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Is Peloton Offer Refurbished Peloton Bike?

Refurbished Peloton bikes refer to bikes that have been used, then returned to Peloton. These bikes could either be faulty or general customer dissatisfaction. Peloton repairs these bikes and ensures that they are as good as new, then sells them at a lower cost. You can guess that the cost is worth getting them than going for a new bike at a higher price.

Therefore, you get a refurbished Peloton bike directly from Peloton. You can trust that the bike may be way better than a used Peloton bike from a user. Let’s get into more exciting details about the refurbished Peloton bikes;

How to Get Refurbished Peloton Bikes?

Peloton does not always announce the sale of refurbished bikes. However, they occasionally do after some time. The latest announcement was in September, and the offer only lasted for a weekend, between September 26th and 28th, 2021.

Besides that, the offer for refurbished Peloton bikes is only in selected States due to the limited number of cycles for sale. During the September 2021 sale, Peloton sent out emails to the digital app users who were eligible for the offer. If you are a digital app user and did not receive the email, this would only mean that you were not selected.

So, once you receive the email and are interested in the refurbished bike, you should immediately get onto the Peloton website and apply for the offer. Unfortunately, the offers are usually limited compared to the demand.

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If you are not a Peloton digital app member, you can request a friend who is a member to update you in case of any sales. Then, you can use their account to buy the bike since the offer will first consider the active digital app users. As in the first case, ensure that you apply for the offer immediately is due.

Finally, talk to a Peloton salesperson. They will always know when there are refurb bike sales. Hence, you can have them put you on the list of interested people. Of course, you might just end up being on top of the list. In any case, you might be the first to ask for the season, giving you an upper hand.

Where Does Peloton Get the Refurbished Bikes?

After Peloton launched the sale of the new Peloton bike plus, every one of the Peloton fans was excited to try out the new superb model. Interestingly, this group also included people who had previously purchased the standard Peloton bike. For this reason, Peloton gave the standard bike owners an option to exchange their old Peloton bike with the new bike plus version. As a result, they would only add $700 to get the bike plus instead of the entire purchase cost of $2495.

As you would expect, thousands of bikes returned to Peloton in exchange for the new bike plus. These include bikes that were relatively new and others that were as old as the Peloton platform.

Other than these bikes, Peloton offers one year warranty to all bike users. If the bike has a significant issue this year, the company replaces it with a new bike. Besides this, Peloton has a 30-day return guarantee. So if a customer does not like their bike, they can return it within 30 days after purchase.

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These are reasons why Peloton ends up with used bikes, which they repair and resell as refurbished bikes.

Advantages of Getting a Refurbished Peloton Bike

  • Essentially, the refurbished bike is better than a new bike as it is cheaper. The latest offer was at $1195, hence offering a $300 discount on the new bike. The bikes also come with a payment plan, so you don’t have to have all the money immediately after Peloton announces the offer.
  • Moreover, the bike comes with a Peloton warranty, which lasts for a year, which assures you of the bike compared to the used bike option.
  • The refurbished bikes are repaired and calibrated to function as new bikes. Thus, you won’t have the challenges of scratch, bent, and some faulty bike parts as with a used bike.
  • Peloton offers delivery and installation on the refurbished bikes, just as with the new ones. Hence, you don’t have to worry about shipping after the purchase.
  • Peloton offers sufficient online help to bike owners, whether the bike is new, refurbished, or used. Therefore, if you are on a budget, going for the cheaper option will not hurt.

Bottom Line

So, how to buy a refurbished Peloton bike? Use this guide to get an idea. On top of that, you will know why there is actually a scramble for these bikes, despite there being new and used peloton bike options.

If you are thinking of getting a refurbished Peloton, just be patient and ready. The following season maybe sooner than we expect.