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How and Where to Find a Used Peloton Bike

The standard Peloton may have been priced down to $1445, but it is still more expensive than most regular spin bikes. Yet, we still want to have the bike for a wholesome experience on Peloton. On the other hand, you may have the funds, but the bike may take weeks or even months before delivery. Unfortunately, not all of us can be that patient.

So, can you buy a used Peloton bike? Of course, you can. There are thousands of people who want to sell their used Peloton bikes. Surprisingly, not every second-hand bike is worn out, and you may end up with a delightful deal. And most importantly, you will spend less, and the delivery will be at your convenience.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Used Peloton?

Yes, it is. Fundamentally, buying a used Peloton bike saves you hundreds of bucks on new equipment. Yet, the performance is the same, as long as the bike or treadmill was well-maintained by the previous user.

Should You Buy a Used Peloton Bike or Tread?

Yes, you should, if the benefits outdo the costs. Used Peloton bikes and treadmills are cheaper, and they have the same performance as the new bikes and treadmills. However, always ensure that the equipment is in good condition, even in the used option.

It would help if you went for the equipment that best suits your preference between a bike and a treadmill. The bike is great for cyclists and people who want to go soft on their knees. However, the treadmill has faster weight loss goals and is the best training option for athletes.

Can You Get a Warranty on a Used Peloton Bike?

Unfortunately, even if you got a bike whose warranty was still in place, you will not benefit from the warranty. This is because the Peloton warranty is not transferable but only works for the original buyer.

What about the extended warranty? Sadly, you cannot also purchase the extended Peloton warranty if you bought the bike second-hand. Therefore, for any repairs and maintenance, you will have to take care of the cost.

However, that’s not all there is to Peloton warranty, and you are not doomed simply because you are a second buyer. There is a company known as Upsie, where you can buy Peloton extended warranty for a bike that you bought 11 months or less after its original purchase.

You only need the owner to purchase the extended warranty for you, then use your card to charge. Unlike the Peloton warranty, Upsie extended warranty is transferable.

How Much Do You Need to Pay for Peloton extended warranties?

Upsie Peloton extended warranties are as follows;

  • Peloton bike and bike plus: $122.86 for three years
  • Peloton bike and bike plus: $200.56 for five years
  • Peloton treadmill: $141.75 for three years
  • Peloton treadmill: $231.44 for five years
  • Peloton treadmill plus: $198.46 for three years
  • Peloton treadmill plus: $324 for five years

All the options are by far the best for a budget pocket, at least half the Peloton extended warranty, and with longer options even for the Peloton bikes. Most importantly, the warranty is transferable, which is great for used bike buyers.

Where to Find a Used Peloton Bike

You can get a used Peloton bike on most social selling platforms. There is also e-Bay, where you will always get what you are looking for. Let’s narrow down to platforms you can concentrate on for quick results;

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1. Facebook

Facebook has a platform for selling used Peloton bikes. There are also local selling pages where you can search for a “used Peloton bike”. The best part about using Facebook is that you can narrow it down to sales within your region. 

Or you can find used bikes on Peloton Buy Sell Trade (BST) FB GROUP (Unofficial)

Buying from an easily accessible location has two benefits; firstly, you can check the bike before buying to assess its viability. Secondly, you will save on fuel and shipping costs.

2. e-Bay

e-Bay seems to always have something for sale. Even if you do not get the bike immediately, check the site; your email will notify you of one within days. However, if you have to take a bike from e-Bay, consider the shipping costs that e-Bay adds to the cost that you will agree with the seller. This way, you will not end up paying more than you would for a new Peloton bike.

3. Craiglist

Craigslist has a range of products for sale; hence easy to narrow down to a used Peloton bike. Like Facebook, you can also narrow it down to sellers in your region. 

The only downside to Craiglist is that you are prone to scammers, as there is no platform protection. Therefore, as much as a deal may sound good, ensure that you take security measures. For instance, consider a different seller if a seller insists that you take cash with you or deposit a large amount before getting the bike.

4. Friends and Relatives

Friends and relatives are great at getting you a used Peloton bike. They may either have one, or they could know a friend who wants to sell one. The best part about acquaintances is that you can trust them way more than strangers. They will also be honest if the bike has a hidden challenge since you can always reach them.

5. Local Selling sites

In a large city or town such as New York City, you will quickly get a used Peloton bike on the city’s selling platforms. The best part about buying from your city is that you can see the bike without spending much before making any commitment. You also get time to chat and bargain with the seller face to face, which is more effective, by the way, before the purchase. And, you could just get a drinking buddy out of a deal!

What to Do After Buying a Used Peloton Bike

Here are quick tips you should consider once you buy the used Peloton bike;

  • Once you purchase the bike, ensure that the seller has deleted his user accounts so that you can replace them with yours. This way, it will be easy for you to contact Peloton customer care as a primary owner.
  • Look for a small truck for transporting the bike safely. However, if you have an SUV that you’d rather use, go with cushions or pillows that will protect the bike from the hard floor as it lies in the car. Also, try to drive slower if you encounter rough patches for the bike’s safety.
  • If it has a major challenge, such as worn-out pedals, replace them immediately. You could cause crank arm damage if you continued using worn-out pedals, besides putting yourself in danger during rides.
  • Suppose the bike did not come with a bike mat; it is always prudent to get one to keep the bike safe from dust and debris. Besides, the bike mat will also protect your floor from the intensity of the spinning workouts. Finally, your workouts are personalized as the bike mat absorbs vibrations during cycling.
  • Get cycling shoes or toe cages for an effective ride on the bike. The pedals are clipless in the Look Delta design, hence requiring corresponding cycling shoes. Alternatively, you can get Peloton-compatible toe cages that will help ride the bike using sneakers and sport shoes.

How do you activate a used Peloton?

  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks on your Peloton device. Entering your password for a wireless network that is listed in the list of accessible networks.
  • Select your time zone and click ” “getting started.”
  • To sign in to your Peloton account, type in your email address and password.
  • Activate the membership-associated account by selecting it and pressing the “activate”
  • Create your rider profile, including a username and your own information. Your username will have to be different from anyone else’s on the site.
  • Click “looks good” to make sure your information is correct.
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Why Would Someone Be Selling their Used Bike?

Peloton bikes are highly sought-after, so why would someone even consider selling their bike? Here are some of the primary reasons why people result to selling their used bikes;

  • When someone moves out of an area, the bike is more of a burden. In this case, they may opt to sell their bike and buy a new one when they settle in their new home.
  • Some people bought the bike out of the vibe but realized they didn’t actually need the bike. Therefore, they decide to resell it rather than idle in their homes.
  • Some people upgraded to the bike plus but felt they could get better returns selling the bikes second-hand rather than exchanging them in Peloton. Other times, people buy the new bike plus and compare it to the older bike and see whether they are ready to let go of the standard bike.
  • Some people may go broke financially and decide to make an income out of precious household stuff, the bike included.
  • There are Peloton bike users who decide that they no longer want a bike but a Peloton treadmill. Therefore, they sell the bikes and add to treadmill investment.

What Should Consider When Buying a Used Peloton Bike and Tread?

How to Find the Best Used Peloton Bike

Though there are five choices of platforms from where you can purchase a used peloton bike, you can actually combine the platforms. Therefore, you are not limited to choosing one.

In this case, you will have more than a few choices of sellers. So, how do you get and choose the best-used Peloton bike?

1. Seller Info

The most important aspect is to ensure that the seller you choose is genuine. However, it is also essential that you choose more than one seller. The more the comparisons, the better the bike and benefits you will end up with.

If a seller threatens you, asks to meet in private for the first time, or requests cash in his house, cancel the consideration. Even when this was your first choice, you can always wait for another opportunity or go for the second choice you had. 

Moreover, it is crucial that you ask the employer why they are selling the bike. For example, if they are selling it because they upgraded to the Peloton bike plus, are moving, can’t take the bike, or are not using the piece of equipment, the reasons are worth the bike.

Lastly, ask the seller if they are the first bike user. If they are not, there could be a reason the bike is on sale, and in most cases, not a very good reason. Hence, it would be better not to take the bike at all.

2. Nearest Location

When you have multiple seller choices, start with the nearest. However, the location should be coupled with a favorable cost, a bike in good condition, and a genuine seller.

A nearer location saves you on shipping costs. Also, you get the opportunity to test the bike in the seller’s house severally before you finally pick it up.

3. The Condition of the Bike

The condition of the bike matters so much that you’d rather go for a new bike if you can’t get one in good condition. You have to check the bearings, the pedals, and even whether the bike has bends or scratches. If the bike comes with a touchscreen, ensure that the touchscreen is also in good condition. 

When you get to the seller’s place, plug in the bike to power to ensure that the power cord is working. Then, power on the touchscreen and see whether it takes long to load. Meanwhile, rotate the pedals while on the bike, all the while increasing and decreasing the resistance. Listen carefully for any sounds. 

After this, hop on to the bike and ride in different intensities, from low to high and high to low. Also, adjust the resistance and brake using the resistance knob as well. 

Finally, try adjusting the seat and the handlebars. If the bike passes all these tests, it will be good for you. Also, you can accommodate some shortcomings if they don’t affect the cycle and help you get a better deal on the cost, such as scratches.

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4. The Cost Variation

Look for the cheapest option, which is, after all, the main reason you are getting a used bike option. Initially, when the new Peloton bike was $2245 and later $1895, you would get the second-hand opportunity at approximately $1600 and $1400, respectively.

However, now that the bike is at $1495 when new, you will get your luck at less than $1000. I have seen one on Facebook at $900, and the buyer was back with a satisfactory review.

5. Bike Accessories

peloton Bike Accessories

Some used bikes have a faulty or no touchscreen, which means less cost. If not, don’t consider the cycle at all. Others have shoes, a heart rate monitor, a bike mat or bike dumbbells, or a combination on top of the bike.

Always go for the bike that favors your cost, as long as the bike is in good condition. Even when the cycling shoes are not your size, just take them and sell them second-hand to offset some cost of buying your suitable pair.

6. Number of Rides the Bike Has Endured

Remember to ask the seller approximately how many rides the bike has endured. You can also ask how many users frequent the bike. The more the users and rides, the more worn the bike could be.

However, the number of rides is not sufficient to qualify or disqualify a Peloton bike. Remember that the bikes are quality and built to last. Therefore, the bike could have endured more rides but is well-maintained. On the other hand, another could just have one cyclist, but kids hand on the handlebars, the bike has bends or a screeching sound during the ride.

Therefore, the bike’s overall condition will overrule the number of riders on the bike.

7. Touchscreen Generation and Age of the Bike

It is important to ask or check the generation of the touchscreen. Technically, Peloton has released three touchscreen generations, the oldest being the first and the newest being the third.

The first generation is not the best, and I see most people on Peloton platforms complain about them. Most have replaced the touchscreens for the newer models, mainly because they won’t take recent technological advancements on Peloton.

In most cases, the first generation is on the oldest Peloton bikes. And the older the bike is, the more worn out it may appear. Unless the bike is well-maintained and the cost sufficient for the tablet replacement, consider a newer model.

Which One Should You Take; Peloton Bike or Bike Plus?

Peloton has two bike options, the standard Peloton bike, and the bike plus. The bike plus has better technological advancements than the Peloton bike. For example, the touchscreen is larger, at 24 inches, and with a faster processor. In addition, the resistance is both manual and digital, with an auto-follow option where you preset the resistance range.

However, it is more expensive and more challenging to get. It is the most recent version and only came to the market in late 2020. However, if you get one, it is likely to cost approximately $2000. The new bike goes for $2495.

On the other hand, the standard Peloton bike has been in the market longest, and it is cheaper. It is currently $1495 when new, which means that you can get a used version at approximately $1000.

Therefore, if you are looking for a budget bike, go for the standard Peloton bike. On the other hand, if you have been targeting the bike plus and are looking for a reasonably new used Peloton bike, the bike plus would be great.

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Final Thoughts

How and where to find a used Peloton bike? The good news is that we have a range of places where you can start your search. On top of that, the buying guide will direct you on how to get the best bike of the used Peloton bike options you get.

Now the ball is in your hands, start your search for a great indoor workout experience!