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5 Best Peloton Bike Cleats for Fearless Stroking!

Get a full peloton riding experience with clipless pedals? You should choose the right cleats compatible with your peloton shoes and pedals. Peloton bike cleats are an essential part of the peloton because it will ensure efficient power transfer, hence more cadence. And cadence is among the two measurements of the metrics in Peloton.

Peloton is quite rigid when it comes to cleats, being compatible with only two types; SPD-SL and Look Delta. This means, only these 3-hole cleats are suitable for the bike pedals.

5 Best Peloton Bike Cleats:

The best part about Peloton is that any brand is welcome to provide compatible cleats; as long as the design is Look Delta or SPD-SL; 3-hole cleats.

Therefore, we have compiled a set of the best Peloton bike cleats that you should try out on your pedals.

1. Cyclingdeal (0 Degree Float): Editor’s Choice Cleats for Peloton Bike

When you see black cleats, then your next judgement should be; fixed cleats, meaning that the cleats do not have a float. If this is your preference, then these bike cleats are the best option.

They are fully compatible with Look Delta, hence peloton compatible cleats. They are a construction of strong and heavy-duty engineering thermoplastic, which is quality and thus highly durable.

Moreover, the cleats are stable, given that they are adjustable 3-hole stage resistant in arrangement. The zero-degree float likewise facilitates this, making the cleats a great fixed equipment choice for peloton.

Finally, the package consists of 2 cleats, 6 cleat washers and 6 cleat mounting bolts for full installation. Hence, the clipping in and clipping out is smooth, as the cleats are precise for this purpose.


  • Best for zero-degree float.
  • Fully machined with all cleat requirements for smooth installation.
  • Compatible with Look Delta, hence peloton bike pedal cleat.


  • Fixed cleats prevent lateral movement.

2. BV (9 Degree Float): Peloton Compatible Cleats

Concerned about lateral movement that will help prevent joint injury? You have a winning bet with BV Bike Cleats.

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Being 3-hole and compatible with Look Delta, they qualify for a peloton bike pedal cleat.

Besides, the pedals are strong and durable, having a construction of heavy-duty thermoplastic. In any case, they weigh only 52g, which is impressively good for spinning.

For ultimate stability and precision, the cleats come with 6 washers and 6 bolts, other than the pair of cleats.

The top level of power transfer, coupled with the 9-degree float, make the cleats quite essential in improving your -peloton performance. And boom! Soon you will be topping on the leaderboard.


  • Enhance lateral movement to prevent knee and joint injury.
  • Bring about awesome power transfer from feet to pedals.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly durable.


  • The side to side movement between cleats and pedals is too much for expert training.

3. Look Delta (0 Degree Float): Look Delta Cleats Peloton

If you have been having cleat issues such as creaking sounds, then it is time you switched to a bi-material cleat. The best option for fixed cleats? The Look Delta brand cleats, which features a white Teflon material.

The Look standard in 3 holes is one of the market references for the cleats for Peloton bike, right? And it is not in vain, as we will see of this cleat.

First off, the Look Delta cleats peloton highly recommends allows for dual disengagement and engagement. This will greatly enhance your safety, as you can remove it from inside or outside the foot.

Then, the black cleats are completely fixed, which means that side movements between the pedal and the cleats is eliminated. For professional cyclists, this is a hot cup of coffee in winter.


  • Absolutely no parasite sounds.
  • Zero float for better training experience.
  • Compound engagement and disengagement, bringing about safety.


  • You cannot walk in the shoes at all, even when closest to the bike.

4. Marque (9 Degree Float): Peloton Bike Pedal Cleat

When looking for great floating cleats at a value cost, Marque Bike cleats will be a non-disappointing choice, costing slightly less than $14.

Most importantly, they are durable due to the thermoplastic material, despite being lightweight (50g/pr)

Then they come with a 9-degree float, which prevents injury by ensuring lateral movement while spinning.

The 3-hole peloton shoes cleats come in a package of 2 cleats, 6 washers and 6 cleat bolts, which is a full set of all the set-up requirements.

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To sum it up, the cleats are universal, fitting both men and women’s cycling shoes in the 3-hole design.


  • Quite cheap for their amazing functionality.
  • 9-degree float provides lateral movement.
  • Durable yet lightweight material of the cleats.
  • Full set for installation.
  • Universal Look Delta fit, for both men and women.


  • Incompatible with Shimano, which is in most spinning classes.

5. Shimano (6 Degree Float): Exciting News for Shimano Fans with Peloton (SPD-SL Cleat Set)

Are you a Shimano die-hard, who would prefer the brand for all your cycling needs? Well, since peloton allows for SPD-SL cleats, then these Shimano cleats can now be your cleats for peloton.

Fundamentally, Shimano cleats allow you to walk in cleated shoes, and this is no different in these peloton compatible cleats. The walking point further gives you a better traction on the bike just before you clip in and after clipping out.

You haven’t heard it all, because these cleats are in a plastic material that ensures they wear out in place of the pedals, hence a longer lifespan for your bike pedals.

In addition, the cleats have a 6-degree float, which is moderate. Hence it will absolutely accommodate both beginners and professional spinners.


  • More comfortable, given the slight lateral movement they allow.
  • Allow you to walk in the cycling shoes.
  • Pedal protection by wearing out instead of the pedals.


  • Less durable.

How to Position Cleats on Peloton Shoes (Peloton Cleat Setup)

Firstly, wear your cycling shoes and locate the ball of the foot (it is adjacent to your large toe). Mark the shoe where the ball lies, and remove the shoe.

Secondly, using the mark, draw a line across the bottom of the shoe.

Thirdly, take your cleat, which will have a line already marked. Match the line to your shoe line, then install the cleats.

Forth, you have to install the cleats by first inserting the washers and then the bolts loosely. Thereafter, you can tighten each until it moves no more.

Fifth, put the shoes to test by wearing them.

Sixth, hop onto your bike, and point your shoes down to the pedal center. A creaking sound will assure you of a successful clip-in.

Which Things You Should Consider When Buying Peloton Cleats?

Compatibility with Peloton Bike Pedals:

Not all cleat designs are compatible with the peloton pedals. Thus, when buying cleats for peloton, consider buying the suitable ones. These are Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats, or those compatible with these two pedal systems.


Float refers to the rotation of the cleats on the pedals, and are an essential part of cleats that you should take into account.

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Thus said, there are three types of float that the cleats for peloton bike present. These include full float, medium float and fixed cleats.

The full cleat float is red, the medium yellow and the zero-degree float black. Hence, the colors will represent the float level of the cleats.

While the black cleats are the most preferred by expert spinners, the red cleats will allow lateral movement and prevent injury.

Material Quality:

The quality of the material will determine how effective the cleats will be, in addition to durability. Hence, it should be an important aspect of your research on your preferred cleats.


Looking for value peloton shoes cleats? Then go for the cheapest of the best. This will cater for your cleat needs, while favoring your budget range.


Can you put SPD cleats on peloton shoes?

Yes, but not on the peloton pedals, which only accommodate SPD-SL and Look Delta. If you will use SPD, you can switch the Peloton pedals.

Do I need cleats for Peloton?

Not really. You can use toe cages to spin on peloton, then you will not need cleats. However, for optimal peloton workouts, cleats will be essential for power transfer and better performance.

Can I walk in cleated shoes?

This will depend on the type of cleats. Excluding the Shimano cleats, all other peloton cleats do not allow for walking. SPD cleats, on the other hand, are recessed, hence you can walk in them.

Does Peloton use any cleat system?

No, it only uses 3-hole cleat systems, which are SPD-SL and Look Delta. The rest are incompatible, and forcing not recommended.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best cleats for your peloton bike enhance your riding performance by providing power transfer. Regardless of the float level, the cleats will in one way or the other enhance power transfer.

This way, you will be less fatigued, hence quicker and longer spinning sessions. In addition, the cleats ensure safety on clipless pedals, hence confidence during your Peloton exercises.

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