Spin Bike Mat for Under Stationary Bike: Utilize Your Small Space

Worried that the available space you have will only fit the bike, and a bike mat will have to be folded or cut to fit? Save on that and relax, then buy a fitting bike mat. The MotionTex 24 by 48 inches carpet is exactly what you need.

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The bike mat has patterns at the bottom, so as to remain in place on the floor or carpet. It will effectively protect the flooring from the impact of the bike as well as keep it clean.

As a safety precaution, the mat has a non-directional texture at the top, which is slip-resistant. You can therefore walk confidently on the mat to and from the peloton bike. In addition to this, the mat has round corners to prevent curling at the edges.

Made from PVC, the mat repels water, grease, sweat and other fluids during the workout, keeping the floor safe and clean.

Noise and vibration caused by the bike will not worry you anymore, as the mat will efficiently take care of them.

To top it all, the mat contains antibacterial features, which protect it from bacterial and fungi that in turn cause damage.


  • Provide just enough space for the Peloton bike.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Patterned top with rounded corners to prevent accidents.
  • Curbs vibration and noise.
  • Anti-bacterial aspects present.


  • Thinner than most high-density mats.

7. Marcy Equipment Mat – Nice Mats for Exercise or Small Exercise Machines

Do you have another indoor workout equipment other than the peloton bike? If so, and you need a mat that you can use with any of the equipment when not on peloton, the Marcy Fitness mat could do. It is large enough to hold an elliptical or a treadmill, other than the exercise bike.

More than that, the bike is in high-impact foam surface. The sturdy construction hence lasts longer, provides quality and also resist damage from any of the workout equipment.

Also, it absorbs impact and perfectly cushions the flooring against damage by any workout equipment, regardless of the weight.

A matte layer at the top of the mat ensures the stability of your bike, while the non-slip surface ensures your own safety while walking on the mat.

Then there is a protective barrier, which will prevent vibration and noise from leaving the area.

It’s lightweight yet heavy duty structure combines pressure and weight distribution, hence making it an ideal workout mat for any equipment.


  • Large enough to accommodate any other indoor workout equipment when not under the peloton bike.
  • Protective barrier that absorbs noise and vibration during workouts.
  • Non-slip surface, hence stays in position and is safe to walk on.


  • An odor emanates from the mat when it is new.

8. IMPRESA Pads – Great for Exercise Bike on Hardwood Floors & Carpets

If you are looking for the best mat for peloton bike at a cheaper cost, then these mat pads are a great choice, going for less than $20.

A single pack is usually enough for a Peloton bike, and even most other indoor workout equipment. The 6 pads will provide sufficient protection for all the 6 feet of the peloton bike, and still ensure that it will not slip away regardless of the intensity of your spinning workout.

They are high-density rubber, whose ability to cushion the floor against the bike impact is impressive for the price. Furthermore, the mat prevents the bike from vibrating, which will increase the lifespan of the bike and its parts.

Amazingly, the rubber pads are non-absorbent. This not only prevents water from accessing the bike from the floor and vice versa, but also prevents odor and bacteria from building up over time. This facilitates its lifespan.

And finally, you can place these pads on any flooring, be it a carpet, vinyl, hardwood or tiled floors.


  • Cheap, yet highly effective bike mat pads.
  • High-density, enhancing vibration and noise control.
  • Non-absorbent, hence no bacterial or fungal build-up.
  • Fits on all types of floors.


  • You will need more than just a pack if you have larger equipment.

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying the Best Mat for Peloton Bike

The following are top-most considerations that you should look into when looking forward to buying a peloton bike mat;


The quality of a bike mat will ensure that it brings out all the required functions of a bike mat. For instance, it will be water-resistant, absorb vibration and reduce noise. On top of all these, it will last longer.

Peloton Bike Mat Size: Dimensions

For a peloton bike, the smallest bike mat should be 24 by 48 inches. You can go for larger mats for multiple purpose, but for just the bike, you can save on cost and space by taking a size that is just sufficient.


If you are on budget, looking for a cheaper mat should be your consideration. The good news is that there are great value mats, as in one of the above. The quality nd performance is impressive despite the low cost.

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A bike mat with a longer lifespan is always better. Go for a bike mat which, if possible, has a longer duration warranty, which will always assure you of a longer term of service.


The material of the mat you choose for your bike is an important part of your consideration. This stems from the fact that different materials bring out different functionality and performance for every item. Let’s take an instance; A PVC mat is highly durable.

On the flip side, it comes with a pungent smell that lasts for a few days. Regardless of the few days the smell lasts, if you have an allergy the durability will not matter.

Can I Use Peloton on Carpet Without Any Problems?

Can i use Peloton on the carpet? Definitely Yes. Without any problems? No! The peloton bike is a really expensive indoor bike, hence the need to take ultimate care of it.

Carpets absorb dust, and even if it were clean, you wouldn’t be sure if their fluffy particles will not get into the delicate mechanical parts of the bike.

Besides, if you had a plastic carpet, would you be sure that the bike will not slip off the carpet and cause you damage when riding on it?

On the other hand, the bike could be the problem, causing carpet damage. Honestly speaking, the bike is quite heavy, and riding on it only causes more pressure on the carpet. Therefore, you would find it difficult to clean later on.

What’s the Alternative to Using the Peloton on a Carpet?

Rather than risk your expensive carpet as well as your now treasured bike, you can get an alternative. Use a stationary bike mat, which will be effective in all dimensions.

Firstly, the mat will protect the bike from dust and other elements, as the bike will not be in direct contact with the carpet or floor.

Secondly, the bike mat is non-slip, so you will have avoided accidents that come with the workout equipment sliding off its position.

Thirdly, the mat works to save you from the hard task of cleaning up the carpet after the workout, which, believe me, is quite intensive.

Finally, especially if you live in an apartment, you don’t want to disturb your neighbors each time you are having your good time, right? The mat absorbs any vibration that your high intensive workouts may cause. Besides, you will have the audacity to have more rigorous workouts, assured of privacy.


Is the Peloton mat worth it?

Yes, it is. The peloton bike is expensive, and doing the best to maintain it will save you from frequent repairs that could have been avoided. A quality bike mat lasts long, protecting your bike from dust and moisture. On the other hand, your precious flooring will remain intact.

Do I need a mat for peloton bike?

Yes, you do. The bike mat will protect your floor and carpet from the impact of the heavy stationary bike. Likewise, the bike will be safe from dust and debris.

Can I put my peloton bike on the carpet?

Yes, you can. however, this is a risk, both to the bike and to the carpet. The carpet absorbs lots of dust, which will transmit to the bike. On the other hand, the impact of the heavy bike equipment will be too much for the carpet.

Parting Shot

You see, when you put a peloton bike on bare flooring, then it will run the risk of getting dust and debris into its delicate parts such as the chain. Then, it might also get humid from the floor, which will cause the bike damage.

On the other hand, your expensive flooring will suffer the impact of the heavy bike. Therefore, it is only in order that you get a 2-way protection. This is possible with the best mat for peloton on carpet and floor, which keeps both the bike and the flooring safe.

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