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Why Does My Peloton Randomly Power On and Off?

Why does my Peloton screen suddenly power on and off its own? Does it have a problem? Sometimes the screen powers on once, others multiple times in a day. 

The Peloton screen on the bike, bike plus, or treadmill may power on randomly if there is a software update on Peloton, which may be more often than you expect. Peloton is always updating its software for a more seamless experience, which could explain the situation.

My Peloton Randomly Power On

Is The Peloton Screen Random Powering on a Distraction?

If the screen powers on for the first time on its own, we will all admit that it is quite a surprise. Some of us even wonder if the screen has a functional challenge—however, the screen powers to update the software whenever Peloton has updates.

But we have to admit that the software updates that don’t disrupt our schedule come as a relief. I mean, you always find the tablet fast, with new updates already installed and minimal disappointments.

Nevertheless, even after knowing the reason, the bright light can be irritating, especially at night or busy with work.  In any case, you may actually want to be in control of the situation. 

The good news is that you can always turn off your screen altogether to avoid distraction. Then, you can schedule the updates whenever it is appropriate for you, probably when you are free or out of the room.

How to Turn Off the Peloton Screen

If you feel that turning off the screen is the best option for preventing random turning on, here’s a simplified guide;

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First off, hold the power button for some seconds without release. Then, a pop-up will appear, prompting you to shut down, put to sleep or restart the touchscreen. Click on shut down, and your distraction will be over. 

When you are ready for a workout, press on the power button again, and you will be ready for an exercise on Peloton, on your own schedule.

Final Thoughts

The Peloton touchscreen randomly powers on when you leave it to sleep automatically. It will be on, and the Wi-Fi is available, so any updates from Peloton will update automatically on your side. Since you will be off your exercise schedule, it is a good thing. However, you can always turn off the screen if you don’t like the lighting distraction. You can then schedule software updates when you are comfortable.